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Note: You will need to change the Scholar setting to U. of Denver to retrieve DU content from off-campus.

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An excellent way to search the Web for primary sources. Examples: "human trafficking" "human trafficking"

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Databases Related to Homeland Security

US Department of Homeland Security

You can use Google power searching to find documents within DHS or any of the subordinate agencies. Examples:

Google Power Searching: State Documents

Searching U.S. state web sites presents to challenges. Originally the .us top-level domain was used for state and local governments. However, over time, the .us domain was assigned to other entities within the United States that were not government related. Originally states were all assigned a URL pattern within the .us domain like this:, where xx is the two-letter postal code for the state. Thus would be the Colorado state site, and would be the Wisconsin site. These patterns proved to not be popular with many states, being too difficult for the public to remember and difficult to market. Many states secured other domains for their official content. Colorado uses for its official entry site, and Wisconsin uses However, most states still have a substantial amount of content on the older sites.

If you wanted to find the phrase "homeland security" on Colorado state sites that are in PDF format, you would need to perform two searches:

Google Power Searching: Local Documents

Information regarding homeland security, emergency management, and related topics can also be found on local governmental web sites. Typically these are county and city-level sites. Counties were assigned URLs like this:

co.[county] - where co stands for county, and xx stands for the two-letter state postal code.

Cities were assigned URLs like this:

ci.[city], where ci stand for city or place name, and xx stands for the two-letter state postal code.

Local governments, meaning counties, cities, and other places such as villages, share a similar URL situation to that of states. Counties were originally assigned a URL structure under the .us domain. A county such as Arapahoe County, Colorado was assigned The first “co” here refers to “county”, whereas the second “co” refers to Colorado. This can be seen very clearly in the case of Walworth County, Wisconsin: In these two cases the counties have opted not to deviate from their original domain assignment.

The best starting point is simply to "Google" the county. Denver is both a city and a county, and it's primary site is But content also resides on Boulder County uses, but also has content on The city of Boulder has content on, but also on

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