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Jazz Research Resources: More Jazz Resources Online

More Jazz Resources Online

"This Page Has No Sound" at

A collection of free-to-view notated Jazz music, all by jazz scholar Ethan Iverson. The page includes all kinds of instrumentation, from solo piano pieces to full orchestral scores.

About the Host: "Pianist, composer, and writer Ethan Iverson was a founding member of The Bad Plus, a game-changing collective with Reid Anderson and David King. The New York Times called TBP '…Better than anyone at melding the sensibilities of post-60’s jazz and indie rock.' For over 15 years Iverson’s website Do the Math has been a repository of musician-to-musician interviews and analysis, surely one reason Time Out New York selected Iverson as one of 25 essential New York jazz icons: 'Perhaps NYC’s most thoughtful and passionate student of jazz tradition—the most admirable sort of artist-scholar.'"

100 Jazz Etudes

A collection of original 2-chorus solos over 50 popular standards at a developing level.

About the Host: From "I am a music educator living about an hour south of St. Louis, Missouri.  In my free time I enjoy arranging music and giving lessons on all instruments.  I am a huge advocate of collaboration in education and love to share many of my ideas."

"Jazz Etudes" from

63 different jazz etudes, ranging from basic to advanced level, over various progressions.

About the Host: Bill Plake is a "a saxophonist, flutist and composer, and an Alexander Technique teacher" who has "been playing music professionally for over 35 years. As a musician, [his] work is primarily  in the world of modern jazz and other, conceptually unique forms of improvisation."

"Index of Jazz Standards" at

A free resource offered on a commercial website. Includes 248 songs sorted by the following categories: "3/4 Jazz Tunes", "Bebop", "Blues", "Latin Jazz", "Modal" "Rhythm Changes", "Straight 8ths" "Swing Era" & "Early Jazz." Each song page includes chord charts in C, Bb, and Eb; a play-along recording, other recordings, and an artist bio.

About the Host: "Learn Jazz Standards is an online jazz resource for musicians. We specialize in helping musicians become better jazz players and reach their full musical potential. Our archives have hundreds of jazz lessons, articles, and podcasts, with 3-4 new additions a week."

"American Popular Songs" at

Scanned sheet music of popular American music, often from Broadway shows, from 1854 to 1923. Several of these tunes have now become jazz standards, and enjoyed immense popularity among innovators in the early jazz era.

About the Host: The New York Public Library has been an essential provider of free books, information, ideas, and education for all New Yorkers for more than 100 years.On visitors can browse the Library’s immense collections, download e-books, and view more than 700,000 items from our award-winning Digital Collections.

"Jazz and Blues" at

Part of the "Kennedy Center Education" initiative, the "Jazz & Blues" collection is host to Kennedy Center performances, educational lectures, and recorded masterclasses by artists like Dee Dee Bridgewater and Cyrus Chestnut.

About the Host: "To fulfill the mission as the nation’s cultural center, the Kennedy Center presents world-class art by the artists that define our culture today, delivers powerful arts education opportunities nationwide, and embodies the ideals of President Kennedy in all the Center’s activities provided throughout the living memorial."

"Where to Watch Free Jazz Concert Livestreams" at

A regularly updated list of where to watch jazz livestreams all over the internet, organized by day of stream.

"In the Spirit of Swing. The mission of Jazz at Lincoln Center is to entertain, enrich and expand a global community for jazz through performance, education and advocacy."

Dig That Lick: Analysing large-scale data for melodic patterns in jazz performances

The website hosts multiple academic papers and interactive sites for finding and analysing licks, as well as organizing and observing trends in the associated metadata (time, personnel, publishing, etc.).

About the Host: "Dig That Lick" analyzes thousands of recorded jazz solos and pairs them with metadata to further our academic and societal understanding of 20th-century jazz. Funding comes from various international sources.