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Browse the Documents Stacks: I

Department of the Interior (1849- )

I 1.1:    Annual Report
I 1.1/2:    Research and Activities under Saltonstall-KennedyAct, Annual Report of Secretary of Interior
I 1.1/8:    DOI Financial Management Status Report and Strategic Plan
I 1.1/3:    Saline Water Conversion Report for (year) 1952-
I 1.1/4:    Cooperative Water Resources, Research and Training 1965-
I 1.1/5:    Office of Water Research and Technology: Annual Report 1964-
I 1.1/6:    Interior Budget in Brief, Fiscal Year Highlights
I 1.1/7:    Office of Inspector General, Semiannual Report
I 1.2:    General Publications
I 1.5:    Laws
I 1.29/2:    Proposed Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, Nebraska
I 1.30:    Union Pacific Railway, Government Directors, Annual Reports, 1864-1898
I 1.41:    Hawaii Governor, Annual Reports
I 1.59/2:    General Publications
I 1.59:    Alaskan Engineering Commission, Alaskan Railroad
I 1.61/1:    First Pan Pacific Conference on Education, Rehabilitation, Reclamation and Recreation
I 1.62:    Annual Report of the Perry's Victory Memorial Commission
I 1.65/1:    Annual Report of the Governor of the Virgin Islands
I 1.65/2:    General Publications
I 1.67/2:    General Publications
I 1.67/5:    Laws
I 1.69:    Decisions of the Department of the Interior 1881-
I 1.69/5:    Decisions of Land Appeals
I 1.69/6:    Decisions on Indian Appeals
I 1.69/7:    Decisions on Contract Appeals, IBCA-1-
I 1.69/2:    Index-Digest, Published and Important Unpublished Decisions
I 1.69/2-3:    Cumulative Index-Digest of Unpublished Decisions
I 1.69/3:    Digest of Decisions of the Department of the Interior in Cases Relating to the Public Lands
I 1.69/9:    Opinions of the Solicitor of the Department of the Interior Relating to Indian Affairs
I 1.70:    General Information Regarding the Department of the Interior
I 1.72:    Conservation Bulletins
I 1.73/2:    Personnel Mangement Publications 1964-
I 1.77:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
I 1.77/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
I 1.77/3:    Pollution Prevention Handbook
I 1.77/4:    Final Regulatory Analysis, OSM-RA-
I 1.81:    Federal Inter-Agency River Basin Committee Publications
I 1.84:    Indian Arts and Crafts Board Publications
I 1.84/3:    Fact Sheets: Sources of Indian and Eskimo Arts and Crafts 1967-
I 1.86:    Telephone Directory
I 1.87:    Sea Water Conversion, Wrightsville Beach Test Facility
I 1.87/4:    Desalting Plants Inventory Reports 1968-
I 1.88/2:    Catalog of Research Projects
I 1.94:    Water Resources Research Catalog
I 1.94/2:    Selected Water Resources Abstracts 1968-
I 1.95:    Conservation Yearbooks 1965-
I 1.96:    Towards Improved Health and Safety for America's Coal Miners, Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior
I 1.96/3:    Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior Under the Mining and Minerals Policy Act of 1970 1971-
I 1.96/4:    Federal Coal Management Report
I 1.96/5:    Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior Under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977
I 1.96/6:    The Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act, Secretary's Annual Statement and Report to the President and the Congress
I 1.97:    Water Resources Scientific Information Center, WRSIC-
I 1.97/2:    Research Reports Supported by Office of Water Resources Research Under the Water Resources Research Act of 1964 Received During the Period
I 1.97/3:    Water Reuse, OWRT/RU-
I 1.97/4:    OWRT Water Reuse Research and Development Program
I 1.97/5:    Technology, OWRT-TT-
I 1.98:    Final Environmental Imapct Statements
I 1.98/2:    POCS Reference Papers
I 1.99:    Outer Continental Shelf Research Management Advisory Board: Annual Report
I 1.99/2:    Outer Continental Shelf Research Management Advisory Board: Publications
I 1.100:    Report to Congress by the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture on Administration of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burro Act
I 1.101:    Johnny Horizon Environmental Program: Action Booklets
I 1.102:    Historical Vignettes
I 1.103:    Water Research Capsule Report
I 1.105:    Youth Conservation Corps Publications
I 1.105/2:    Youth Conservation Report
I 1.105/3:    Youth Conservation Corps, Annual Report to the President and the Congress
I 1.106:    National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska Task Force Study Reports
I 1.107:    Indian Affairs, Laws and Treaties
I 1.109:    Laws
I 1.114:    Electronic Products
I 1.116:    People Land and Water
I 1.117/2:    National Indian Gaming Commission: General Publications
I 1.120:    Profile
I 1.121:    Neither safe nor secure: an Assessment of Indian Detention Facilities
I 8    Seventh Census, 1850
I 9    Eighth Census, 1860
I 10    Ninth Census, 1870
I 11    Tenth Census, 1880
I 12    Eleventh Census, 1890
I 13    Twelfth Census, 1900 

