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Interstate Commerce Commission (1887-1995)

IC 1 acci.3:    Accident Bulletin 1901-
IC 1 acco.2:    General Publications
IC 1 acco.7:    Rail Carload Cost Scales by Territories for Year 1948-
IC 1 acco.11:    Quarterly Freight Loss and Damage Claims Reported by Common and Contract Motor Carriers of Property
IC 1 acco.13:    Cost of Transporting Freight, Class 1 and Class 2 Motor Common Carriers of General Freight
IC 1 act.5:    Interstate Commerce Act, Including Text or Related Sections of Other Acts
IC 1 def.2:    General Publications
IC 1 mot.8:    Motor Carrier Cases 1936-
IC 1 mot.13/3:    Large Class I Motor Carriers of Property Selected Earnings Data
IC 1 mot.22:    Motor Carrier Freight Commodity Statistics Class I Common and Contract Carriers of Property
IC 1 saf.1:    Annual Report Director of the Bureau of Safety
IC 1 ste.1:    Bureau of Steam Roads
IC 1 ste.19/4:    Financial and Operating Statistics, Class I Railroads
IC 1 ste.27:    Comparative Statement of Operating Averages, Class I Steam Railways in United States
IC 1 wat.2:    General Publications
IC 1 wat.10:    Carriers by Water, Selected Financial and Operating Data Form Annual Reports
IC 1.1:    Annual Report 1887-
IC 1.2:    General Publications
IC 1.3/2:    Information Bulletins 1958-
IC 1.3/2-2:    State Regulatory Commissions and Fuel Tax Divisions
IC 1.6:    Interstate Commerce Commission Reports, Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States 1887-
IC 1.6/10:    Interstate Commerce Commission Reports
IC 1.8/1:    Proceedings of the Annual Convention / National Association of Railway Commissioners
IC 1.9:    Orders
IC 1.11:    Rules of Practice 1877-
IC 1.12/2:    Rules, Regulations and Instructions
IC 1.22:    Carload Waybill Analyses, Territorial Distribution, Traffic and Revenue by Commodity Groups
IC 1.23/18:    Territorial Distribution, Traffic and Revenue by Commodity Classes 1947-
IC 1.25:    Transport Statistics in the United States
IC 1.31:    Public Advisories 1972-
IC 1.32:    Environmental Impact Statements
IC 1.33:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
IC 1.34:    Report to the President and the Congress on the Effectiveness of the Rail Passenger Services Act
IC 1.35:    ICC Register
IC 1.38:    Minority and Female Motor Carrier Listings