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FSEM 4444 You Are What You Eat: A Course in Food Chemistry

How do I cite a source?

To cite a source properly, you need to follow the rules of a particular citation style.

There are many styles, and reformatting citations can take a long time -- so ask your professor about what citation style to use before you start writing your paper.


Common Citation Styles:

Online Style Guides:

Quick tools for auto-formatting your citations:

Want to use a program that not only creates your bibliography automatically, but can also store and organize citations and PDFs?

  • Check out ReadCube Papers -- DU provides all students, faculty, and staff with free accounts.
  • Check out Zotero -- a great free option from the makers of the Firefox browser.

Just need to format a few citations right now? Try these quick tools:

Whichever program you choose, remember to proofread the citations it generates for you!