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Browse the Documents Stacks: W

Department of War (1789-1947)

W 1.1:    Annual Reports
W 1.2:    General Publications
W 1.6:    Army Regulations
W 1.8:    Laws (general)
W 1.12:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
W 1.33:    Field Manuals and Field Regulations
W 1.35:    Technical Manuals
W 1.71:    Strategic Bombing Survey Publications
W 1.72:    Military Government of Germany, Monthly Report of Military Governor, U.S. Zone
W 1.72/5:    Military Government Weekly Information Bulletins
W 1.74:    Military Government, Austria, Report of the United States Commissioner
W 1.75:    Summation of Non-Military Activities in Japan
W 1.76:    Summation of United States Army Military Government Activities in Korea
W 1.78:    Summation of United States Army Military Government Activities in the Ryukyu Islands 

General Staff Corps (1903-1947)

W 2.1:    Annual Reports
W 2.2:    General Publications 

Adjutant General's Department (1913-1947)

W 3.2:    General Publications
W 3.11:    Army Register
W 3.28:    Rules, Regulations and Instructions
W 3.29:    Soldier's Handbook 

Bureau of Insular Affairs (1902-1939)

W 6.1:    Annual Report
W 6.13/1:    Dominican Customs Receivership: Annual Report 

Engineer Department (1802-1947)

W 7.1/1:    Annual Report
W 7.5:    Explorations and Surveys
W 7.10:18/    Professional Papers
W 7.14:    Explorations and Surveys for Railroad from Mississippi River to Pacific Ocean
W 7.16/2:    Occasional Papers
W 7.22:    Miscellaneous Series 

Inspector General's Department (1874-1947)

W 9.5:    Inspection of the Several Branches of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers

Judge Advocate General's Department (1884-1947)

W 10.2:    General Publications 

Military Academy (1802-1947)

W 12.1:    Annual Report 

War Plans Division (1892-1903)

W 26.2:    General Publications
W 26.3/2:    Bulletins Old Series 

Military Prison, Fort Leavenworth (1874-1909)

W 27.1:    Annual Report 

Mississippi River Commission (1879-1947)

W 31.1:    Annual Report 

Northern and Northwestern Lakes Survey (1841-1947)

W 33.3:    Bulletins 

Ordnance Department (1812-1947)

W 34.14:    Report of the Tests of Metals and Other Materials for Industrial Purposes Made with the United States testing Machine at Watertown Arsenal, Massachusetts 

Ordnance and Fortification Board (1888-1920)

W 35.1:    Annual Report 

Signal Office (1860-1947)

W 42.1:    Annual Reports
W 42.11/1:    Professional Papers of the Signal Service 

Medical Department (1818-1947)

W 44.1:    Annual Report
W 44.2:    General Publications
W 44.19:    The Medical Department of the United States Army in the World War 

War Records Office (1878-1899)

W 45.5:    The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
W 45.8:    Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies 

Philippine Islands (1900-1934)

W 49.1:    Annual Report
W 49.7/3:    Acts and Public Resolutions
W 49.35/1:    Governor General: Annual Report
W 49.39/1:    Philippine Legislature: Acts 

National Guard Bureau (1933-1947)

W 70.1:    Annual Report
W 70.5:    Official National Guard Register 

Isthmian Canal Commission (1902-1905)

W 73.1:    Annual Report 

Porto Rico (1909-1934)

W 75.1:    Annual Report of the Governor of Porto Rico 

Quartermaster Corps (1912-1947)

W 77.10:    Rules, Regulations, and Instructions 

Canal Zone (1912-1945)

W 79.1:    Annual report of the Governor of the Panama Canal
W 79.2:    General Publications 

Chemical Corps (1946-1947)

W 91.2:    General Publications 

American Expeditionary Forces (1914-1920)

W 95.2:    General Publications
W 95.8:    Regulations and Instructions 

American National Red Cross (1917-1947)

W 102.1:    Annual Report - The American National Red Cross
W 102.2:    General Publications 

Phillipine Islands, President (1934-1941)

W 106.1:    Annual Report of the President of the Philippines 

Army Air Force (1941-1947)

W 108.1:    Report of the Commanding General of the Army Air Forces to the Secretary of War 

Services of Supply (1940-1947)

W 109.1:    Annual Report
W 109.12:    Civil Affairs Handbook