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Department of Labor (1913- )

L 1.1:    Annual Report
L 1.1/3:    Secretary's Semiannual Management Report
L 1.1/4:    Accountability Report
L 1.2:    General Publications
L 1.3/3:    Bulletins, 1959-
L 1.3/4:    Manpower Bulletins, 1963-
L 1.34:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
L 1.5/2:    Decisions of the Office of Administrative Law Judges and Office of Administrative Appeals
L 1.7/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
L 1.7/2-2:    DLMS Handbooks
L 1.7/2-3:    DLMS Manual
L 1.7/7:    Interviewing Guides for Specific Disabilities
L 1.7/8:    MA Handbooks
L 1.7/9:    ACT Career Planning Guide Series
L 1.71:    The Work Incentive Program: Annual Report to Congress, 1970-
L 1.74:    Semiannual Report of the Inspector General
L 1.10:    International Labor Conference, First Annual Meeting, 1919
L 1.17:    Publications of National Wage Stabilization Board
L 1.19:    Selected List of Recent Additions to the Library
L 1.20/6:    Black News Digest: News from the United States Department of Labor, Office of Information, Publications and Reports
L 1.20/7:    Noticias de la Semana: A News Summary for Hispanos
L 1.20/8:    Women & work: News from the United States Department of Labor, Office of Information, Publications and Reports
L 1.39:    Manpower Administration: Manpower Report
L 1.39/2:    Manpower Administration: Manpower Evaluation Report
L 1.39/3:    Manpower Administration: Manpower/Automation Research Monographs, 1964-
L 1.39/5:    Manpower Administration: Manpower and Automation Research
L 1.39/6:    Manpower Administration: Manpower Research Projects
L 1.42:    Report of the Secretary of Labor to the Congress on Research and Training Activities in Accordance with Section 309 of the Manpower Development and Training Act
L 1.42/2:    Employment and Training Report of the President, 1963-
L 1.42/2-2:    Statistics on Manpower
L 1.42/2-3:    Supplements to the Employment and Training Report of the President
L 1.47:    Laws
L 1.48:    Technical Assistance Aids, 1960-
L 1.49:    Neighborhood Youth Corps Publications
L 1.51:    Compliance, Enforcement & Reporting Under the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act
L 1.51/3:    Digest and Index of Published Decisions of the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Labor- Management Relations
L 1.51/4:    Decisions and Reports on Rulings of the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Labor- Management Relations
L 1.51/6:    Rulings on Requests for Review of the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Labor-Management Relations
L 1.58/2:    PM (series)
L 1.61:    Employment and Wages of Workers Covered by State Unemployment Insurance Laws
L 1.62/2:    Unemployment Insurance Statistics
L 1.63:    Rural Manpower Developments, 1953-1973
L 1.63/2:    Farm Labor Developments. Employment and Wage Supplement
L 1.66:    Public Sector Labor Relations Information Exchange
L 1.66/3:    Labor Relations Today
L 1.67:    DOL Telephone Directory
L 1.74/2:    Annual Audit Plan
L 1.76:    Employee Retirement Income Security Act: Report to Congress
L 1.77:    Weekly Newspaper Service: News from the United States Department of Labor
L 1.78:    Labor Press Service: News from the United States Department of Labor
L 1.78/2:    Business Press Service: News from the United States Department of Labor
L 1.79:    News / United States Department of Labor, Office of Information
L 1.81:    Register of Reporting Employers
L 1.82:    Register of Reporting Surety Companies
L 1.84:    Register of Reporting Labor Organizations
L 1.85:    Labor-Management Cooperation Brief
L 1.86:    Building Labor's Force: Catalog of Courses / The DOL Academy
L 1.86/2:    Publications / The DOL Academy
L 1.87:    BLM (series)
L 1.88:    U.S. Department of Labor Program Highlights, Fact Sheet
L 1.89:    Electronic Products
L 1.90:    American Workplace
L 1.90/2:    Report on the American Workforce
L 1.91:    Annual Report / Dept. of Labor, The DOL Academy
L 1.92:    Braille Books
L 1.93:    The labor Exchange: The Employee Newsletter of the U.S. Department of Labor
L 1.94:    NSSB Skills Today / National Skill Standards Board
L 1.95:    Senior Executive Service Forum Series
L 1.96:    O*NET OnLine 

