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MBA Research Guide


This section provides some sources to help you develop your promotion budget. In the classroom environment it is a simplified process. In the real world an individual may have access to much more data, including actual prices for various media channels. In addition, a company might have a relationship with a marketing firm that would be able to negotiate favorable terms.

Best Bets

TV & Cable


Use the following sources to find the TV ratings of the top television programs.

Social Media

eMarketer, a subscription database, is a good source for obtaining a number of performance metrics, including costs (e.g., CPM: cost per thousand), engagement rates, click-through rates, for a number of social media platforms, as well as user demographics.

Managing social media is not free. These sites can give you an idea of how much a social media manager could cost.

Newspapers & Magazines

Magazines and newspapers sometimes provide their advertising costs on their websites through an Advertising or "media kit" link. However, often with the complexity of digital advertising options, you will have to contact them to get detailed information. 

Direct Marketing

Radio & Digital Music

Other Costs