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Woody Colahan
Subjects: Dance, Music, Theatre

Finding Jazz Solo Transcriptions


This page lists 1,780 solo transcriptions that are available somewhere on the Internet. The list also includes solos for flute, clarinet and EWI. (File downloads as a GZIP archive. Extract the archive, then open the file in a web browser.)

Free Jazz Institute

An impressive list of solo transcriptions by numerous jazz artists, including Latin jazz artists and more contemporary artists like Pat Metheny and Avishai Cohen.

Finding Leadsheets

The Music Library (Newman Center, Room 440) has the following fakebook-type volumes on permanent reserve behind the Service Desk:

  • Irving Berlin Fake Book
  • European Real Book
  • New Real Book (vols. 1-3)
  • Just Standards Real Book
    • (E-flat and B-flat)
  • Real Jazz Book
    • (E-flat and B-flat)
  • Real Jazz Classics
  • Standards Real Book
  • World’s Greatest Fake Book

We also have a custom-compiled index of all 10 volumes, so you can just look up a song once. Just ask at the desk for the “Real Book Index,” or consult this nifty online version: Online Real Book Index.

The Public Domain Song Anthology

By David Berger and Chuck Israels. A collection of 348 popular songs with modern and traditional harmonization for both study and performance. This open educational resource was curated by two leading jazz repertory experts and consists of songs in the US public domain. This anthology is the first of its kind and is free for students and performers to use, adapt, remix, and share. The songs, many of which are at risk of being forgotten, are free of copyright restrictions and are available fo download in PDF, Sibelius, or Music XML formats.

The Public Domain Christmas Jazz Fakebook

By Stephen Cox. Third revision edition. A compliation of public domain christmas music with jazz changes. Includes Concert, Bb, and Eb lead sheets. Available for download in PDF or MuseScore format.