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Browse the Documents Stacks: IA

United States Information Agency (1953-1978, 1982- 1999)

IA 1.1:    Report to Congress 1953-
IA 1.1/3:    Office of Inspector General, Semiannual Report to the Congress
IA 1.2:    General Publications
IA 1.6/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
IA 1.6/3:    VOA, Voice of America, English Broadcast Guide
IA 1.6/4:    VOA, Voice of America, Broadcast Schedule for Languages Other than English
IA 1.8:    Problems of Communism 1952-
IA 1.14/2:    Ameryka (America Illustrated)
IA 1.17:    English Teaching Forum 1963-
IA 1.26:    USIA Telephone Directory
IA 1.27:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
IA 1.27/2:    VCR and Film Catalog
IA 1.28:    USIA Private Sector Committees Annual Report
IA 1.29:    Opportunities Abroad for Educators
IA 1.30:    USIA Video Library Catalog
IA 1.31:    Posters
IA 1.32:    USIA Info Base
IA 1.32/2:    Electronic Products
IA 1.33:    USIA Strategic Information Resources Management (IRM) Plan, Fiscal Year
IA 1.35:    U.S. Society & Values
IA 1.36:    Issues of Democracy
IA 1.38:    U.S. Foreign Policy Agenda
IA 1.39:    Global Issues