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Images: AP Images

This guide was created by Rachel Hartman ( and is maintained by Peggy Keeran.

Accunet/AP Multimedia Archive

Photo Search Tips

Showcases and Featured Events:

Check on the AP Images homepage to find groupings of current event images. The images are automatically selected and are updated every 36 hours.

Basic Search:

  • Search for Editorial Images
    • Choose from: All Photos, Sports, Entertainment, US Domestic News, International News, Financial News
    • Historical photos date from 1996 back to the 1800s
  • Audio
  • More Media
    • Print Graphics
    • Text Archives
  • Search for APTOPIX to find the top picks of AP editors 
  • Searched by pre-defined concepts. The concept corresponds the idea the photograph is displaying. Searchable concepts are:
    • adulation, aggression, amusement, anger, bizarre, boredom, burden, celebration, cold, comic, concentration, concern, confinement, confrontation, content, contrast, curious, cute, defeat, deserted, despair, destruction, determined, devout, diligence, dry, enjoyment, excitement, family, fear, freedom, friendship, grief, happy, hot, humor, isolation, lonely, love, mature, meditative, pain, passion, peaceful, pensive, poor, power, pride, reverence, searching, serene, hock, solemn, spacious, speed, stark, strong, suffer, surprise, tension, thin, tired, tranquil, vanity, violent, weak, wealth, wet, wonder and youth. 
    • Example: celebration:concept
  • Search by dominant color. The 10 hues represented in the database are:
    • blue, red, yellow, green, orange, white, black, brown, purple and pink.  
    • Example: yellow:hue
  • Search for “Obit” to find photos of people who have passed away or “Obit: person’s name” for specific person

Advanced Search:

  • Limit your search by
    • Arrived Within-to find images that were added to the database during a specific period of time
    • Created Between
    • People-the people in the image
    • Event-you can enter a specific event or just click on the "Group" box to see your search results sorted by event
    • Source-most images are from AP but there are some from other sources.
    • Photographer
    • City, State, Country
    • Image ID
    • Orientation: vertical, horizontal, or both
    • Color: black and white, color, or both

Graphics Search Tips


  • Within graphics you can search for logos, "how-to" home improvement projects, indexes, and house of the week with drafting plans
  • To search for graphics in Spanish, use the keyword "grafico" or "Spangraph"
    • Example:
      • grafico and ciudad
      • grafico and misione
  • To search for graphics in German, type the word "grafik" or enter your search term in German
  • To find a timeline, search for "timeline and your topic"
    • Example:
      • timeline and Iraq
      • timeline and Haig
      • timeline and senate
  • To find home improvement projects, use the keyword "apnh" (Associated Press on the House).
    • Example:
      • apnh and window



Navigating the Results:

  • Click on the orange hypertext in the results to refines your search
  •  Click on image to see image details (metadata)


  • Downloaded images have no watermark but when you use the quick save function images will have a watermark
  • Multiple images will download as a zip file.


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