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E-books: Finding E-Books using the Library Catalog

This guide is designed to give users an introduction to e-books and provide more information on the many e-Book resources University Libraries has to offer.

Please Note


**Several of the vendors that supply the E-books University Libraries offers may require users to create an account. In most cases instructions have been added to the records or database descriptions to assist you.


If you have any questions, troubles, or concerns  you may call, chat, or e-mail the Research Center or call the University Libraries Lending Desk at 303-871-3707

E-books in the Library Catalog - Basics

There are several ways to access E-books through the University Libraries Website. The most common method of finding E-books is through the Library Catalog.


1.    To begin start on the University Libraries homepage at:


2.    For this demonstration we will do a keyword search for books about managing stress in college. On the University Libraries homepage, we enter the words college stress solutions into the Compass search box. From the drop-down menu on the right side of the search box choose Catalog, then click the search button.





3.    In our search results we see which resources are available and where we can access them. To narrow results to only include e-books, select "Full Text Online" from the "Refine my results" options. (Alternatively, if you are only looking for physical books, you can choose "Available in the Library.") Click on the "Apply Filters" button on the bottom of the Refine my results list once you have selected all filters you want to use for your search. 



4.    Although records will vary, every E-book is categorized as a Book in the catalog and will display an option to Online Access Available. Some records will indicate "Check Availability at..." with options such as Main Library or Hampden Library which means we own the book both electronically and in print. If you do not see the Access Online option (and only Get It), that means the book is not available in electronic form.




5.    To access a resource online click on the Access Via: (link to the database). E-books are available from different vendors so the link will vary from e-book to e-book.