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Academic Writing About Music: Questions, Strategies, and Resources: Voice, Credibility

Developing Your Voice and Credibility

Developing Your Voice and Credibility

Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask:

  • How do you have an individual voice when writing about research?
  • How do you infuse personality in writing?
  • How do you write with confidence while acknowledging that you’re a student, not an expert?

Strategies to Use

Strategies to Use:

  • Research writing is still creative: part of your unique voice is visible in how you paraphrase and discuss your sources.
  • Use the meaningful concepts and terms that come with your subject, but don’t try to dress up your language. Readers appreciate a conversational tone.
  • To infuse personality, choose relevant  personal experiences and insights to share. 
  • Your tone and style will depend on your audience and publication or purpose. For discussions about writing style and voice, see Bellman ch. 8; Wingell ch. 7. 

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