Bureau of Labor Statistics (1913- )

L 2.1:    Annual Report
L 2.2:    General Publications
L 2.2/10:    National Survey of Professional, Administrative, Technical, and Clerical Pay
L 2.3:    Bulletins
L 2.3/10:    Employee Benefits in Medium and Large Private Establishments
L 2.3/10-2:    Employee benefits in State and Local Governments
L 2.3/11:    Occupational Injuries and Illnesses in the United States by Industry
L 2.3/12:    Geographic Profile of Employment and Unemployment
L 2.3/13:    National Survey of Professional, Administrative, Technical, and Clerical Pay
L 2.3/13-2:    National Survey of Professional, Administrative, Technical, and Clerical Pay. Private Service Industries
L 2.3/14:    Industry Wage Survey. Millwork
L 2.3/15:    Industry Wage Survey. Meat Products
L 2.3/16:    Occupational Employment in Manufacturing Industries
L 2.3/16-2:    Occupational Employment in Selected Nonmanufacturing Industries
L 2.3/18:    Consumer Expenditure Survey. Interview Survey
L 2.3/18-2:    Consumer Expenditure Survey. Diary Survey
L 2.3/19:    Industry Wage Survey. Petroleum Refining
L 2.3/2:    Area Wage Survey
L 2.3/20:    Productivity Measures for Selected Industries and Government Services
L 2.3/21:    Industry Wage Survey. Synthetic Fibers
L 2.3/22:    Industry Wage Survey. Banking
L 2.3/23:    Industry Wage Survey. Textile Mills
L 2.3/25:    Industry Wage Survey. Nursing and Personal Care Facilities
L 2.3/28:    Linking Employment Problems to Economic Status
L 2.3/3:    Industry Wage Survey
L 2.3/3-2:    Industry Wage Survey
L 2.3/36:    Permanent Mass Layoffs and Plant Closings
L 2.3/37:    Industry Wage Survey. Department Stores
L 2.3/38:    Industry Wage Survey. Temporary Help Supply
L 2.3/4:    Occupational Outlook Handbook
L 2.3/4/a:    Occupational Outlook Briefs
L 2.3/4-2:    Occupational Projections and Training Data
L 2.3/4-3:    Career Guide to Industries
L 2.3/4-4:    Occupational Outlook Handbook [CD-ROM]
L 2.3/5:    Handbook of Labor Statistics
L 2.3/6:    Union Wages and Benefits
L 2.3/8:    Bargaining Calendar
L 2.3/9:    Relative Importance of Components in the Consumer Price Indexes
L 2.6:    Monthly Labor Review
L 2.6/a:    Monthly Labor Review - Separates
L 2.9:    Trend of Employment and Labor Turnover
L 2.10:    Labor Information Bulletin
L 2.13:    State, County, and Municipal Survey: Employment and Pay Rolls
L 2.14:    BLS Chart Series
L 2.32/2:    Labor Developments Abroad
L 2.34/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
L 2.38/10:    Summary Data from the Consumer Price Index News Release
L 2.38/11:    Consumer Price Index, Kansas City, Mo.
L 2.38/3:    CPI Detailed Report; Consumer Price Index, U.S. City Average and Selected Areas
L 2.38/3-2:    News. The Consumer Price Index
L 2.38/8:    News. Consumer Price Index. Washington, D.C., Area
L 2.38/8-2:    News. Consumer Price Index, Chicago
L 2.38/8-3:    News. New York-Northeastern New Jersey CPI
L 2.38/8-4:    News. Latest Consumer Price Index (six cities in Midwest)
L 2.41/10:    Employment and Unemployment in States and Local Areas
L 2.41/11:    Employment in Perspective. Women in the Labor Force
L 2.41/11-2:    Employment in Perspective. Minority Workers
L 2.41/12:    News. Employment and Wages in Foreign-Owned Businesses in the United States
L 2.41/2:    Employment and Earnings and Monthly Report on the Labor Force
L 2.41/2-2:    Supplement to Employment and Unemployment in States and Local Areas
L 2.43/3:    The National Survey of White-Collar Pay
L 2.44    Compensation and Working Conditions: CWC
L 2.44/3:    Average Annual Wages (Annual Payroll Divided by Employment) and Wage Adjustment Index for CETA Prime Sponsors
L 2.44/4    Compensation and Working Conditions
L 2.45/2:    News. Major Collective Bargaining Settlements in Private Industry (quarterly)
L 2.45/2-2:    Major Collective Bargaining Settlements in Private Industry (annual)
L 2.45/3:    News. Major Work Stoppages
L 2.45/4:    News. State and Local Government Collective Bargaining Settlements
L 2.46/3:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
L 2.46/4:    Current Employment Statistics State Operating Manual
L 2.46/5:    Employee Benefits Survey. Health Coding Manual
L 2.46/6:    Employee Benefits Survey. Sickness and Accident Insurance Coding Manual
L 2.46/7:    Employee Benefits Survey Defined Benefit Pension Coding Manual
L 2.46/8:    Employee Benefits Survey. Defined Contribution Coding Manual
L 2.53/2:    News. The Employment Situation
L 2.53/2-2:    Summary Data from the Employment Situation News Release
L 2.60/3:    News. U.S. Import and Export Price Indexes
L 2.61:    Producer Price Indexes
L 2.61/10:    News. Producer Price Indexes
L 2.61/10-2:    Summary Data from the Producer Price Index News Release
L 2.61/11:    Producer Price Indexes
L 2.70/4    Occupational Outlook Quarterly
L 2.71:    BLS Reports
L 2.71/10:    Highlights of Women's Earnings
L 2.71/3:    Regional Reports (numbered)
L 2.71/5:    BLS Staff Papers
L 2.71/5-2:    National Longitudinal Surveys, Discussion Paper (series)
L 2.71/6:    Regional Reports, Middle Atlantic Region
L 2.71/6-2:    News. NYLS- (series)
L 2.71/6-3:    News. New York State Unemployment Rate
L 2.71/6-4:    News. New Jersey Unemployment Rate
L 2.71/6-6:    News. Regional Data on Compensation Show Wages, Salaries and Benefit Costs in the Northeast
L 2.71/6-7:    News. Jobs in New York-Northeastern New Jersey
L 2.71/6-9:    News. New York State Unemployment Rate
L 2.71/8:    Southeastern Regional Office. Regional Reports
L 2.80:    Proceedings of Interstate Conference on Labor Statistics
L 2.83:    Directory of the Business Research Advisory Council to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
L 2.84:    Monthly Report on the Labor Force
L 2.86:    Occupational Earnings and Wage Trends in Metropolitan Areas
L 2.86/3:    Occupational Earnings in Selected Areas
L 2.86/4:    Occupational Earnings in Banking, Selected Metropolitan Areas
L 2.87:    Major Programs, Bureau of Labor Statistics
L 2.95:    Southern Regional Office Publications
L 2.98:    Special Labor Force Reports
L 2.99:    Digest of Selected Pension Plans
L 2.99/2:    Digest of Selected Health and Insurance Plans
L 2.101:    U.S. Department of State Indexes of Living Costs Abroad, Quarters Allowances, and Hardship Differentials
L 2.104:    Employment and Wages
L 2.104/2:    Employment and Wages, Annual Average
L 2.105:    Municipal Government Wage Survey
L 2.106:    Industry Wage Survey Reports
L 2.107:    Area Wage Survey Advance Reports
L 2.109:    Directory of the Labor Research Advisory Council to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
L 2.110/2:    CETA Area Employment and Unemployment
