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Department of Transportation (1966- )

TD 1.1:    Annual Report, 1967-
TD 1.1/3:    Inspector General Semiannual Report to the Congress
TD 1.1/3-2:    Inspector General Audit Reports
TD 1.1/4:    The Secretary's Semiannual Report to the Congress
TD 1.1/5:    A Report of the Secretary of Transportation Pursuant to the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991
TD 1.1/6:    Financial Statement / U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of the Secretary
TD 1.1/7:    Report to the Secretary
TD 1.2:    General Publications
TD 1.6:    Regulations, Rules, Instructions
TD 1.7:    Press Releases
TD 1.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 1.8/2:    Environmental Assessment Notebook Series
TD 1.9:    Telephone Directory
TD 1.9/4:    Directories
TD 1.10/4:    Annual Report of the Secretary of Transportation on the Administration of the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act of 1968
TD 1.10/7:    The President's Annual Report to the Congress on the Administration of the Federal Railroad Safety Act of 1970
TD 1.11:    Addresses
TD 1.15/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 1.15/3:    Selected Library Acquisitions
TD 1.16:    Federal Aircraft Noise Abatement Plan
TD 1.17:    Automobile Insurance Compensation Studies
TD 1.20:    DOT-TST- (series)
TD 1.20/2:    DOT-TSC-OST (series)
TD 1.20/6:    Report DOT/OST/P (series)
TD 1.20/7:    DOT-RSPD-DPB (series)
TD 1.20/8:    Report DOT-I (series)
TD 1.20/9:    Report DOT-TSC-RSPD (series)
TD 1.20/10:    DOT-T (series)
TD 1.22:    Carload Waybill Statistics. Statement TD-1, Territorial Distribution, Traffic and Revenue by Commodity Classes
TD 1.24:    Annual Report of the Secretary of Transportation on Hazardous Materials Control
TD 1.25/3:    DOT Talk
TD 1.25/4:    The Transportation Link
TD 1.26:    National Transportation Report
TD 1.27:    Transportation USA, 1974-80
TD 1.34/4:    Budget: Excerpts from the President's Budget
TD 1.35:    Report TES
TD 1.39:    Grant Awards
TD 1.40:    U.S. International Air Travel Statistics
TD 1.40/3:    U.S. International Air Travel Statistics
TD 1.40/4:    U.S. International Air Passenger and Freight Statistics
TD 1.45:    Summary of Awards, Program of University Research
TD 1.46:    DOT Employment Facts
TD 1.47:    Design, Art & Architecture in Transportation
TD 1.48:    Transportation Safety Information Report
TD 1.49:    Technology Sharing Reprint Series
TD 1.51:    Sources of Information on Urban Transportation Planning Methods
TD 1.52:    Microcomputers in Transportation
TD 1.53:    Aircraft Operating Cost and Performance Report (for aircraft over 60 seats)
TD 1.54:    Air Travel Consumer Report
TD 1.56:    Electronic Products
TD 1.56/2:    1990 Census Transportation Planning Package
TD 1.56/3:    Traffic Safety Data, ASCII and SAS Versions
TD 1.56/5:    TIGER/Line
TD 1.59:    DOTted Line
TD 1.60:    ITS Update 

National Transportation Safety Board (1966- )

TD 1.101:    Annual Report
TD 1.102:    General Publications
TD 1.106/3:    Safety Recommendations
TD 1.106/4:    Safety Reports, NTSB-SR
TD 1.108:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 1.109/4:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Aerial Application Operations, U. S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/5:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Rotorcraft, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/6:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Amateur/Home Built Aircraft, U. S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/7:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Midair Collisions, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/8:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Missing and Missing Later Recovered Aircraft, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/9:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Alcohol as a Cause/Factor, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/10:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Corporate/Executive Aircraft, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/11:    Listing of Aircraft Accidents/Incidents by Make and Model, U.S. Civil Aviation
TD 1.109/12:    Briefs of Fatal Accidents Involving Weather as a Cause/Factor, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/13:    Aircraft Accident Reports. Brief Format, U.S. Civil and Foreign Aviation
TD 1.109/14:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Turbine Powered Aircraft, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/16:    Report NTSB-AMM (series), inclucing Briefs of Accidents Involving (subject)
TD 1.110:    Addresses
TD 1.112/3:    Railroad Accident Reports
TD 1.113:    Annual Review of Aircraft Accident Data. U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.113/5:    Annual Review of Aircraft Accident Data. U.S. Air Carrier Operations
TD 1.117:    Highway Accident Reports
TD 1.120:    Special Study Reports
TD 1.121:    NTSB-AAS (Aspects of Aviation Saftety) (series)
TD 1.122:    National Transportation Safety Board Decisions
TD 1.125:    Safety Effectiveness Evaluation Report to Congress
TD 1.127:    Safety Studies, NTSB/SS- (series)
TD 1.129:    Safety Recommendations
TD 1.130:    NTSB/RP (series)
TD 1.131:    NTSB News Digest
TD 1.133:    Review of Alcohol as a Cause Factor 

Transportation Security Administration

TD 1.202:    General Publications 

Federal Highway Administration (1966- )

TD 2.2:    General Publications
TD 2.3/3:    Bulletins
TD 2.5:    Laws
TD 2.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 2.14:    Annual Awards: The Highway and Its Environment
TD 2.14/2:    Excellence in Highway Design
TD 2.19:    Public Roads
TD 2.20:    Fatal and Injury Accident Rates on Federal-Aid and Other Highway Systems
TD 2.23:    Highway Statistics, 1945-
TD 2.23/2:    Highway Statistics. Summary
TD 2.23/4:    Highway Information Quarterly
TD 2.23/5:    Highway Information Update
TD 2.23/6:    Our Nation's Highways: Selected Facts and Figures
TD 2.23/7:    Highway Traffic Noise in the United States: Problem and Response
TD 2.24:    R & D Highway & Safety Transportation System Studies
TD 2.25:    Highway Planning Technical Reports, 1963-
TD 2.26:    Report FH- (series)
TD 2.27:    Hydraulic Engineering Circulars HEC
TD 2.30:    Report FHWA-RD- (series)
TD 2.30/4:    Reports, FHWA-TS- (series)
TD 2.30/5:    Reports, FHWA/PL- (series)
TD 2.30/6:    Reports, FHWA-HO- (series) / Office of Highway Operation
TD 2.30/8:    Reports, FHWA-TO- (series) / Office of Traffic Operations
TD 2.30/11:    Reports, FHWA-RT- (series)
TD 2.30/12:    FHWA-AD (series)
TD 2.30/13:    FHWA-SA (series)
TD 2.30/13-2:    Focus: News from SHRP, the Strategic Highway Research Program
TD 2.30/14:    Report, FHWA/MC (series)
TD 2.30/15:    Report, FHWA/HI (series)
TD 2.30/16:    FHWA-PD (series)
TD 2.30/17:    FHWA-FLP (series) / Federal Lands Highway Progam
TD 2.30/18:    FHWA-CR (series)
TD 2.30/19:    FHWA-JPO (series)
TD 2.30/20:    FHWA-MCRT (series)
TD 2.31:    Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey
TD 2.34:    Highway Focus
TD 2.35:    Environmental Impact Statements
TD 2.36:    Enhanced UTCS Software Operator's Manual, Implementation Package
TD 2.37:    Maps
TD 2.40:    Demonstration Projects DP (series)
TD 2.41:    FHWY Program, HY (series)
TD 2.42:    Federally Coordinated Program of Highway Research and Development
TD 2.46:    Monthly Gasoline Reported by States
TD 2.46/2:    Monthly Motor Fuel Reported by States
TD 2.50:    Traffic Volume Trends
TD 2.56:    Highway Joint Development and Multiple Use
TD 2.61:    Driver License Administration Requirements and Fees
TD 2.64:    Highway Taxes and Fees
TD 2.64/2:    Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program Graduate Fellowship Announcement
TD 2.66:    Summary of Safety Management Audits
TD 2.67:    Cross-Reference Index of Current FHWA Directives
TD 2.69:    FHWA/DF (series)
TD 2.70:    Research & Technology Transporter
TD 2.71:    Federal Highway Administration Office of Motor Carriers Register
TD 2.72:    Corps connection: FHWA/State/Youth Corps Partnerships
TD 2.73:    Electronic Products
TD 2.74:    Red Light Reporter
TD 2.75:    Innovative Finance Quarterly
TD 2.75/2:    Innovative Finance 

