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Academic Research: A Guide for International Students: Academic Integrity

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DU Honor Code

DU Honor Code

"Our values are defined as:

Integrity: acting in an honest and ethical manner;

Respect: honoring differences in people, ideas, and opinions;

Responsibility: accepting ownership for one’s own conduct"


Giving Credit: Acknowledging Authors

What is Academic Integrity?
The University of Denver is committed to truth and honesty. All students, staff and faculty are responsible for being honest and ethical.

What is Attribution?
Attribution is giving credit to the person who created the original work. When you attribute a work, you acknowledge that someone else came up with the idea first.  We give credit to someone else's work by citing their work.

What is Intellectual Property?
Legal ownership of an original idea

What is Copyright?
The legal rights granted to create and distribute information resources


What is Plagiarism?
Plagiarism is not showing where you got your ideas from.  
There are many different ways to show where you got your information from. If you use a quotation or simply borrow some ideas from an article or book, you must attribute or give credit to the authors and researchers whose work you are using to write your report.
Failure to do this is called plagiarism which is stealing other people's words and ideas.

What does the DU Honor Code say about Plagiarism?
Plagiarism is a violation of DU’s Student Conduct Policies and will get you in trouble. So make sure you follow the proper guidelines and give credit to the right people in your bibliography!

The DU Honor Code defines Academic Misconduct as:

  • Plagiarism, including any representation of another’s work or ideas as one’s own in academic and educational submissions.
  • Cheating, including any actual or attempted use of resources not authorized by the instructor(s) for academic submissions.
  • Fabrication, including any falsification or creation of data, research or resources to support academic submissions.

University of Denver Office of Student Conduct. (2011). Honor Yourself Honor the Code: 2010-2011 University of Denver Honor Code. p. 4. Retrieved from

What is Plagiarism Detection Software?
DU uses a plagiarism detection software called Turnitin. When a student turns in a paper in Canvas, Turnitin checks the internet and many databases to see if anything has been copied from another person’s work.


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