L 2.111/5:    News. Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment
L 2.111/5-2:    News. Unemployment in States
L 2.111/7:    News. Regional and State Employment and Unemployment
L 2.113:    Area Wage Survey Summaries by Cities
L 2.113/4:    Eating and Drinking Places and Hotels and Motels Wage Survey Summaries by Cities
L 2.113/5:    Moving and Storage Wage Survey Summaries by Cities
L 2.113/5-2:    Moving and Storage Wage Survey Summaries by State
L 2.113/5-3:    Moving and Storage Wage Survey Summaries
L 2.113/6:    Area Wage Survey Summaries by State
L 2.113/7:    Air Transportation Wage Survey [various states]
L 2.113/8:    Forestry Wage Survey [varous states]
L 2.114:    Catalog of Seminars, Training Programs and Technical Assistance in Labor Statistics
L 2.115:    Real Earnings in ...
L 2.117:    Employment Cost Index
L 2.117/2:    Employment Cost Index for the Northeast
L 2.118/2:    Employment Characteristics of Families
L 2.119:    Productivity and Costs
L 2.119/2:    Productivity Statistics for Federal Government Functions
L 2.120:    News
L 2.120/2:    State and Regional Unemployment in ...
L 2.120/2-2:    Average Annual Pay by State and Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area
L 2.120/2-3:    Average Annual Pay by State and Industry
L 2.120/2-4:    Average Annual Pay Levels in Metropolitan Areas
L 2.120/2-5:    Consumer Expenditure Survey Results from ...
L 2.120/2-6:    International Comparisons of Manufacturing Productivity and Labor Cost Trends
L 2.120/2-8:    Collective Bargaining Activity in ...
L 2.120/2-10:    Multifactor Productivity Measures
L 2.120/2-11:    Workplace Injuries and Illnesses in ...
L 2.120/2-12:    Union Membership in ...
L 2.120/2-13:    Employer Costs for Employee Compensation
L 2.120/2-14:    Extended Mass Layoffs in the ... [Quarter]
L 2.120/2-15:    Mass Layoffs in ...
L 2.120/2-16:    Employer Costs for Employee Compensation. Northeast Region
L 2.120/2-17:    Employment and Average Annual Pay for Large Counties
L 2.120/2-18:    Work Experience of the Population in ...
L 2.120/2-19:    Extended Mass Layoffs in ...
L 2.121/    Occupational Compensation Survey: Pay and Benefits...Metropolitan Area...Bulletin
L 2.122:    Area Wage Survey Summary
L 2.122/    Occupational Compensation Survey: Pay and Benefits, (state)
L 2.123/1:    Mobile-Pensacola-Panama City, Alabama-Florida
L 2.123/5:    San Francisco-Oakland, California
L 2.123/24:    Biloxi-Gulfport and Pascagoula-Moss Point, Mississippi
L 2.123/30:    Paterson-Clifton-Passaic, New Jersey
L 2.124:    Series Available and Estimating Methods, BLS National Payroll Employment Program
L 2.124/2:    Series Available and Estimating Methods, BLS Current Employment Statistics Program
L 2.125:    Major Programs, Bureau of Labor Statistics
L 2.126:    Usual Weekly Earnings of Wage and Salary Workers
L 2.128:    International Training Programs in Labor Statistics
L 2.129:    Recordkeeping Requirements for Firms Selected to Participate in the Annual Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
L 2.130:    International Comparisons of Hourly Compensation Costs for Production Workers in Manufacturing
L 2.131:    BLS Update
L 2.132:    Issues in Labor Statistics
L 2.134:    Electronic Products
L 2.135:    NLS News, National Longitudinal Surveys
L 2.136:    Bureau of Labor Statistics Surveys 

