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CHEM 2131: Chemistry of the Elements


This guide is designed to help you complete your "Element-ary" assignment. For general chemistry research and library tips, check out the Guide to Chemistry Research.

Find an element that interests you

Interactive Periodic Tables

Remember that this class is about exploring the bottom half of the period table!

Tips on choosing a topic:

  • Choose a topic that interests you
    You're going to spend a lot of time researching your topic and then creating your infographic. If you're interested in your topic, your project will be easier to complete and more meaningful to you.
  • Your topic may change as you go along.
    As you start to research your initial element, you may have to narrow or broaden your scope. You may find something even more interesting as you go along. It is a normal part of the research process to alter and refine your topic, so stay flexible.

Just for fun -- periodic table songs

My personal favorite, by Tom Lehrer, a mathematician who wrote and performed satirical songs in the 1950s and 60s:

The ASAPScience version contains the elements in order and a tiny description of each element: