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United States Postal Service (1970- )

P 1.1:    Annual Report 1823-
P 1.2:    General Publications
P 1.3:    The Postal Bulletin
P 1.3/2:    Postal Inspection Service Bulletin
P 1.8:    Advertisments Inviting Proposals for Carrying Mail
P 1.9:    Postal Treaties and Conventions
P 1.10/4:    Directory of Post Offices, 1955-
P 1.10/5:    International mail manual (IMM)
P 1.10/6:    County List of Post Offices
P 1.10/8:    National Five Digit Zip Code and Post Office Directory
P 1.10/9:    Zip+4 Code State Directories
P 1.11/3:    Postal Laws
P 1.12/5 a:    Instructions for Mailers
P 1.12/7:    Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM)
P 1.12/10:    Administrative Support Manual
P 1.12/11    Domestic Mail Manual
P 1.21    Schemes for Separation of Mail by States
P 1.29/2:    Law Enforcement Report / Postal Inspection Service
P 1.31/4:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
P 1.31/5:    Personnel Handbooks, P 1-
P 1.34:    Telephone Directory
P 1.47:    Memo to Mailers
P 1.47/2:    The Mailroom Companion
P 1.48:    Competitors and Competition of the U.S. Postal Service
P 1.52:    Directories
P 1.52/2:    Express Mail Next Day Service
P 1.54:    Mint Set of Commemorative Stamps
P 1.54/2:    Mint Set of Commemorative Stamps
P 1.55:    Notices (series)
P 1.56:    Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Plan
P 1.57:    Publication (series)
P 1.58:    National Electronic Catalog
P 1.60:    Postal Facts 

Bureau of Finance (1949- )

P 4.10:    Postage Stamps of the United States 1927- 

Transportation Bureau (1949-1970)

P 10.13:    Postal Laws and Regulations, Seniority Rules, Service Rating System and Space Rulings Applicable to the Railway Mail Service 

Postal Savings Division (1943-1970)

P 19.1:    Annual Reports