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United States International Trade Commission (1981- )

ITC 1.12:    Investigations
ITC 1.13:    Report to the Congress and the Trade Policy Committee on Trade Between the U.S. and the Nonmarket Economy Countries
ITC 1.14:    Synthetic Organic Chemicals, U.S. Production and Sales
ITC 1.15:    U.S. Trade Shifts in Selected Commodity Areas
ITC 1.15/2:    U.S. Trade Shift Selected Commodity Areas
ITC 1.15/3:    Recent Trends in U.S. Services Trade: Annual Report
ITC 1.16/2:    U.S. Automotive Trade Statistics, Series B, Passenger Automobiles
ITC 1.16/3:    U.S. Automobile Industry: Monthly Report on Selected Economic Indicators
ITC 1.16/4:    U.S. Auto Industry
ITC 1.19:    Imports of Benzenoid Chemicals and Products
ITC 1.20:    Processed Mushrooms
ITC 1.21/2:    Nonrubber Footwear
ITC 1.22:    Staff Research Studies
ITC 1.24:    Operations of the Trade Agreements Program
ITC 1.25:    Quarterly Survey on Certain Stainless Steel and Alloy Tool Steel
ITC 1.26:    Heavyweight Motorcycles: Selected Economic Indicators
ITC 1.26/2:    Heavyweight Motorcycles: Annual Report on Selected Economic Indicators
ITC 1.27:    Monthly Report on Selected Steel Industry Data
ITC 1.28:    Special and Administrative Provisions
ITC 1.29:    International Economic Review
ITC 1.29/2:    International Economic Review, Special Edition, Chartbook
ITC 1.30:    U.S. Imports of Textiles and Apparel Under the Multifiber Arrangement, Statistical Report
ITC 1.31:    RUM: Annual Report on Selected Economic Indicators
ITC 1.32:    Annual Report on the Impact of the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act on U.S. Industries and Consumers
ITC 1.33:    Industry and Trade Summary
ITC 1.33/2    Industry and Technology Review