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Department of State (1789- )

S 1.1:    Foreign Relations of the United States
S 1.1/2:    Foreign Relations of the United States [by country]
S 1.1/3:    Foreign Relations of the United States, Conferences
S 1.1/3:C 12    The Conferences at Cairo and Tehran, 1943
S 1.1/3:M 29    The Conferences at Malta and Yalta, 1945
S 1.1/3:P 84/    The Conference of Berlin (the Potsdam Conference), 1945
S 1.1/3:Q 3    The Conference at Quebec, 1944
S 1.1/3:W 27    The conferences at Washington, 1941-1942, and Casablanca, 1943
S 1.1/3:W 27/2    The conferences at Washington and Quebec, 1943
S 1.1/4:    Report of the Visa Office
S 1.1/6:    Annual Report / Inspector General of the Department of State and Foreign Service
S 1.1/7:    World Refugee Report
S 1.1/7-2:    U.S. refugee admissions program for fiscal year ...
S 1.1/8:    Report to Congress on Voting Practices in the United Nations
S 1.1/9:    The Secretary's Semiannual Management Report to the Congress
S 1.1/b:    Foreign Relations of the United States, Indexes
S 1.1/c:    The Lansing papers, 1914-1920
S 1.2:    General Publications
S 1.2:C 83/2/    Schedules of Courses / Foreign Service Institute
S 1.3:    Department of State Bulletin
S 1.3/4:    Visa Bulletin
S 1.3/5:    US Department of State Dispatch
S 1.3/a:    Department of State Bulletin (separates)
S 1.4/2:    Circulare: General Instructions, Consular or Special Instructions, Consular
S 1.6:    Biographic Register of the Department of State
S 1.7:    Foreign Service List
S 1.7/2:    Foreign Service Classification List
S 1.8:    Diplomatic list 1893-
S 1.8/2:    Employees of Diplomatic Missions
S 1.10:    Environmental Diplomacy: The Environment and U.S. Foreign Policy
S 1.21:    Telephone Directory
S 1.21/2:    Directories
S 1.22:    Annual Report of the American High Commissioner at Port au Prince, Haiti to the Secretary of State
S 1.26:    Inter-American Series 1929-
S 1.30/3:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
S 1.30/3-2:    Selected State Department Publications
S 1.30/5:    New acquisitions for ... / The Ralph J. Bunche Library of the Department of State
S 1.31:    Near Eastern Series
S 1.33:    Map Series
S 1.33/2:    Maps and Atlases
S 1.36:    The Territorial Papers of the United States
S 1.37:    Commercial Policy Series 1934-
S 1.38    East Asia and Pacific Series 1932-
S 1.39:    Immigration Series
S 1.40:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
S 1.40/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
S 1.40/5:    Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
S 1.40/6:    Escort Interpreter Manual
S 1.41:    Posters
S 1.42:    The Record
S 1.42/2:    Field Reporter
S 1.43:    Report to Congress on Lend-Lease Operations
S 1.44:    Report to Congress on United States Participation in Operations of UNRRA
S 1.47:    Report to Congress on Foreign Surplus Disposal
S 1.49:    The United States and the United Nations Report Series
S 1.65:    Economic Cooperation Series 1948-
S 1.67:    International Information and Cultural Series 1948-
S 1.67/2:    Department of State Educational and Cultural Exchange Program
S 1.69:    Department of State and Foreign Service Series; Biographic Register; Foreign Consular Offices in the United States
S 1.69/2:    Foreign Consular Offices in the United States
S 1.70:    International Organization and Conference Series 1959-
S 1.70/1:    International Organization and Conference Series, General
S 1.70/2:    International Organization and Conference Series II, Regional
S 1.70/3:    International Organization and Conference Series III, United National (including commissions)
S 1.70/4:    International Organization and Conference Series IV, Specialized Agencies
S 1.70/5:    International organizations Series 1968-
S 1.70/7:    Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
S 1.70/8:    United States Participation in the United Nations
S 1.70/9:    United States Contributions to International Organizations
S 1.71:    General Foreign Policy Series 1948-
S 1.71/2:    American Foreign Policy Current Documents
S 1.71/2-2:    American Foreign Policy Current Documents. Supplement
S 1.71/3:    Economic Foreign Policy Series 1970-
S 1.71/4:    Current Policy (series)