Bureau of Immigration (1913-1933)

L 3.1:    Annual Reports 

Children's Bureau (1913-1946)

L 5.1:    Annual Reports
L 5.2:    General Publications
L 5.20:    Bureau Publications
L 5.23:    Child Welfare News Summary
L 5.31:    News Bulletin on Social Statistics in Child Welfare and Related Fields
L 5.32:    Monthly Bulletin on Social Statistics
L 5.33:    Changes in Different Types of Public and Private Relief in Urban Areas
L 5.35:    The Child, Monthly News Summary 

Bureau of Employment Security (1949-1969)

L 7.1:    Annual Reports
L 7.2:    General Publications
L 7.8:    Industrial Employment Information Bulletin
L 7.14:    Employment Service News
L 7.18:    Employment Service Review
L 7.18/2:    Employment Service Review
L 7.20:    Labor Market
L 7.20/3:    Employment and Wages of Workers Covered by State Unemployment Insurance Laws and Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees, by Industry and State 1938-
L 7.22/2:    Labor Market Information Area Series, Current Supplements
L 7.23/2:    Current Supplements
L 7.34:    Job Family Series
L 7.35:    Laws
L 7.39/2:    Significant Provisions of State Unemployment Insurance Laws
L 7.55:    Farm Labor Developments 1954-
L 7.55/2:    Employment and Wage Supplement, Farm Labor Market Developments
L 7.61:    BES
L 7.70:    Unemployment Insurance Tax Rates by Industry 

Women's Bureau (1920-1971)

L 13.1:    Annual Reports
L 13.2:    General Publications
L 13.3:    Bulletins 1919-
L 13.8:    Woman Worker 1921-1943
L 13.10:    Special Bulletins 1940-
L 13.11:    Leaflets
L 13.20:    Women of Congress 80th Cong. 1947-
L 13.22/2:    Background Facts on Women Workers in the United States 

Bureau of Labor Standards (1948-1971)

L 16.3:    Bulletins 1935-
L 16.11:    Labor Standards 1936-1942
L 16.25:    Controlling Chemical Hazards Series
L 16.43:    President's Committee on Migratory Labor: Publications 

Wage and Hour Division (1938-1942)

L 20.1:    Annual Reports 

Office of the Solicitor (1913- )

L 21.2:    General Publications
L 21.5:    Laws 

Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Division (1942- 1971)

L 22.1:    Annual Reports
L 22.2:    General Publications
L 22.5/2:    Federal Labor Laws
L 22.14:    Child-Labor Bulletins 1948-
L 22.31:    Report of the Secretary of Labor Submitted to Congress in Accordance with Requirements of Sec. 4(d) of the Fair Labor Standards Act 1958- 

Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (1956-1975)

L 23.2:    General Publications 

Office of Veterans' Reemployment Rights (1964- )

L 25.2:    General Publications
L 25.6/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Bureau of Employees' Compensation (1950-1972)

L 26.5:    Laws
L 26.8:    Federal Work Injuries Sustained During Calendar Year 

Employees' Compensation Appeals Board (1950- )

L 28.9:    Digest and Decisions of the Employees' Compensation Appeals Board 

Bureau of International Labor Affairs (1959- )

L 29.2:    General Publications
L 29.9:    Directories of Labor Organizations
L 29.9/2:    Directory of International Trade Union Organizations
L 29.9/3:    Directory of World Federation of Trade Unions
L 29.13:    Monograph 1978-
L 29.14:    Country Labor Profiles
L 29.15:    Economic Discussion Papers 1981-
L 29.15/2:    Occasional Paper
L 29.16:    Foreign Labor Trends (Various Countries)
L 29.17:    The President's Comprehensive Triennial Report on Immigration 

Unemployment Insurance Service (1969-1975)

L 33.2:    General Publications
L 33.10:    Significant Provisions of State Unemployment Insurance Laws
L 33.11:    Unemployment Insurance Tax Rates by Industries
L 33.12:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 

Training and Employment Service (1969-1971)

L 34.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (1971- )

