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Zotero is a free software to help you manage and cite your resources. This guide was originally created by Kelsey Nordstrom.

What is Zotero?

Zotero is a free and easy to use bibliographic management tool. Zotero helps you to collect, organize, cite, and share research. Zotero can sync right to your web browser making it effortless to save resources and citations while you conduct your research. Zotero also allows you to save notes to each individual citation. Zotero is highly customizable with a robust user community, and works online and on your desktop. Since it is a freely-available tool, you can continue using it even if you leave DU and/or graduate. Using Zotero can help you to easily create in-text citations, bibliographies, and footnotes with the click of a button.


Check out this introductory video from Zotero's YouTube channel! 

Video Tutorials and Zotero Workshop Recording

An array of libraries, Zotero users, and other community members have produced video tutorials for Zotero. These videos include basic overviews and demonstrations of specific features. 
A list of videos (produced after the release of Zotero 5.0) is available here:

List of Zotero tutorial videos

Link to DU Libraries' Workshop on Zotero

Quick and Easy--ZoteroBib!

ZoteroBib is a new online tool from the makers of Zotero, similar to EasyBib or BibMe, that quickly formats citations for your bibliography. You can type in a title to search for a citation, or paste in a URL, DOI, or ISBN. ZoteroBib will then give you a citation in the style of your choice, ready to copy and paste into your document. For more information, see ZoteroBib FAQ.