Office of Education (1929-1939)

I 16.1/1    Annual Reports
I 16.2:    General Publications
I 16.3:    Bulletins
I 16.4:    Circulars
I 16.5:    Circulars of Information
I 16.8:    Annual Report on Introduction of Domestic Reindeer into Alaska
I 16.30/2:    General Publications - Americanization Division
I 16.35:    Rural School Leaflets
I 16.43:    Pamphlets
I 16.44:    Leaflets
I 16.46:    Bibliographies
I 16.71:    Bulletins, Miscellaneous - Vocational Education Division 

Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region (1874- 1879)

I 17.1:    Annual Reports
I 17.2:    General Publications
I 17.5:    Contributions to North American Ethnology 

Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories (1872- 1879)

I 18.1:    Annual Reports
I 18.2:    General Publications
I 18.6:    Miscellaneous Publications 

Geological Survey (1878- )

I 19.1:    United States Geological Survey Yearbook 1977-
I 19.1/2:    U.S. Geological Survey, Fiscal Year Yearbook
I 19.2:    General Publications
I 19.2:M 32/12/    Maps for America
I 19.3:    Bulletins 1883-
I 19.3/3:    Water-Resources Bulletins
I 19.3/6:    Stratigraphic Notes
I 19.4/2:    Circulars 1933-
I 19.4/2-2:    Earthquakes in the United States
I 19.4/3:    Geological Studies in Alaska by the U.S. Geological Survey During (date)
I 19.4/4:    Annual Report on Alaska's Mineral Resources
I 19.4/6:    Strong-Motion Program Report
I 19.4/8:    Geologic Studies in Alaska by the U.S. Geological Survey During (date)
I 19.4/9:    Estimated Use of Water in the United States
I 19.5/3:    Sheets of National Atlas of the United States
I 19.8:    Mineral Resources of the United States
I 19.8/2:    Mineral Resources On-Line Spatial Data
I 19.9:    Monographs
I 19.10:    Topographic Atlas of the United States
I 19.13:    Water Supply Papers 1896-
I 19.13/2:    Selected Papers in the Hydrologic Sciences
I 19.13/3:    National Water Summary
I 19.14:    List of Publications
I 19.14/8:    Publications Warehouse
I 19.14/2:    Lists of Publications, Miscellaneous
I 19.14/4:    New Publications of Geological Survey
I 19.14/4-2:    New Publications of Geological Survey
I 19.15/3:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
I 19.15/5:    Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations
I 19.16:    Professional Papers 1902-
I 19.16/2:    Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
I 19.17/1:    Annual Reports
I 19.21:    International Map of the World
I 19.26:    Service Bulletin
I 19.34:    International Geologic Congress, 16th Washington, D.C., July 22-29, 1933. Guide Books
I 19.38:    Geologic Quadrangle Maps
I 19.39:    Mineral Investigations, Field Studies Maps
I 19.41/6-2:    Catalog of Topographic and Other Published Maps
I 19.41/6-3:    Index to Topographic and Other Map Coverage
I 19.41/7:    List of U.S. Geological Survey Geologic and Water-Supply Reports and Maps for (various States)
I 19.41/8:    Geologic Map Index of (various States)
I 19.41/9:    Price and Availability List of U.S. Geological Survey Publications
I 19.42:    National Water Conditions
I 19.42/2:    Water Resources Review, Annual Summary, Water Year
I 19.42/4-4:    Scientific Investigations Reports
I 19.42/4:    Water Resources Investigations 1973-
I 19.42/4-2:    Water Resources Investigations
I 19.42/4-3:    Water Resources Research Program of the U.S. Geological Survey
I 19.42/5:    Catalog of Information on Water Data
I 19.42/6:    Catalog of Information on Water Data: Index to Stations in Coastal Areas
I 19.42/7:    Selected Water-Resources Abstracts
I 19.53/6:    Water Science for Schools
I 19.53/2:    Water Resources Data for (State)
I 19.53/5:    Water Resources Activities in (various States)
I 19.54:    Abstracts of North American Geology
I 19.55/3:    Water Resources Division, Menlo Park, CA: Activities of the U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Division, Status of Idaho Projects
I 19.55/5:    Water Resources Division, Menlo Park, CA: Water Resources Activities in Illinois
I 19.55/8:    Water Resources Division, Menlo Park, CA: Water Resources Update / Illinois District Newsletter
I 19.56:    River Basins of the United States 1968-
