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Culture, Psyche, and Religion: Workshop 1: Finding Images

Library Image Databases

Image Websites

Using a Country's Google Image Search

Most countries have their own instance of Google Image Search.  Identify the domain for the country.   A list of all domains can be found at: Domain Name Registries Around the World.


In evaluating the image during the research process, ask yourself these questions to help provide context for the image:

  • Is the image accompanied by text that provides information about the creator, title, media type, date, and location?
  • How does the text inform your understanding of the image?
  • Is the information factual and informative, or is it intended to teach you how to see the image?
  • Do the text and image provide clues about the intended audience?

Entry for Buddha in Oxford Art Online has information about historical depictions and iconography.

Analyzing Images

The Toledo Museum of Art online tutotial is helpful for learning how to see and analyze images:

Visual Literacy

Elements of Art

Principles of Design

Duke University has created a useful handout about visual analysis.

Public Access Image Databases

A list of sources for public domain and relatively unrestricted images.