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A Guide to Geography Research

Start your search in a multidisciplinary database

Geography is an incredibly multidisciplinary field, so start your search in a multidisciplinary database, then try a few more databases from the lists below that suit your topic.

Environmental & earth sciences

Human & cultural studies

Economics, development, & urban studies

Health & education

Politics, law, and criminal justice


Because migration is such a multi-faceted topic, journals that cover migration are found in many different databases. Here are your best bets for finding articles on migration. Depending on your topic, other databases listed above might also be relevant for your search.

Add a few keywords relevant to your research to this basic search string:

(migrants OR migration OR immigrat* OR emigrat*) AND ...

Where are the top journals about migration indexed?

Like many interdisciplinary topics, the top journals for migration are scattered across different databases, which is why we recommend you search multiple databases.

Two important migration journals didn't fit in the table, because they're each solely indexed by a unique database:

  • Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education: studies of migration, integration, equity, and cultural survival is only indexed in ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)
  • Immigration and Nationality Law Review is only indexed in Hein Online (a legal database)