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Finding Repertoire

Note: Lists of repertoire are often featured in music-related journals & magazines. Search Music Index and IIMP using the subject "bibliography" to locate repertoire for a specific instrument or ensemble. Example: tuba AND bibliography

Specific to Tuba

Thompson, J. Mark, and Jeffrey Jon Lemke. French Music for Low Brass Instruments: An Annotated Bibliography. Mus Lib Stacks  ML128.B73 T47 1994

Morris, R. Winston, and Daniel Perantoni. Guide to the Tuba Repertoire: The New Tuba Source Book.  Mus Lib Ref  ML970 .T83 2006

Tuba/Kontrabasstuba: Sammlung wichtiger Passagen aus der Opern- und Konzertliteratur = Tuba/Double Bass Saxhorn : Excerpts from the Operatic and Concert Repertoire (Orchester-Probespiel = Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions). Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions).Mus Lib Ref  MT486 .T82 1993


Research Guides

Baron, John H. Chamber Music: A Research and Information Guide. Mus Lib Ref  ML128.C4 B37 2010

Lindeman, Stephan D. Concerto: A Research and Information Guide. Mus Lib Ref  ML128.C84 L56 2006

General Brass Books

Anderson, Mark J. A Sourcebook of Nineteenth-Century American Sacred Music for Brass Instruments. Mus Lib Ref  ML933 .A53 1997

Fasman, Mark J. Brass Bibliography: Sources on the History, Literature, Pedagogy, Performance, and Acoustics of Brass Instruments. Mus Lib Ref  ML128.B7 F3 1990

Rangel-Ribeiro/Markel. Chamber Music: An International Guide to Works and Their Instrumentation. Mus Lib Ref  ML128.C4 R3 1993

Scott, William. A Conductor's Repertory of Chamber Music: Compositions for Nine to Fifteen Solo Instruments. Mus Lib Ref  ML128.C4 S37 1993

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