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A Guide to Biology Research

What's an article database?

An article database allows you to search for articles on a particular topic.

Article databases differ by:

Subjects included:
Some databases index articles from a specific discipline, such as forestry or medicine, while other databases index articles from many different disciplines.
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Document & publication type:
Some databases focus on indexing one type of document, such as scholarly research articles or popular news articles. Other databases index a mix of publications types.
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Dates included:
Some databases index articles published several hundred years ago up to the present, while others only index recently published articles.

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Start your search in a general biology database

Start your search in a general biology database, then try a few more databases from the lists below that suit your topic.

Multidisciplinary databases

Broaden your perspective -- try databases with wider subject coverage:

Biomedical and molecular biology databases

Ecology, environment, geology, and organismal databases:

Economics & education

Consider an alternative perspective on your topic: