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MFJS 2210 Introduction to Media and Culture: Helpful Tools and Tips

This is a course specific guide that covers resources for media company research.

Tips for Searching Google

Exact phrase search

  • Search for words in the order as typed.
  • Type double quotes at the beginning and end of the phrase.
  • Example: "social inequality"

 Restrict search to a particular domain or website

  • Use site: to limit to a particular domain
  • Search top level domains such as .edu, .org, .com, .gov, .net
  • Search within a specific country's domain.
  •  Example: Disney "social inequality"

Use Advanced Search to:

  • search with Boolean operators (OR, AND, NOT)
  • limit by domain
  • limit by filetype (e.g., pdf, ppt, doc)
  • control where search terms appear (title, text, url)


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