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Collections Care

Information and simple steps for the good care, handling, and storage of collections (paper, books, photographs, audio-visual, etc.)

Exhibitions Care

 Following proper materials and procedures for exhibiting objects are paramount to collections care. Educating yourself on these topics minimizes damage and prolongs access and use of objects.

Exhibition Resources

Matting and Framing for Art and Artifacts on Paper (NDCC) (Northeast Document Conservation Center 2019)-  This leaflet informs on the most important aspects of proper matting and framing procedure. 

Protecting Paper and Book Collections during Exhibition (NDCC) (Northeast Document Conservation Center 2019)- Collection items must also be preserved for when they are on display. Methods for presentation of collection items, along with potential environmental hazards are discussed.  

Safe Plastics & Fabric for Exhibit and Storage (National Park Service 2004)- Leaflet describing appropriate storage materials for object preservation - materials that do not suffer from degradation  


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