L 35.1:    Annual Report
L 35.2:    Geberal Publications
L 35.3:    Bulletins
L 35.6:    Regulations, Rules and Instructions
L 35.6/2:    Occupational Safety and Health Regulations
L 35.6/3-1:    Occupational Safety and Health: Volume 1, General Industry Standard and Interpretation
L 35.6/3-2:    Occupational Safety and Health: Volume 2, Maritime Standards and Interpretations
L 35.6/3-3:    Occupational Safety and Health: Volume 3, Construction Standards and Interpretations
L 35.6/3-4:    Occupational Safety and Health: Volume 4, Other Regulations and Procedures
L 35.6/3-5:    Occupational Safety and Health: Volume 5, Field Operations Manual
L 35.6/3-6:    Occupational Safety and Health: Volume 6, Industrial Hygiene Field Operations Manual
L 35.6/4:    OSHA Safety and Health Standards Digests
L 35.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
L 35.9/3:    JS&HQ (Job Safety & Health Quarterly)
L 35.11/2:    Safe Work Practices Series
L 35.11/3:    Fatal Facts: Accident Report
L 35.13:    Occupational Safety and Health Statistics of Federal Government 1972-
L 35.14:    Technical Notes 1973-
L 35.16:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
L 35.17:    Policy and Programs Series
L 35.18:    Job Health Hazards Series
L 35.19:    Safety Management Series
L 35.20:    Inflationary Impact Statements
L 35.21:    Final Environmental Impact Statements
L 35.24:    Fact Sheet
L 35.24/2:    Alert Bulletin
L 35.25:    Fiscal Year...OSHA Training Institute Schedule of Courses and Registration Requirements
L 35.26:    OSHA Documents and Files
L 35.27:    Chem Alert
L 35.28:    Forms 

Employment Standards Administration (1971- )

L 36.2:    General Publications
L 36.3:    Bulletins
L 36.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
L 36.9:    Minimum Wage and Maximum Hours Under the Fair Labor Standards Act
L 36.11:    Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, Reports Covering Activities Under the Act During (year)
L 36.12:    Groups with Historically High Incidences of Unemployment
L 36.13:    Black Lung Benefits Act of 1972, Annual Report on the Administration of the Act
L 36.14:    Farm Labor Contractor Registration Act, Public Registry, National Listing of Contractors and Employees Registered
L 36.16:    State Workers' Compensation: Administration Profiles
L 36.18:    Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, Annual Report on Administration of the Act During Fiscal Year... 

Women's Bureau (1971- )

L 36.102:    General Publications
L 36.103:    Bulletins 1919-
L 36.108:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
L 36.110:    Leaflets
L 36.112:    Pamphlets 1956-
L 36.114/3:    Facts on Working Women
L 36.116:    Directories 

Wage and Hour Division (1971- )

L 36.202:    General Publications
L 36.203/2:    Child Labor Bulletins 1948-
L 36.205:    Laws
L 36.205/8:    Federal Labor Laws
L 36.206/2:    Regulations, Title 29, Code of Federal Regulations
L 36.208:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
L 36.209:    Interpretative Bulletins
L 36.211:    General Wage Determinations Issued Under the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts, State Regions
L 36.211/2:   
L 36.212:    Forms
L 36.213:    Fact Sheets 

Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (1975- )

L 36.401:    OWCP (Office of Worker's Compensation Program) Annual Report
L 36.402:    General Publications
L 36.408:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
L 36.409:    Pamphlets
L 36.411:    State Workers' Compensation Administration Profiles 

Employment and Training Administration (1975- )

