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South Asian Studies

This guide will give a overview and research assistance to those working on themes and topics pertaining to South Asia. It will focus on South Asian religions and various dynamics that make up the lived experiences of communities in the region.


This library guide is for students who are hoping to do research on different aspects of South Asia. The guide will help students who are looking at one particular country in the region, or different themes associated with the sub-continent. Students will be able to find resources pertaining to each of the countries in South Asia. They will also be able to find resources on the major religious traditions of the region. Moreover, the tab on themes and topics will have resources pertaining to different topics that are crucial when understanding the region. While most of the resources will be books that are available in University of Denver's library collection, the home page and the "Research Resources" tab will have access to databases and online resources that will be helpful in research as well. 

South Asia Physical Map | Geography of South Asia