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Target Market Research Guide

Questions to Answer

This research guide identifies sources that can be used to find information about a target market. The sources provided will help answer questions* such as those listed below:

1. Can the target be measured? How can it be described (e.g., demographic, lifestyle, income, etc.)?

2. Is it stable? How long will it exist?

3. Is it substantial? Is it large enough for a company to make a profit?

4. Is it different from other segments?

5. Is the target accessible? How can a company's message reach them in order to purchase its product or engage its service.

6. Can the enterprise develop marketing actions that the target market will respond to?

*These questions were provided by Carol Johnson, Marketing Department Chair, University of Denver, via email dated August 2, 2013.

Target Market - Definition

A target market is the "part of the qualified available market the company chooses to pursue."*

*Kotler, P. and Keller K.L., Marketing Management, 14th ed., Boston: Prentice Hall, 2012, p. G9.

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