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Streaming Media

How to Make Playlists in Naxos Music Library

(Note: Clip creation is not supported by NML.)

1. To create a playlist in NML, log in to your personal user account after authenticating through DU’s subscription.

To access the login page or to create a new account, first click on “Playlists” in the ribbon menu near the top of the page under the Keyword Search bar.

You will see three tabs in a new window: “University of Denver Playlists,” “Naxos Music Library Playlists,” and “Themed Playlists.”

There is also a link to a useful “Playlist User Guide”

2. After logging in, you will see a new tab: “[your name] Playlists”

Search and find a recording.

Select the track(s) you want to add to a playlist

Click “Add to Playlist” in the menu on the left side of the page.

A playlist dialogue will open in a pop-up window.

Select an existing playlist or “Create New Playlist.”

Click “Add to Playlist.”

Repeat as desired.

3. Your playlist will be visible in the “[your name] Playlists” tab whenever you are logged in to your user account.

You may create folders and move playlists among folders as desired.

A static URL is available (checkbox is at upper right of playlist window) for playlists in “University of Denver Playlists,” “Naxos Music Library Playlists,” and “Themed Playlists” tabs, but not for playlists in the “[your name] Playlists” tab.

When you play a playlist, the media player opens in a pop-up and you can copy the (admittedly long) URL from the address bar in this pop-up to share the playlist.

However, if you do this on the DU campus, the link will only work on the DU campus, where it can automatically authenticate.

To convert this link to a link that will work off the DU campus, use the EZProxy Link Generator.

4. To make a playlist available within NML to other DU users, you must authenticate into NML with a faculty/staff credential.

Contact the Music Librarian for this credential.

With this authentication, the individual user account is not available, but playlists can be created in the institutional account.

First click “Log Out,” highlighted in red next to “Welcome University of Denver” in the top left corner of the NML window. Then log back in with the faculty/staff credential.

Create a folder with your name or other appropriate label in the “University of Denver Playlists” tab.

Search and select tracks as before; click “Add to Playlist” as before.

In the “add to playlist” dialogue, select “University of Denver Playlists” tab and the appropriate folder.

Choose “Create New Playlist” or existing playlist as appropriate.

Click “add to playlist” and repeat as desired.

Your folder and playlist will now appear to all DU-authenticated users in the “University of Denver Playlists” tab.

You can now copy a static URL to your playlist and share it with other DU users.

To return to the student authentication, log out of NML and then access it again through DU databases (or the link on this LibGuide).