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Browse the Documents Stacks: GS

General Services Administration (1949- )

GS 1.1:    Annual Report of the Administrator of General Services 1949-
GS 1.1/2:    Management Report
GS 1.1/3:    Office of Inspector General, Semiannual Report to the Congress
GS 1.2:    General Publications
GS 1.5:    Laws
GS 1.6:    Regualtions, Rules, and Instructions
GS 1.6/5:    Federal Procurement Regulations
GS 1.6/6:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
GS 1.6/8:    Federal Property Management Regulations, Temporary Regulations
GS 1.6/8-2:    Federal Travel Regulations
GS 1.6/8-3:    Federal Property Management Regulations Amendments
GS 1.6/9:    GSA Handbooks
GS 1.6/10:    Federal Acquisition Regulation
GS 1.13:    Forms
GS 1.15:    Summary Report on Real Property Owned by the United States Throughout the World 1955-
GS 1.15/6:    Federal Real Property Profile
GS 1.15/2:    Inventory Report on Real Property Leased to the United States Throughout the World 1956-
GS 1.15/4:    Detailed Listing of Real Property Owned by the United States and Used by Civil Agencies Throughout the World as of September 30
GS 1.15/4-2:    Detailed Listing of Real Property Owned by the United States and Used by the Department of Defense for Military Functions Throughout the World as of September 30
GS 1.15/5:    U.S. Real Property Sales List
GS 1.17:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
GS 1.22:    Stockpile Report to the Congress
GS 1.25:    Environmental Impact Statement
GS 1.26:    GSA Training Center Catalog and Schedule
GS 1.26/3:    GSA Interagency Training Center Newsletter
GS 1.28:    Lists of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement or Nonprocurement Programs
GS 1.31:    GSA Subcontracting Directory
GS 1.34:    Worldwide Geographic Location Codes
GS 1.35:    Electronic Products
GS 1.37/2:    Information Technology Newsletter
GS 1.37:    ICA Newsletter
GS 1.38:    Intergovernmental Solutions Newsletter
GS 1.39:    Fedware Magazine
GS 1.41:    FedBizOpps: Federal Business Opportunities
GS 1.42:    Federal Acquisition Regulation 

Federal Supply Service (1983- )

GS 2.2:    General Publications
GS 2.6/3:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
GS 2.7/4:    Federal Supply Schedule
GS 2.7/5:    Federal Supply Schedule Program Guide
GS 2.7/6:    Multiple Award Federal Supply Schedule
GS 2.8/2:    Index of Federal Specifications, Standards, and Handbooks
GS 2.8/3:    Federal Standards
GS 2.17:    Marketips
GS 2.18:    Federal Motor Vehicle Fleet Reports
GS 2.22:    New Item Introductory Schedule
GS 2.24/2:    FSS P
GS 2.27:    Vehicle Views 

National Archives and Records Service (1949-1985)

GS 4.1:    Annual Reports
GS 4.2:    General Publications
GS 4.2:Au 2    Reference List of Audiovisual Materials Produced by the United States Government 1978
GS 4.2:C 76/2    Index/Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789 (1976)
GS 4.2:C 76/3    Index/Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789 (1979)
GS 4.3:    Bulletins of National Archives
GS 4.6/2:    Records Management Handbooks
GS 4.6/2:F 31    Federal Register, What it is and How to Use it 1978
GS 4.6/2:N 21    Guide to the National Archives of the United States 1974
GS 4.6/3:    Standard and Optical Forms Facsimile Handbook
GS 4.7:    Special Lists 1942-
GS 4.8:    National Archives Accessions 1940-
GS 4.10/2:    National Archives Inventory Series, 1970-
GS 4.10:    Preliminary Inventories
GS 4.13:    Territorial Papers of United States
GS 4.14/2:    Annotation, the Newsletter of the National Historical Publications and Records Commission
GS 4.14/3:    NHPRC (National Historical Publications and Records Commission) Annual Report
GS 4.15:    National Archives Reference Information Papers
GS 4.17/2:    List of National Archives Microfilm Publications 1945-
GS 4.17/5-2:    List of Audiovisual Materials Produced by the United States Government
GS 4.18:    Guide to German Records Microfilmed at Alexandria, VA
GS 4.18/2:    Guides to the Microfilmed Records of the German Navy 1985-
GS 4.19:    List of Record Groups in the National Archives and the Federal Records Centers
GS 4.21:    Military Operations of the Civil War, Guide Index to Official Records of Union and Confederate Armies, 1861-1865 (1968-)
GS 4.22:    General Information Leaflets 1969-
GS 4.23:    Prologue, Journal of the National Archives 

Office of the Federal Register (1949-1985)

GS 4.102:    General Publications
GS 4.107:    Federal Register 1936-
GS 4.107/a:P Privacy Act Issuances 1976-
GS 4.107/a:R 245    Guide to Record Retention Reqiuirements 1955-
GS 4.108:    Code of Federal Regulations 1938-
GS 4.108/3:    List of CFR Sections Affected
GS 4.108/2:    Supplement to Title 3, The President
GS 4.109:    United States Government Manual 1935-
GS 4.109/2:    Government Organization Handbooks
GS 4.110:    Slip Laws
GS 4.110/3:    Private Laws
GS 4.111:    United States Statutes at Large 1873-
GS 4.111/2:    Tables of Laws Affected
GS 4.113:    Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States 1945-
GS 4.113/2:    Proclamations and Executive Orders
GS 4.113/2:H Herbert Hoover, March 4, 1929-March 4, 1953
GS 4.113/3:    Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders
GS 4.114:    Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents 1965-
GS 4.119:    Directory of Federal Regional Structure 

Public Buildings Service (1949- )

GS 6.2:    General Publications
GS 6.6/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
GS 6.9:    Environmental Impact Statements 

Transportation and Communications Service (1961- 1972)

GS 8.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions 

Consumer Information Center (1970- )

GS 11.2:    General Publications
GS 11.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
GS 11.9:    Consumer Information Catalog
GS 11.9/3-2:    Consumer Focus
GS 11.9/3:    Consumer's Action 

Federal Technology Service (1982- )

GS 12.2:    General Publications
GS 12.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
GS 12.10:    Automatic Data Procesing Equipment Inventory in the United States Government as of the End of the Fiscal Year
GS 12.10/2:    ADP and Telecommunications Standards Index
GS 12.11:    New Way of Saving
GS 12.12:    Telephone Directory, Central Office and Regions
GS 12.12/2:    FTS (Federal Telecommunications Service) Directories
GS 12.12/3:    IRMS (Information Resources Management Services) Directory of Assistance
GS 12.14:    Federal Software Exchange Catalog GSA/ADTS/C-
GS 12.14/2:    Federal Software Exchange Catalog, Information Supplement
GS 12.15/2:    GSA FIRMR/FAR Regulations
GS 12.16:    Office of Software Development and Information Technology: Reports
GS 12.17:    Information Resources Management Handbook
GS 12.17/3:    Information Resources Management Newsletter
GS 12.18:    Standard and Optional Forms Facsimile Handbook
GS 12.19:    Federal IRM (Information Resources Management) Directory 

Federal Preparedness Agency (1976-1979)

GS 13.1:    Annual Report 1976- 

Joint Financial Management Improvement Program

GS 14.2:    General Publications
GS 14.7:    JFMIP News
GS 14.15:    Core Competencies
GS 14.16:    Exposure Drafts
GS 14.17:    System Requirements