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E-books: EBL E-books in the Library Catalog

This guide is designed to give users an introduction to e-books and provide more information on the many e-Book resources University Libraries has to offer.

E-books in the Library Catalog - EBL (E-Book Library)

EBL (E-Book Library) requires login with DU credentials. The tutorial below will take you through the steps of setting up and accessing these materials.

 1. To begin, you will follow the same steps as in the tutorial above to execute your search.

2. Click on the "Access EBL" link, and you will be taken to the University Libraries login page where you will need to sign in. 

3. Once you click Login your information will be authenticated, and you will be taken to the EBL site through DU's Portal. Here you will be taken to a page with more information on the E-book you requested. You can review the table of contents or details about the book (like how many pages you can print or copy, how long you can download the book for, and how many copies DU has access to). You can also go directly to the E-book by clicking on the Read Online button. 


Book info page


4. Upon clicking the Read Online button you will be taken into the E-book where you can read, search, print, download and much more.