Bureau of Public Roads (1967-1969)

TD 2.102:    General Publications
TD 2.108:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 2.110:    Highway Statistics
TD 2.113:    Highway Research and Development Studies Using Federal-Aid Research and Planning Funds
TD 2.126:    Fatal and Injury Accident Rates on Federal-Aid and Other Highway Systems 

National Highway Safety Bureau (1966-1970)

TD 2.208:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 2.209:    Motor Vehicle Safety Defect Recall Campaigns
TD 2.210:    Highway Safety Literature
TD 2.212:    Executive summaries, National Highway Safety Bureau Contractors Report
TD 2.213:    Consumer Information Series 

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (1966- )

TD 2.302:    General Publications
TD 2.308:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 2.310:    Accidents of Motor Carriers of Property
TD 2.310/2:    Accidents of Class 1 Motor Carriers of Passengers
TD 2.312/3:    Analysis and Summary of Accident Investigations
TD 2.313:    Roadside Vehicle Inspection Report
TD 2.313/2:    BMCS National Roadside Inspection
TD 2.314:    Federal Highway Administration Office of Motor Carrier and Highway Safety Register 

Federal Railroad Administration (1966- )

TD 3.1/2:    Annual Financial Statement
TD 3.2:    General Publications
TD 3.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
TD 3.12:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 3.14:    Carload Waybill Statistics. Statement TD-1, Territorial Distribution, Traffic and Revenue by Commodity Classes
TD 3.15:    FRA-ORD & D (series)
TD 3.15/5:    Report FRA-OPPD (series)
TD 3.15/7:    Report FRA/TTC- (series)
TD 3.16:    Maps and Charts
TD 3.18:    Train of Thought 

Railroad Safety Office (1966- )

TD 3.103:    Accident/Incident Bulletin
TD 3.108:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 3.109:    Rail-Highway Crossing Accident/Incident and Inventory Bulletin
TD 3.110:    Railroad Accident Investigation Reports, 1911-
TD 3.110/4:    Railroad Accident Investigation Report 

Federal Aviation Administration (1966- )

