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Prospector Tutorial: Search Features

Through Prospector you have access to millions of books, journals, DVDs, and other circulating materials from libraries around the states of Colorado and Wyoming. This guide is to help you learn more about Prospector and how to use it.

More Advanced Searches

Prospector searches can be limited by the item's format, publication year, language, etc., and sorted by relevance, author, date of publication, and more. To illustrate the search capabilities within Prospector, let's imagine we performed an initial search for vampires, but subsequently decided to see what books we could find about vampires written in Spanish.

Step One: Use a keyword search and type in "vampires" into Prospector's main search box:


Step Two: On the left side of the results screen, find the "Format" facet and check the box for books/journals. Doing so will refresh the page and whittle down the nearly 9,000 results by one third.


Step Three: Review the other facets that you can utilize to refine your search results, and click on the Spanish-language results. Doing so will again refresh the page, leaving only Spanish-language books about your chosen topic.