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Creating a Clip in Alexander Street Press Collections "LegacyPlatform"

NOTE: These instructions are for use with Alexander Street Press collections hosted on ASP's "Legacy Platform." This platform is entirely separate and independent from ASP's "new platform."  Content in one platform is not discoverable through the other. Clips and playlist saved in one platform are not accessible in the other. Collections on the legacy platform include:

Border and Migration Studies Online
Human Rights Studies Online
Revolution and Protest Online
Security Issues Online
Ethnographic Sound Archives Online
Environmental Issues Online
Music Online: Classical Music Library
Music Online: Jazz Music Library
Music Online: Popular Music Library
Music Online: American Music
Music Online: Contemporary World Music
Music Online: Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries

1. First, create a personal user account in Alexander Street Press. (This link is to the collection "Human Rights Studies Online," but you can access all our ASP collections once you are in any of them.) To create and manage playlists, you must be logged in to ASP (after DU authentication) with your own personal account. Use the “User Profile” icon in the top right corner to access “Log in” or “Create New Account” as appropriate.

Unlike Kanopy Video, Alexander Street Press allows you to create clips independently of playlists.

2. Once you are logged in, access the ASP collection you want to search.

Click on the Menu hamburger at top left.

This exposes the “My Collections” drop-down menu. Select your desired collection. You can use a single ASP user account for all ASP collections.

3. Search the collection and select a title.

4. Open the title and click the “scissors” icon near the bottom right corner of the media player.

This opens a green “start” slider and a red “end” slider at either end of the media player progress bar.

Drag these sliders to define the beginning and end of desired clip.

Use the magnifier icon if desired to help you precisely position the beginning and ending of the clip.

Alternatively, enter the timings of the beginning and end of the clip manually.

If you leave them where they are and click “Save,” the whole title will be saved as a single clip.

Add notes if desired. You can enter or paste as much text as you wish into the “Notes” field.

Set the visibility value to make your clip private, shared universally, or somewhere in between.

5. The “bookmark” icon simply allows you to create a clip with only the beginning defined.

6. Save your clip. It will now appear in a new “Clips” menu to the right of the media player.

This “Clips” menu will be visible any time you are logged in to your user account and access the original title.

To edit an existing clip, you must access it from this menu.

7. A list of all your clips is also accessible from the top left Menu hamburger > Clips > “Show only my clips.”

Permanent links and embed codes to clips can be copied from this list. The embed code can be pasted into the HTML of a Canvas page or another webpage, to make this playlist part of that page. You can also share the playlist by posting or emailing the permanent link.

To edit an existing clip, starting from this list, then click on the clip title to play the clip. The clip will open in the media player, with the clip revealed in the “Clips” menu. From there, you may open the clip for editing.