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APA Style Guide for Business: Websites

Format for Websites

The APA 7th ed. format for websites is:

Author (or Name of Group). (Date). Title of work. Website Name. URL.

Omit the website name if it is the same as the Author.

Use "retrieved month, day, year, from URL" if the page is designed to change over time.

The date used should relate to the content. If it is a footer, then use n.d. (no date).




McDonald's Corporation (n.d.). Corporate governance. Retrieved July 30, 2021, from

In-text cite:

McDonald's (n.d.) Public Policy & Strategy Committee is responsible for evaluating potential contributions that are consistent with the company's core values.

Company - 10-K


McDonald's Corporation. (2020). 10-K.


In-text cite (you need to include the page number if you are quoting exactly from the document):

"In 2020, global comparable sales decreased 7.7% primarily as a result of COVID-19. Comparable guest counts were negative across all segments for the year" (McDonald's, 2020, p. 8).

Bureau of Labor Statistics


U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (n.d.). Number of business establishments by size of establishment in selected private industries, March 2021. Retrieved April 13, 2022, from

In-text cite:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (n.d.), there were 2,795 business establishments with 100-249 employees in the Information industry in March 2021.

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