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DU REDCap Support

Creating a new project

From your REDCap dashboard, click the "New Project" button.

From the "Create a new REDCap Project" menu that appears, you can:

  • Enter a descriptive Project Title (you'll be able to change this later)
    • Please include your lab/PI name in the project title (we have a lot of "T1 Questionnaires" in the system!)
  • Under "Purpose of this project," you can select:
    • Practice/Just for fun
    • Operational Support
    • Research (you'll need to include an IRB number before the project can move to Production and start collecting data)
    • Quality Improvement
    • Other
  • You can create a completely blank project or use one of the provided project templates.

Decide on surveys vs databases

Data entry in REDCap always happens online, but you can have project team members enter data while logged into REDCap (databases), or give participants a link to fill out surveys.

  • Your project can contain a mix of surveys and databases.
  • Vanderbilt has created a handy survey wizard to help you decide if you need the survey function, and which survey model you should choose.

Your new project is in development mode

In Development mode, you can:

  • Build and test instruments.
  • Modify projects at will.

Once you're ready to collect data, put your project into Production mode:

  • Production mode is the safest place for your data!
  • You can enter data into database(s) or have respondents take survey(s).
  • If you want to modify your projects or instruments, you can put your project into "Draft" mode -- in draft mode, you can make small changes (such as spelling and grammar), at will. To protect saved data, any changes that result in the deletion of existing data require administrator approval.