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DU REDCap Support

Your REDCap dashboard

The REDCap dashboard should display across the top of your screen when you first log in -- it contains links to:

  • My Projects -- a list of all the DU REDCap project to which you have access.
  • New Project -- the page to create a new project. You can create as many projects as you want (particularly for testing or practice purposes), but remember that you need IRB to move a project to production and start collecting data).
  • Help & FAQ -- Search all REDCap documentation and FAQs (maintained by Vanderbilt/the REDCap Consortium).
  • Training Videos -- Learn about both basic and advanced REDCap features.
  • Send It -- Rather than using this built-in REDCap tool for sending files securely, IT@DU recommends you use their File Transfer Service, which allows you to send larger files with more security options.

Your REDCap Project Menu

The project menu will appear on the left-hand side of every project page. Each menu option will take you to a page that will include embedded help text or videos that illustrate how to use that feature. To help you get started, here are some of the most frequently used menu buttons:


1. My Projects -- get back to your REDCap Dashboard from your project menu.

2. Contact REDCap Administrator - Starts an email to the help address with your project information already included.

3. Project Setup -- create and manage the instruments for your project (usually via the Online Designer).

4. Survey Distribution Tools -- get a shareable link for a public survey, enter a list of email addresses for survey distribution, track survey responses, and more.This option will only appear if you've enabled surveys on your project (from the first box on the Project Setup tab).

5. Record Status Dashboard -- see list of all existing records in projects and which instruments have been completed for each record.

6. Data Exports, Reports, and Stats -- see a basic summary of data collected to date; download data files and instructions for getting your data into a statistical analysis software. The data exports can be de-identified if you marked fields as identifiers during the project set-up phase.

7. User Rights -- give project staff permission to view and/or edit your project.



Check out REDCap's embedded help features

Learning as you go? Look for help videos & question-mark icons embedded on most pages: