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CHEM 1001: Article Evaluation Exercise: Choosing a Topic

General Tips for Choosing a Topic

Selecting a Research Topic

1) Choose something that you are interested in
Choose a topic that you are interested in related to climate change. Choose something that you want to learn more about. Think about news stories or class discussions and readings that were particularly interesting. One of the goals of this assignment is to learn how to evaluate scientific information that you will find in the media; choose an article that you may naturally find yourself reading.
2) Your topic may change as you go along
As you start to browse the popular media, you may discover something even more interesting as you go along. You are not tied to your initial idea. It is a normal part of the research process to alter and refine your topic; so stay flexible.
3) Choose an appropriate article
In order to complete the rest of the assignment, you will need to choose an article that:
  • Discusses a recent scientific study. Enough information should be given about the study (e.g. date, topic of the study, the name of the researcher) that will enable you to locate the study itself.
  • The study should have happened in the last 5-7 years.
  • Provides an in-depth account of the issue. Your article should be long enough to fully discuss the issue; an article that is only a few paragraphs long may not give you enough information to complete the remainder of the assignment.

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