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Browse the Documents Stacks: Y 1

Congress Y

Y 1.1:    Miscellaneous Unclassified Publications of both House and Senate
Y 1.1/2:    United States Congressional Serial Set
Y 1.1/3:    Senate Documents
Y 1.1/4:    Senate Treaty Documents
Y 1.1/5:    Senate Reports
Y 1.1/6:    Senate Executive Reports
Y 1.1/7:    House Documents
Y 1.1/8:    House Reports 

House of Representatives

Y 1.2:    Miscellaneous Publications and Compilations of Laws
Y 1.2/2:    Calendars of the United States House of Representatives and History of Legislation
Y 1.2/5    United States Code
Y 1.2/6:    List of Standing Committees and Select Committees of the House of Representatives
Y 1.2/7:    Telephone Directory
Y 1.2/8:    Cross-References within the Internal Revenue Code
Y 1.2:P 69/    Platforms of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party 


Y 1.3:    Miscellaneous Publications
Y 1.3/3:    Calendar of Business
Y 1.3/4:    Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate
Y 1.3/8:    Senate History
Y 1.3/9:    List of Standing Committees
Y 1.3/10:    United States Senate Telephone Directory 

Congressional Bills, Resolutions, and Amendments

Y 1.4/1:    Senate Bills
Y 1.4/2:    Senate Resolutions
Y 1.4/3:    Senate Joint Resolutions
Y 1.4/4:    Senate Concurrent Resolutions
Y 1.4/6:    House Bills
Y 1.4/7:    House Resolutions
Y 1.4/8:    House Joint Resolutions
Y 1.4/9:    House Concurrent Resolutions
Y 1.6:    [Enrolled bills for the 103d Congress online via Fdsys]