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Financial Literacy/Financial Education


Financial literacy is “the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial wellbeing.” **

Financial education is “the process by which people improve their understanding of financial products, services and concepts, so they are empowered to make informed choices, avoid pitfalls, know where to go for help and take other actions to improve their present and long-term financial well-being.”**

**President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, 2008 Annual Report to the President."

Topics of Interest

Some topics for financial education are:

  • Cash Management/Budget
  • Establishing and Maintaining Credit
  • Reviewing Credit Reports and Scores
  • Saving Money
  • Goal Setting
  • Major Purchases (e.g., Car, House)
  • Tax Information
  • Student Loan Repayments
  • Rent/Lease vs. Buy Decision

*Britt, S.L., Halley, R.E., & Durband, D.B. (2012). "Training and Development of Financial Education Program Staff" in D.B. Durband and S.L. Britt (eds.), Student Financial Literacy: Campus-Based Program Development, (37-55). New York: Springer.

Adam Carroll Webinar

Go here to view a presentation of Adam Carroll's "Winning the Money Game" that he delivered at DU's Money Smart Week 2014.