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Streaming Media

Creating a Clip in Kanopy Video

1. First, create a personal user account in Kanopy Video. To create and manage playlists, you must be logged in to Kanopy (after DU authentication) with your own personal account. Use the “Log in” or “Sign up” links at the top right corner of the Kanopy landing page as appropriate.

2. Clips in Kanopy are created in the playlist editor, so a video must be added to a playlist before a clip of it can be created. See instructions for creating and managing playlists for this step.

3. Once you are logged in and your video is in a playlist, click on your username (top right corner of the window) and select your playlist from “My Dashboard” > “My Playlists.”

4. Open your playlist for editing.

5. Within the playlist, open an individual video for editing

Your video is now defined as a “clip,” with these parameters:

Title: Title of the original video
Clip description: An empty text field. You can enter or paste as much text as you like.
Start time: 00.00
End time: (corresponds to end of clip)

6. Play your video, and navigate to approximate place you want to start a clip.

7. Click the “Capture” button next to “Start Time” to set the beginning of your clip. Then, click the “Capture” button next to “Stop Time” to set the end of your clip.

You may adjust the playback speed of your video with a selector in the media player. This can be very useful for fine-tuning the beginning and end of the clip.

You may also use the “forward” and “back” arrows on your keyboard to skip ahead or back 10 seconds at a time. (These keyboard shortcuts can become disabled as you use other controls. To re-enable them, toggle between “Fullscreen” and normal view.)

Alternatively, you may manually enter exact times for the beginning and end of your clip.

8. Click “Save clip,” and then “Save changes.”

9. For a single clip, create a playlist of just one video and then edit it. For a playlist of multiple clips, add the videos to the playlist first, then edit the clips.