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PsycINFO Database: Finding Scholarly Articles

Use this libguide to learn about the popular database for Psychology, PsycINFO.

Finding Scholarly Articles

PsycINFO offers many scholarly articles and facets through which to restrict and refine your searches. To find articles pertinent to your research, please observe this example: I would like to find scholarly, peer-reviewed articles about the benefits of music.

STEP ONE: Search with music in the first search box and benefits in the second search box.  Also, check the scholarly, peer-reviewed box lower down the page before pressing the Search button:


STEP TWO: There are over 1,500 results! To narrow down the results, you could try adding more keywords to your search, or you could utilize the facets/search tools in PsycINFO. First, expand the "Subject: Major Heading" box on the bottom left side by clicking on the sideways carat, and you will see subject headings that pertain to your research. Select the "music therapy" box, and after your page updates, restrict the results so that the publication date falls within the last 15 years.



STEP THREE: The page will update again to reflect your refinements to the original search. Now, the results that appear in the list will more precisely pertain to your research topic, and you can sift through them to review the best results.



STEP FOUR: That's all! There are 265 scholarly articles about music therapy and the benefits of music that have been published within the last 15 years.