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MFJS 2210 Introduction to Media and Culture: Home

This is a course specific guide that covers resources for media company research.

Starting your company research

  • Begin by identifying a media company issue that you are interested in investigating, related to the course themes (economics, regulations, globalization, etc)
  • Develop a research question about the issue
  • Identify the main concepts in your research question and brainstorm synonyms and alternative terms for each concept
  • Construct your search strategies using the identified terms and Boolean operators (AND, OR), quotes for phrase searching, and truncation (*)
  • Search relevant newspaper and journal databases, as well as the Internet
  • Pick up additional (keyword) search terms from article abstracts and titles
  • Use special field limits, such as CO Company Entity, in Business Source Complete, or the company name as subject heading
  • Evaluate the results and refine your searches with additional terms and other limits (e.g., date, peer reviewed) as necessary
  • Identify potentially important articles for your research and save the citations and full-text articles for full review

Subject Guide

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