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Browse the Documents Stacks: M

Office of Civil Defense Planning

M 4.2:    General Publications 

Munitions Board (1947-1949)

M 5.9:    ANC Documents 

Research and Development Board (1947-1949)

M 6.2:    General Publications 

Department of the Army (1947-1949)

M 101.1:    Annual Report 

Historical Division (1947-1949)

M 103.7:    United States Army in World War II
M 103.9:    United States Army in the World War, 1917-1919 

Civil Affairs Division (1947-1949)

M 105.2:    General Publications
M 105.7:    Monthly Report of the Military Governor / Military Government of Germany, U.S. Zone
M 105.8:    Military Government Weekly Information Bulletin
M 105.10:    Report of the United States Commissioner, Military Government, Austria
M 105.11:    Summation of Non-Military Activities in Japan
M 105.12:    Summation of United States Army military government activities in the Ryukyu Islands
M 105.13:    South Korea Interim Government Activities
M 105.18:    The European Recovery Program, US-UK Occupied Areas of Germany / Office of Military Government for Germany (U.S.) and Control Commission for Germany (British Element)
M 105.19:    Visiting Expert Series 

Adjutant General's Office (1947-1949)

M 108.8:    U. S. Army Register 

Engineer Department (1947-1949)

M 110.1:    Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army
M 110.12:    Miscellaneous Series
M 110.103:    Lake Survey Office: Bulletins
M 110.201:    Mississippi River Commission: Annual Report 

General Staff (1947-1949)

M 113.1:    Annual Report 

National Guard Bureau (1947-1949)

M 114.1:    Annual Report 

Panama Canal (1947-1949)

M 115.1:    Annual Report 

Department of the Navy

M 201.9:    Court-Martial Orders 

Naval Academy (1947-1949)

M 206.101:    Report of Board of Visitors to Naval Academy 

Naval War College (1947-1949)

M 206.207:    International Law Documents 

Naval Observatory (1947-1949)

M 212.8:    American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac
M 212.9:    American Nautical Almanac 

Office of Naval History

M 215.2:    General Publications 

Department of the Air Force (1947-1949)

M 301.1:    Annual Report 

Research and Development Board

M 501.2:    General Publications