L 37.2:    General Publications
L 37.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
L 37.8/2:    ET (Employment Training) Handbooks
L 37.8/4:    Interviewing Guides for Specific Disabilities
L 37.8/6:    CETA Program Models
L 37.9:    ETA Interchange
L 37.10:    Worklife
L 37.11:    Job Corps Happenings
L 37.11/2:    Job Corps happenings. Special Editions
L 37.11/3:    Job Corps Handbooks, JCH- (series)
L 37.12:    Unemployment Insurance Statistics
L 37.12/2:    Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report, 1945-
L 37.12/2-2:    Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report
L 37.13:    Area Trends in Employment and Unemployment
L 37.14:    R&D Monographs
L 37.15:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
L 37.16:    Occupational and Career Information (series)
L 37.17:    Listing of Eligible Labor Surplus Areas Under Defense Manpower Policy no. 4A and Executive Order 10582
L 37.19:    Youth Programs Models and Innovations
L 37.19/2:    Youth Knowledge Development Reports, 1980-
L 37.20:    Unemployment Insurance Occasional Papers
L 37.20/2:    Unemployment Insurance Technical Staff Papers
L 37.20/3:    Unemployment Insurance Quality Control: Annual Report
L 37.21:    Fact Sheet (series)
L 37.22:    Research, Evaluation, and Demonstration Projects
L 37.22/2:    Research and Evaluation Report Series
L 37.23:    Training and Employment Report of the Secretary of Labor
L 37.25:    Electronic Products 

Apprenticeship Training, Employer and Labor Services (1975- )

L 37.102:    General Publications
L 37.106/2:    National Apprenticeship and Training Standards for [varous occupations]
L 37.108:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Workforce Security Office (1975- )

L 37.202:    General Publications
L 37.208:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
L 37.210:    Significant Provisions of State Unemployment Insurance Laws
L 37.212:    Comparison of State Unemployment Insurance Laws
L 37.213:    Unemployment Insurance Quality Appraisal Results
L 37.213/2:    Unemployment Insurance Occasional Paper
L 37.214:    Unemployment Insurance Data Summary 

United States Employment Service (1933- )

L 37.302:    General Publications
L 37.308:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
L 37.308/2:    Technical Assistance Guides
L 37.309:    Technical Reports
L 37.311:    Job Bank Frequently Listed Openings
L 37.312:    Uses Test Research Reports 

Mines Safety and Health Administration (1978- )

L 38.2:    General Publications
L 38.4:    Circulars
L 38.5:    Laws
L 38.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
L 38.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
L 38.8/2:    Safety Manuals
L 38.9:    Mine Safety and Health
L 38.10:    Information Reports
L 38.10/2:    Injury Experience in Sand and Gravel Mining
L 38.10/3:    Injury Experience in Stone Mining
L 38.10/4:    Injury Experience in Coal Mining
L 38.10/5:    Injury Experience in Nonmetallic Mineral Mining (Except Stone and Coal)
L 38.11/2:    New Publications from the MSHA Informational Service Library
L 38.11/3:    Catalog of Training Products for the Mining Industry
L 38.11/4:    Courses for MSHA and the Mining Industry
L 38.11/4-2:    Quarterly Update of Courses and Products
L 38.12:    Bulletin / Holmes Safety Association
L 38.13:    Annual Report of the Secretary of Labor under the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977
L 38.15:    Fatal Alert Bulletins, Fatalgrams, and Fatal Investigation Reports
L 38.16:    Mine Injuries and Worktime Quarterly
L 38.17/2:    MSHA Program Information Information Bulletin
L 38.17/3:    MSHA Instruction Guide Series
L 38.19:    Powered Haulage Fatalities Coal and Metal/Nonmetal Mines
L 38.19/2:    Metal/Nonmetal. Underground Fatalities
L 38.19/3:    Metal/Nonmetal. Surface Fatalities
L 38.19/4:    Metal/Nonmetal. Surface and Underground Fatalities
L 38.20/4:    Contractor Fatalities Coal and Metal/Nonmetal Mines
L 38.20/5:    Coal ... Surface and Underground Fatalities
L 38.20/6:     

Veteran's Employment & Training Service (1981- )

L 39.2:    General Publications 

Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration (1974- )

L 40.2:    General Publications
L 40.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
L 40.15:    Employee Retirement Income Security Act: Report to Congress
L 40.16:    Private Pension Plan Bulletin 

Office of Disability Employment Policy

L 41.15:    Braille Publications