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Artstor - Using Images and Managing Collections at DU

Guide to using Artstor as a image collection management tool for faculty and students at DU

What are metadata advisory standards?

When you add images to Artstor, or if you are working with a unit that is adding an institutional collection, it is advised that you take into consideration the following standards for adding metadata to images. These standards are intended to ensure titles, tags, and descriptions are created in a way that adheres to the University's efforts in building equity, inclusion and diversity. 



DU Metadata Standards for Artstor

  • Artstor creates alt-text for images using the information in the title, creator and description fields. To ensure ADA and WCAG compliance is met, make sure all images added to Artstor include a title, creator and description. 

  • If the image is not of an artwork, create a title that clearly and succinctly describes the image. 

  • Images must have a description. 

    • If the image contains any words, best practice is to include all words in the description.  

    • Descriptions should effectively describe the image to someone with visual impairments, but also be short and succinct. 

    • If the image has offensive, disturbing, or potentially triggering content, include the following statement at the beginning of the description:  Warning: the content in this image may be offensive, disturbing, or triggering

  • Image titles and descriptions must be created with consideration for the needs of diverse user groups. If the DU Artstor admins find any DU-created metadata that violates this consideration, the creator of the metadata will be contacted. If the metadata is not changed accordingly, the admins will first attempt to adjust the metadata themselves. If this is not feasible, the image will be removed from Artstor.