S 1.71/4-2:    Current Policy Digest
S 1.71/5:    Public Information Series
S 1.71/6:    Regional Brief
S 1.73:    Documents & State Papers
S 1.74:    European and British Commonwealth Series 1948-
S 1.75:    Foreign Affairs Highlights
S 1.76/3:    Standardized Regulations: Government Civilians, Foreign Areas
S 1.76/3-2:    Maximum Travel per Diem Allowances for Foreign Areas
S 1.76/4:    U.S. Department of State Indexes of Living Costs Abroad, Quarters Allowances, and Hardship Differentials
S 1.82:    Documents on German Foreign Policy 1918-1945
S 1.85:    Information Bulletin / Office of Military Government for Germany (U.S.)
S 1.86:    Near and Middle Eastern Series 1948-
S 1.86/2:    Near East and South Asian Series
S 1.90:    Report on Germany / Office of the U.S. High Commissioner for Germany
S 1.91:    Office of the U.S. High Commissioner for Germany Publications
S 1.92:    Bibliography
S 1.92/2:    Soviet Bibliography / Department of State, Division of Library and Reference Services, Office of Libraries and Intelligence Acquisition
S 1.93:    Semiannual Report to Congress / United States Advisory Commission on Information
S 1.95:    Historical Monographs of Office of the U.S. High Commissioner for Germany
S 1.98:    Foreign Policy Briefs
S 1.101:    External Research Report: Research List
S 1.101/2:    Research report R (series) / United States Information Agency, Research and Reference Service
S 1.101/3:    Research report E (series) / United States Information Agency, Research and Reference Service
S 1.101/4:     Research report M (series) / United States Information Agency, Research and Reference Service
S 1.101/9:    Government-Supported Research: International Affairs
S 1.101/10:    Government-Sponsored Research on Foreign Affairs 1975-1981
S 1.102:    The Soviet Bloc as Reported by Former Nationals Interview Report
S 1.106:    Addresses
S 1.111:    World Strength of the Communist Party Organizations 1948-
S 1.112/3    Survey of People's Republic of China Press
S 1.114/2:    Foreign Service Institute: Basic Course Series
S 1.114/3:    Foreign Service Institute: General Publications
S 1.114/3-10:    Schedule of Courses / Foreign Service Institute
S 1.114/3-11:    Foreign Service Institute: Bulletin
S 1.114/3-12:    Foreign Service Institute: Center Paper
S 1.116:    American Series 1960-
S 1.117:    Documents on Disarmament
S 1.117/3:    Disarmament Document Series
S 1.117/5:    Studies in Progress or Recently Completed, Arms Control and Disarmament
S 1.118:    State (newsletter)
S 1.119/2:    Geographic Bulletins 1963-
S 1.119/3:    International Boundary Studies 1961-
S 1.119/4:    Geographic and Global Studies 1964-
S 1.119/5:    Limits in the Seas
S 1.120:    Acquisitions List of Antarctic Cartographic Materials
S 1.123:    Background Notes [various countries]
S 1.123/2:    Background Notes, Index
S 1.126:    Foreign Affairs Research Papers Available
S 1.126/3:    Foreign Affairs Notes
S 1.127:    Post Reports [various countries]
S 1.128:    Gist (series)
S 1.129:    Special Reports
S 1.129/2:    Implementation of Helsinki Final Act
S 1.131:    Selected Documents
S 1.133:    Environmental Impact Statements
S 1.138:    Patterns of Global Terrorism
S 1.138/2:    Significant Incidents of Political Violence against Americans
S 1.139:    Training Opportunities: U.S. Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security Training Center Course Curriculum Catalog
S 1.139/2:    Training Resources : Training Center Course Catalog, Videotape Catalog, Publication Catalog
S 1.140:    Focus on Central and Eastern Europe
S 1.141:    Defense Trade News: The Bulletin of the Center for Defense Trade
S 1.142:    Electronic Products
S 1.142/2:    U.S. Foreign Affairs on CD-ROM
S 1.144:    GSO newsline
S 1.145:    U.S. MAB Bulletin
S 1.146:    International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
S 1.147:    Annual Report to the Governments of Canada, United States, Saskatchewan, and Montana / by the Poplar River Bilateral Monitoring Committee
S 1.148:    Hidden Killers
S 1.149:    Issues in Global Crime
S 1.151:    Annual Report on International Religious Freedom
S 1.152:    Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act 2000, Trafficking in Persons Report 