TD 4.2:    General Publications
TD 4.2/10:    National Airspace System Plan. / Facilities Equipment and Associated Development
TD 4.6:    Federal Aviation Regulations
TD 4.6/2-2:    Instruction Books
TD 4.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 4.8/2:    FAA Handbook
TD 4.8/5:    Advisory Circulars, AC (series)
TD 4.9/2:    FAA World
TD 4.12:    Airman's Information Manual
TD 4.12/2:    Notices to Airmen
TD 4.12/3:    Airman's Information Manual. Basic Flight Information and ATC Procedures
TD 4.12/4:    Graphic Notices and Supplemental Data
TD 4.14:    Airport Activity Statistics of Certificated Route Air Carriers, 1962-
TD 4.17:    FAA Publications
TD 4.17/3:    Bibliographic Lists
TD 4.17/5:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 4.17/6:    Guide to Federal Aviation Administration Publications
TD 4.18:    Census of U.S. Civil Aircraft
TD 4.19:    FAA Air Traffic Activity
TD 4.19/2:    Air Traffic Patterns for IFR and VFR Aviation
TD 4.19/3:    Enroute IFR Air Traffic Survey; Peak Day
TD 4.19/4:    Military Air Traffic Activity Report
TD 4.20:    FAA Statistical Handbook of Aviation
TD 4.20/2:    Administrator's Fact Book
TD 4.22/2:    Annual Report of Operations Under the Airport and Airway Development Act
TD 4.24:    Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports, 1948-
TD 4.25:    Aviation Education (series)
TD 4.26/2:    Great Lakes Intercom
TD 4.32/7:    Report FAA-ED (series) / Office of Systems Engineering Management
TD 4.32/8:    Report FAA-EE (series) / Office of Environment and Energy
TD 4.32/9:    Report FAA-E (series)
TD 4.32/11:    Report FAA-AVP- (series) / Aviation Policy Office
TD 4.32/12:    Report FAA-C- (series)
TD 4.32/14:    Report FAA-ASP (series)
TD 4.32/15:    Report FAA-AP (series)
TD 4.32/17:    Report FAA-MS- (series)
TD 4.32/17-2:    General Aviation Activity and Avionics Survey
TD 4.32/19:    Accident Prevention Program, FAA-P- (series)
TD 4.32/21:    FAA-T- (series)
TD 4.32/22:    FAA-S- (series)
TD 4.32/23:    FAA/AT- (series)
TD 4.32/24:    FAA/CT- (series)
TD 4.32/25:    DOT TSC (series)
TD 4.32/26:    FAA-P (series)
TD 4.33:    National Aviation System Plan
TD 4.33/2:    The National Aviation System Policy Summary
TD 4.33/3:    National Airport System Plan, 1972-
TD 4.33/4:    The Great Lakes Region Aviation System: Ten Year Plan
TD 4.33/5:    Rocky Mountain Region Aviation System Plan
TD 4.33/6:    Information Resources Management Plan
TD 4.36:    Summary of Supplemental Type Certificates
TD 4.41:    Annual Financial Report
TD 4.44:    Profiles of Scheduled Air Carrier Departure and Arrival Operations for Top 100 U.S. Airports
TD 4.44/3:    Profiles of Scheduled Air Carrier Operations by Stage Length; Top 100 U.S. Airports
TD 4.44/4:    Profiles of Scheduled Air Carrier Airport Operations by Equipment Type; Top 100 U.S. Airports
TD 4.48:    Environmental Impact Statements
TD 4.51:    FAA Catalog of Training Courses
TD 4.52:    FAA Organizational Directory
TD 4.52/2:    Directory Telephone
TD 4.52/3:    Aircraft Certification Directory
TD 4.53:    Monthly Management Report
TD 4.57:    FAA-APO- (series)
TD 4.57/3:    National Airway System Annual Report
TD 4.61:    Annual Report of Accomplishments Under the Airport Improvement Program
TD 4.62:    Aviation Weather System Plan
TD 4.64:    The Federal Aviation Administration Plan for Research, Engineering, and Development
TD 4.66:    Montana Pilot Bulletin
TD 4.68:    FAA Aviation Safety Journal
TD 4.70:    Aviation Education
TD 4.71:    Atmospheric Programs Bulletin
TD 4.72:    FAA Strategic Plan
TD 4.73:    Current FAA Telecommunications
TD 4.76:    Electronic Products
TD 4.77:    Aviation Capacity Enhancement Plan
TD 4.78:    Air Traffic Publications Library
TD 4.81:    Catalog of Aeronautical Charts and Related Products
TD 4.82:10/    Worldwide Aeronautical Charts and Products, Public Sale
TD 4.83:    Future Federal Aviation Administration Telecommunications Plan: "Fuchsia Book"
TD 4.102:    Airport Programs Office: General Publications
TD 4.109:    Airport Programs Office: National Airport Plan
TD 4.112:    Airport Programs Office: Reports, AS- (series)
TD 4.158:    Airport Safety and Standards Office: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 4.210:    Airport Safety and Standards Office: Aviation Medical Report, AM- (series)
TD 4.213:    Airport Safety and Standards Office: Encyclopedia of Medical Program Data
TD 4.302:    Air Traffic Operations Service: General Publications
TD 4.308:    Air Traffic Operations Service: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 4.313:    Air Traffic Operations Service: Enroute IFR Peak Day Charts
TD 4.315:    Air Traffic Operations Service: ATS Fact Book
TD 4.316:    Air Traffic Operations Service: Minimum Enroute IFR Altitudes over Particular Routes and Intersections
TD 4.401:    Flight Standards Service: Annual Reports
TD 4.402:    Flight Standards Service: General Publications
TD 4.502:    Systems Research and Development Service: General Publications
TD 4.509:    Systems Research and Development Service: Report, FAA-RD- (series)
TD 4.802:    Civil Service Security Service: General Publications
TD 4.809:    Civil Service Security Service: Directory, Local Law Enforcement Organizations Participating in Aviation Security
TD 4.810:    Civil Service Security Service: Semiannual Report to Congress on the Effectiveness of the Civil Aviation Security Program
TD 4.811:    Civil Service Security Service: Criminal Acts Against Civil Aviation
TD 4.902:    Aircraft Certification Service: General Publications
TD 4.915:    Aircraft Certification Service: International Strategic Plan 

Coast Guard (1966- )

TD 5.2:    General Publications
TD 5.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 5.11:    Boating Statistics
TD 5.12:    Supplement to Merchant Vessels of the United States
TD 5.12/2:    Merchant Vessels of the United States
TD 5.13:    Proceedings of the Marine Safety Council
TD 5.14:    The Coast Guard Reservist
TD 5.16/2:    Bulletin of Information / The U.S. Coast Guard Academy
TD 5.18:    Oceanographic Report
TD 5.18/2:    Oceanographic Unit Technical Reports
TD 5.19:    Register of Officers
TD 5.19/2:    Register of Reserve Officers
TD 5.19/3:    Register of Military Personnel in Washington D.C. Area
TD 5.21/3:    United States Coast Guard Annotated Bibliography
TD 5.21/4:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 5.21/6:    Directives, Publications, Reports Index
TD 5.25/2:    Reports CG-D- / Office of Research and Development
TD 5.28:    Boating Safety Newsletter
TD 5.28/3:    Environmental Response Newsletter
TD 5.30:    Bicentennial Series
TD 5.32:    Environmental Impact Statements
TD 5.35:    CG-M- (series) / Office of Merchant Marine Safety
TD 5.42:    Lifesaver: The U.S. Coast Guard Safety and Occupational Health Review
TD 5.44:    Emergency Response Contacts Listing Directory: National Contingency Plan
TD 5.45:    Retiree Newsletter
TD 5.47:    Maps and Posters
TD 5.50:    SAR Statistics
TD 5.51:    Polluting Incidents in and Around U.S. Waters
TD 5.56:    Special Notice to Mariners
TD 5.57:2/    Merchant Marine Examination Questions
TD 5.60:    Consumer Fact Sheet
TD 5.63:    Ship Structure Committee
TD 5.64:    Strategic Information Resource Management Plan
TD 5.66:    Marine Safety Newsletter
TD 5.67:    Electronic Products
TD 5.68:    U.S. Coast Guard Systems Times 

Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (1966- )

TD 6.1:    Annual Report 

Federal Transit Administration (1968- )

TD 7.1    Annual Report
TD 7.2:    General Publications
TD 7.4:    Circulars
TD 7.5:    Laws
TD 7.9:    Directory of Research, Development and Demonstration Projects
TD 7.10:    Bilbiographies and Lists of Publications
TD 7.10/2:    Urban Mass Transportation Abstracts
TD 7.11:    Reports, UMTA-PA- (series)
TD 7.11/2:    National Urban Mass Transportation Statistics
TD 7.11/2-2:    Compendium of National Urban Mass Transportation Statistics: Section 15 Reporting System
TD 7.15:    Environmental Impact Statements
TD 7.17:    DOT-TSC-UMTA- (series) / Transportation Systems Center
TD 7.17/2:    DOT-FTAMA (series)
TD 7.19:    Directories
TD 7.19/2:    A Directory of Urban Public Transportation Service
TD 7.20:    Report on Funding Levels and Allocations of Funds 

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (1970- )

TD 8.2:    General Publications
TD 8.5/2:    Traffic Laws Commentary
TD 8.5/3:    Driver Licensing Laws Annotated
TD 8.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
TD 8.6/2:    Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations
TD 8.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 8.9:    Motor Vehicle Safety Defect Recall Campaigns
TD 8.9/2:    Safety Related Recall Campaigns for Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment, Including Tires
TD 8.9/3:    Safety Related Recall Campaigns for Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment, Including Tires. Detailed Reports
TD 8.10:    Highway Safety Literature
TD 8.11:    Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation
TD 8.11/2:    Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Summaries
TD 8.12:    Report on Activities Under the National Traffic & Motor Vehicle Safety Act
TD 8.12/2:    Report on Activities Under the Highway Safety Act
TD 8.13:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 8.13/3:    Subject Bibliographies from Highway Safety Literature
TD 8.14:    Consumer Information Series
TD 8.14/2:    Consumer Aid Series
TD 8.14/3:    Consumer Affairs Fact Sheets
TD 8.16:    Report on the International Technical Conference on Experimental Safety Vehicles, 1971-
TD 8.20:    Annual Report on the Public Information and Education Countermeasure of Alcohol Safety Action Projects
TD 8.21:    Proceedings - International Congress on Automotive Safety
TD 8.22:    NHTSA Technical Reports
TD 8.26:    Automotive Fuel Economy Program
TD 8.27:    Fatal Accident Reporting System; Traffic Safety Facts
TD 8.27/2:    NHTSA Facts
TD 8.29:    Report DOT-TSC-NHTSC- (series)
TD 8.30:    Fact Books
TD 8.32:    National Automotive Sampling System, Crashworthiness Data System
TD 8.33:    Fuel Economy News: The Newsletter of the Voluntary Truck and Bus Fuel Economy Program
TD 8.35:    Directories
TD 8.36:    Auto & Traffic Safety
TD 8.37:    Autofacts (series)
TD 8.39:    Youth Fatal Crash and Alcohol Facts
TD 8.40:    Traffic Safety Digest
TD 8.63:    Traffic Techs
TD 8.8/2:    Community Action Program for Traffic Safety
TD 8.8/3:    Highway Safety Program Manual 

Office of Hazardous Materials Transportation (1975- )

TD 9.2:    General Publications
TD 9.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 9.10:    Report DOT/MTB- (series)
TD 9.11:    Annual Report on the Administration of the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act
TD 9.15:    Annual Report on Hazardous Materials Transportation 

Research and Special Programs Administration (1977- )

TD 10.1/1:    Annual Report on Hazardous Materials Transportation
TD 10.2:    General Publications
TD 10.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 10.9:    National Transportation Statistics (annual)
TD 10.9/2:    Air Carrier Industry Scheduled Service Traffic Statistics
TD 10.9/3:    Air Carrier Traffic Statistics Monthly
TD 10.9/4:    Air Carrier Financial Statistics Quarterly
TD 10.10:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 10.11:    DOT/RSPA/DMA- (series) / Office of University Research
TD 10.11/2:    DOT Awards to Academic Institutions / Office of University Research
TD 10.12:    Annual Report of Pipeline Safety
TD 10.13:    Program Solicitation / Small Business Innovation Research Program
TD 10.14:    University Transportation Centers Project Abstracts
TD 10.15:    Volpe Transportation Journal
TD 10.16:    Hazardous Materials Transportation Training Modules 

Maritime Administration (1981- )

TD 11.1:    MARAD: The Annual Report of the Maritime Administration
TD 11.2:    General Publications
TD 11.6:    Laws
TD 11.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 11.8/2:    Maritime Labor-Management Affiliations Guide
TD 11.9:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 11.9/2:    Marad Publications
TD 11.11:    Vessel Inventory Report
TD 11.12:    A Statistical Analysis of the World's Merchant Fleets
TD 11.13:    United States Oceanborne Foreign Trade Routes
TD 11.14:    Merchant Fleets of the World
TD 11.15:    New Ship Construction
TD 11.15/2:    Relative Cost of Shipbuilding
TD 11.16:    Foreign Flag Merchant Ships Owned by U.S. Parent Companies
TD 11.19:    Domestic Waterborne Trade of the United States
TD 11.20:    Bulk Carriers in the World Fleet
TD 11.21:    Containerized Cargo Statistics
TD 11.25:    Report on Survey of U.S. Shipbuilding and Repair Facilities
TD 11.27:    Maritime Subsidies
TD 11.28:    U.S. Exports & Imports Transshipped via Canadian Ports
TD 11.29:    Tankers in the World Fleet
TD 11.30:    A Report to the Congress on the Status of the Public Ports of the United States
TD 11.33:    Maritime Administration University Research Program 

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

TD 12.1:    Transportation Statistics Annual Report
TD 12.1/2:    National Transportation Statistics
TD 12.2:    General Publications
TD 12.11:    Posters
TD 12.15:    Air Carrier Industry Scheduled Service Traffic Statistics
TD 12.15/2:    Air Carrier Traffic Statistics Monthly
TD 12.15/3:    Air Carrier Financial Statistics Quarterly
TD 12.17:    Electronic Products
TD 12.18:    Journal of Transportation and Statistics 

Surface Transportation Board

TD 13.2:    General Publications
TD 13.6/2:    Surface Transportation Board Reports: Decisions of the Surface Transportation Board of the United States