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Images: Google Images

This guide was created by Rachel Hartman ( and is maintained by Peggy Keeran.

Google Images

Google Search Tips

Refining Your Search

Find Up To Date Images:

  • if you want to find the most current images, do a Google web search for your topic. Then look on the left side of the results page and limit your search by time period. Next, click on “Sites with images” and you should have images from your requested time period

Limit your search results:

  • The left side of Google’s results page provides opportunities to limit your search results by:
    • image type (face, photo, clip art, or line drawing)
    • Dominant color
    • File size
      • Medium-resolutions between 400 x 300 pixels and 1024 x 768 pixels.
      • Large- resolutions bigger than 1024 x 768 pixels.
      • Icon- square images with the following resolutions: 50 x 50, 64 x 64, 96 x 96, 128 x 128, and 256 x 256 and images that are less than 50 pixels.
  • The advanced search provides more opportunities to limit your results:
    • Exact size
    • Aspect ratio (proportions)
    • File type (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, SVG)
    • Domain (examples: .edu, .org, .gov)
    • Usage Rights-find images that are labeled for:
      • Reuse
      • Commercial reuse
      • Reuse with modification
      • Commercial reuse with modification

For more information on Google's usage rights search visit Google's Web Search Help page.

Using Images from Google

  • Once you find your perfect image, cite the website the image came from, not Google. Provide the URL that takes you to the image.

Anish Kapoor by Robert Scarth

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