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Browse the Documents Stacks: NAS

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1958- )

NAS 1.1:    Semiannual Report to the Congress
NAS 1.1/4:    Spinoff, Annual Report
NAS 1.1/5:    Annual Report to the Administrator, The Office of Exploration
NAS 1.1/6:    Regulations, Rules, Instructions
NAS 1.1/7:    Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Annual Report
NAS 1.2:    General Publications
NAS 1.5:    Laws
NAS 1.6:    Regulations, Rules, Instructions
NAS 1.6/2:    NASA Procurement Regulation
NAS 1.6/3:    Procurement Regulation Directives
NAS 1.9/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
NAS 1.9/4:    Scientific and technical aerospace reports (STAR)
NAS 1.9/5:    Scientific and technical aerospace reports (STAR) Cumulative Indexes
NAS 1.12:    Technical Reports, R- (series)
NAS 1.12/6:    Jet Propolsion Laboratory: JPL-SP (series)
NAS 1.12/7:    Jet Propolsion Laboratory: JPL/HR (series)
NAS 1.12/8:    Jet Propolsion Laboratory: Mission Status Bulletin
NAS 1.14:    Technical Notes, TN (series), D-
NAS 1.15:    Technical Memorandums, TM (series, X 1-
NAS 1.15/2:    Bibliography of Lewis Research Center technical publications announced in [year]
NAS 1.17:    Proceedings of the NASA-Industry Program Plans Conference
NAS 1.18:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
NAS 1.18/3:    Petitions for Patent Waiver
NAS 1.19:    Educational Program, EP- (series), 1966-
NAS 1.19/2:    NASA Aeronautics Research and Technology
NAS 1.19/4:    EG (series)
NAS 1.20:    NASA Facts
NAS 1.21:    Special Publications, SP-
NAS 1.22/3:    Reliability and Quality Assurance Publications, NHB- (series)
NAS 1.24:    Telephone Directory. Headquarters, Washington, DC
NAS 1.24/3:    Telephone Directory, Kennedy Space Center
NAS 1.26:    Contractor Reports, CR
NAS 1.29/3:    NASA Tech Briefs
NAS 1.29/3-2:    NASA Tech Briefs (condensed version)
NAS 1.30:    Annual Procurement Report
NAS 1.37:    National Space Science Data Center, NSSDC- (series)
NAS 1.37/2:    NSSDC News
NAS 1.40:    Satellite Situation Report
NAS 1.42:    NASA's University Program, Active Grants and Research Contracts
NAS 1.42/2:    Graduate Student Researchers Program
NAS 1.43:    Posters
NAS 1.43/4:    NASA Photography Index
NAS 1.43/5:    Viking Pictures
NAS 1.43/6:    Lithos (series)
NAS 1.43/7:    Audiovisual Materials
NAS 1.44:    Computer Program Abstracts
NAS 1.45:    Mission Reports, 1970-
NAS 1.47:    Annual Earth Resources Program Review
NAS 1.48:    LANDSAT U.S. Standard Catalog
NAS 1.48/2:    LANDSAT Non-U.S. Standard Catalog
NAS 1.48/3:    Landsat 2 World Standard Catalog
NAS 1.48/4:    Landsat 3 World Standard Catalog
NAS 1.49:    NASA Report to Educators
NAS 1.49/2:    Educational Horizons
NAS 1.52:    Aeronautics and Space Report of the President
NAS 1.53:    Announcement of Opportunities for Participation, AO 1974-
NAS 1.53/2:    Space Science & Applications Notice
NAS 1.53/3:    Research Announcement
NAS 1.55:    Conference Publications, NASA CP- (series)
NAS 1.56:    New Product Ideas, Process Improvements, and Cost-Saving Techniques, Relating to [various subjects], NASA/SBA FA- (series)
NAS 1.59:    Environmental Impact Statements
NAS 1.60:    Technical Papers
NAS 1.61:    Reference Publications, RP- (series)
NAS 1.62:    Life Sciences Status Report
NAS 1.62/2:    Life Sciences Accomplishments
NAS 1.62/3:    Life Sciences Report
NAS 1.64:    Earth Resources Satellite Data Applications Series
NAS 1.65:    Research and Technology Annual Report (Earth Resources Laboratory)
NAS 1.65/2:    Research and Technology: Annual Report of the Goddard Space Flight Center
NAS 1.65/3:    Research and Technology: Annual Report of the Langley Research Center
NAS 1.66:    Space benefits, the Secondary Application of Aerospace Technology in Other Sectors of the Economy
NAS 1.68:    Airborne Instrumentation Research Project Summary Catalog
NAS 1.71:    NASA Patents
NAS 1.72:    International Halley Watch: IHW
NAS 1.73:    Health Bulletins (series)
NAS 1.74:    Public Mail Series, PMS- (series)
NAS 1.75:    Pamphlets (series)
NAS 1.76:    STI Bulletin (Scientific and Technical Information Branch)
NAS 1.77:    Technical Translations (numbered)
NAS 1.78:    NASA Excellence Award for Quality and Productivity Recipients
NAS 1.79:    Key Dates
NAS 1.80:    Space Microelectronics
NAS 1.81:    Payload Flight Assignments NASA Mixed Fleet
NAS 1.82:    NASA STD (series)
NAS 1.83:    NASA NP (series)
NAS 1.84:    NASA PED (series)
NAS 1.85:    Budget Estimates
NAS 1.86:    Electronic Products
NAS 1.86/2:    Magellan: Full-Resolution Radar Mosaics
NAS 1.86/3:    International Solar-Terrestrial Physics Program
NAS 1.87:    NASA Magazine
NAS 1.89:    Callback: A Monthly Safety Bulletin from the Office of the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System
NAS 1.90/2:    Science Information Systems Newsletter
NAS 1.91:    Discovery: The Newsletter of the Solar System Exploration Division
NAS 1.92:    Microgravity News
NAS 1.93:    ACTS Quarterly
NAS 1.94:    Insights / High Performance Computing and Communications Program
NAS 1.95:    Aerospace Technology Innovation
NAS 1.97:    Gridpoints: The NAS Systems Division Quarterly