Arbitration and Mixed Commissions to Settle International Disputes

S 3.2:    General Publications
S 3.13/2:    Washington Arbitration (American-British Mixed Claims Commission)
S 3.21/4:    United States v. Chile, Alsop Claims
S 3.23:    International Joint Commission on Boundary Waters between United States and Canada, 1909
S 3.25:    Canada and the United States Annual Joint Report / International Boundary Commission
S 3.29/6:    Conference on the Limitation of Armament Plenary Session
S 3.31/6:    Administrative Decisions and Opinions of a General Nature and Opinions in Individual Lusitania Claims and Other Cases / Mixed Claims Commission (U.S. and Germany)
S 3.34/6:    Opinions and Decisions / General Claims Commission (U.S. and Mexico)
S 3.36:    Commission on Extraterritoriality in China
S 3.37/2:    Tripartite Claims Commission (United States, Austria, and Hungary): General Publications
S 3.39:    Arbitration Series 

Bureau of Foreign Commerce (1897-1903)

S 4.1:    Commercial Relations of the United States with Foreign Countries during the Years ...
S 4.7:    Monthly Consular and Trade Reports
S 4.11:    Exports Declared for United States 

International Congresses, Conferences, and Commissions

S 5.6:    International Geographic Congress
S 5.9/5:    International American Conference, 5th, Santiago, Chile, Mar. 25-May 3, 1923
S 5.9/6:    International American Conference, 6th, Havana, Cuba, Jan. 16 - Feb. 20, 1928
S 5.10:    International Marine Conference held in Washington Oct. 16, 1889
S 5.14/2:    Pan American Scientific Congress (2d : 1915-1916 : Washington, D. C.)
S 5.14/3:    Pan American Scientific Congress (3rd : 1924 : Lima)
S 5.14/5:    American Scientific Congress (8th : 1940 : Washington, D.C.)
S 5.18/1:    Report of the International Prison Congress
S 5.27:    International Telegraph Conference, Paris, 1925
S 5.28:    International Civil Aeronautics Conference, Washington, D.C., December 12-14, 1928
S 5.29:    International Conference on Safety of Life at Sea, 1929
S 5.30:    Conference Series
S 5.36:    World power conference. 3d, Washington, D.C., 1936
S 5.48:    U.S. National Commission for UNESCO: Publications
S 5.48/3:    Memo / U.S. National Commission for UNESCO
S 5.48/6:    UNESCO World Review
S 5.48/8:    UNESCO Facts 

Laws of the United States

S 7.9:    Statutes at Large
S 7.10:    Revised Statutes
S 7.12:    Digest of International Law
S 7.12/2:    Digest of International Law, Whiteman Series, 1963-1973
S 7.12/3:    Digest of United States Practice in International Law 

Bureau of Rolls and Library (1789-1921)

S 8.2:    General Publications 


S 9.5/1:    Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States of America (Miller)
S 9.6:    Treaties, Conventions, International Acts, Protocols, and Agreements between the United States of America and Other Powers (Malloy)
S 9.7:    Treaty Information Bulletin
S 9.10:    Treaties and Other International Acts Series 1946-
S 9.11/2:    United States Treaty Developments
S 9.11/3:    Numerical List of the Treaty Series, Executive Agreement Series and Treaties and Other International Acts Series
S 9.12:    United States Treaties and Other International Agreements
S 9.12/2:    Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America, 1776-1949 (Bevans)
S 9.14:    Treaties in Force: A List of Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States in Force 

Porto Rico (1909)

S 10.1:    Annual Report of the Governor of Porto Rico 

International Cooperation Administration (1955- 1961)

S 17.1:    Report to Congress on the Mutual Security Program
S 17.1/2:    Mutual Defense Assistance Control Act of 1951: Report to Congress
S 17.8:    Economic Forces in the United States; in Facts and Figures, Its People, Its Labor Force, Its Economy
S 17.35:    The Mutual Security Program 

Agency for International Development (1961- )

S 18.1:    Report to the Congress on the Foreign Assistance Program 1962-
S 18.1/3:    Implementation of Section 620(s) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as Amended: A Report to Congress
S 18.2:    General Publications
S 18.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
S 18.19:    Voluntary Foreign Aid Programs
S 18.25:    Community Development Review
S 18.28:    Proposed Foreign Aid Program
S 18.30/2:    A.I.D. Discussion Papers
S 18.33:    Development Digest
S 18.34:    War on Hunger
S 18.34/2:    Agenda 1978-1982
S 18.42:    Application of Modern Technologies to International Development
S 18.45:    Agriculture Technology for Developing Countries, Technical Series Papers 1971-
S 18.47:    A.I.D. Research and Development Abstracts
S 18.52:    AID Project Impact Evaluation Reports
S 18.52/2:    Discussion Papers
S 18.52/3:    Special Studies
S 18.52/4:    Evaluation Reports
S 18.52/5:    Design and Evaluation Methods
S 18.53:    Country Profiles
S 18.54:    Regional Profiles
S 18.55:    Women in Development (series)
S 18.56:    Selected Statistical Data by Sex [various countries]
S 18.58:    Horizons / Agency for International Development
S 18.61:    USAID Highlights
S 18.62:    Publications Series
S 18.68:    FEWS Bulletin: USAID Famine Early Warning System
S 18.68/2:    FEWS Special Report 

Peace Corps (1961-1971)

S 19.1:    Annual Report
S 19.2:    General Publications
S 19.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

United States Information Agency

S 20.2:    General Publications
S 20.16:    Economic Perspectives
S 20.17:    U.S. Foreign Policy Agenda
S 20.18:    Global Issues
S 20.19:    U.S. Society & Values
S 20.20:    Issues of Democracy 

Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau

S 21.15:    English Teaching Forum 

Arms Control and International Security

S 22.116:    World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers