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Small Business Administration (1953- )

SBA 1.1:    Annual Report
SBA 1.1/2:    The State of Small Business
SBA 1.1/2-2:    Small Business Economic Indicators
SBA 1.1/3:    Semi-Annual Report of the Inspector General
SBA 1.1/3-2:    Semiannual Report to Congress
SBA 1.1/4:    Small Business Innovation Development Act ... Year Results
SBA 1.1/5:    Annual Report of the Chief Counsel for Advocacy on implementation of the Regulatory Flexibility Act
SBA 1.2:    General Publications
SBA 1.2/10:    Small Business Subcontracting Directory
SBA 1.3:    Small Business Bibliographies 1958-
SBA 1.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
SBA 1.7/2:    SBA News
SBA 1.10:    Management Aids for Small Manufacturers
SBA 1.10/2:    Annuals
SBA 1.12:    Small Business Management Series 1952-
SBA 1.13/3:    U.S. Government Purchasing and Sales Directory
SBA 1.13/4:    Directories
SBA 1.13/5:    Telephone Directory
SBA 1.14:    Small Market Aids, 1954-
SBA 1.14/2:    Small Market Aids (annual), 1959-
SBA 1.15:    Starting and Marketing Series
SBA 1.16:    Research and Development List of Small Business Concerns Interested in Performing Research and Development
SBA 1.18:    SBA Publications
SBA 1.18/4:    Selected Abstracts of Completed Research Studies
SBA 1.19:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
SBA 1.20/2:    Suggested Research Topics; Small Business Management, Operation [and] Finance
SBA 1.20/3:    Research Summary
SBA 1.27:    SBA Economic Review
SBA 1.27/2:    Quarterly Review, 503 and 504 Economic Development Loan Programs
SBA 1.30:    SBIC Digest (Small Business Investment Companies Digest)
SBA 1.31:    Annual Report to the President / Interagency Committee on Women's Enterprise
SBA 1.32:    Management Aids
SBA 1.32/2:    Business Development Publication
SBA 1.32/3:    Financial Management Series
SBA 1.34:    The States and Small Business: Programs and Activities
SBA 1.35:    Starting Out Series
SBA 1.37:    SBIR Pre-Solicitation Announcement
SBA 1.41:    Issues Alert
SBA 1.42:    Listing of SBIR Awardees
SBA 1.44:    Five-Year Information Resources Management Plan
SBA 1.45:    Loan Profiles
SBA 1.46:    Outreach
SBA 1.47:    Opinion Digest
SBA 1.48:    Natural Resource Development Program Annual Report
SBA 1.49:    Focus on the Facts (series)
SBA 1.49/2:    The Facts About (series)
SBA 1.51:    The Small Business Advocate
SBA 1.52:    Small Business Lending in the United States