I 19.61:    Journal of Research of the U.S. Geological Survey
I 19.65:    Earthquakes and Volcanoes 1967-
I 19.65/2:    United States Earthquakes
I 19.66:    Preliminary Determination of Epicenters, Monthly Listings
I 19.66/2:    Preliminary Determination of Epicenters
I 19.71:    National Cartographic Information Center: Newsletter 1975-
I 19.74:    Interagency Advisory Committee on Water Data: Summary of Meetings 1964-
I 19.74/2:    Notes on Sedimentation Activities
I 19.74/3:    Federal Plan for Water-Data Acquisition
I 19.76:    Open-File Reports
I 19.76/3:    Water Levels in the Yucca Mountain Area
I 19.77:    Aerial Photography Summary Record System, APSRS-
I 19.78:    Landsat Data Users Notes
I 19.79:    Maps and Posters
I 19.80:    National Mapping Program
I 19.80/3:    Data Users Guide
I 19.81:    Topographical Quadrangle Maps 7.5' Series
I 19.81/2:    Topographical Quadrangle Maps 15' Series
I 19.84:    Telephone Directory
I 19.84/2:    Telephone Directory Central Region
I 19.86:    Index to Geologic Mapping of the United States
I 19.91:    Miscellaneous Geologic Investigations Maps 1955-
I 19.91/3:    Scientific Investigations Maps
I 19.91/2:    Circum-Pacific (CP) Map Series
I 19.102/    State Map Series: Planimetric Topographic and Shaded Relief
I 19.102/1-53:    State Map Series: Planmetric, Topographic and Shaded Relief
I 19.106:    National Park Series
I 19.108:    County Map Series
I 19.110:    United States 1:1,000,000-Scale Series
I 19.112:    Land Use and Land Cover and Associated Maps
I 19.113:    Miscellaneous Field Studie Maps MF-1- 1950-
I 19.114:    Water Fact Sheets
I 19.115:    Federal Digital Cartography Newsletter
I 19.115/3:    Mineral Resources Newsletter
I 19.115/4:    FGD (Federal Geographic Data) Newsletter
I 19.116:    Topographically Speaking
I 19.118:    Water Data Coordination Directory
I 19.120:    Electronic Products
I 19.120/2:    USGS/NGIC Geomagnetic Observatory Data
I 19.120/3:    Conterminous U.S. AVHRR Biweekly Composites
I 19.120/4:    Minerals and Materials Information
I 19.121:    Digital Data Series DDS-1- 1991-
I 19.124/    Digital Orthophotoquads DOQ for (State)
I 19.124/6:    Digital Orthophotoquads DOQ for Colorado
I 19.124/15:    Digital Orthophotoquads DOQ for Iowa
I 19.125:    National Water Quality Laboratory Newsletter
I 19.127:    Fact Sheet
I 19.127/3:    USGS NWHC Information Sheet
I 19.127/2:    U.S. - Mexico Border Field Coordinating Committee Fact Sheet
I 19.128:    DRG Digital Raster Graphic
I 19.128/2:    FDSN Earthquake Digital Data
I 19.129:    Metal Industry Indicators
I 19.130:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Aluminum in…
I 19.131:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Antimony in the...
I 19.132:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Bauxite and Alumina in the...
I 19.133:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Bismuth in...
I 19.134:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Cement in...
I 19.135:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Chromium in...
I 19.136:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Cobalt in...
I 19.138:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Crushed Stone and Sand in...
I 19.139:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Fluorspar in the...
I 19.140:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Gypsum in...
I 19.141:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Iron and Steel Scrap in...
I 19.142:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Iron Ore in...
I 19.144:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Lime in...
I 19.145:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Magnesium in...
I 19.146:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Manufactured Abrasives
I 19.147:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Marketable Phosphate Rock
I 19.148:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Nickel in...
I 19.149:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Precious Metals in...
I 19.150:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Silicon in...
I 19.151:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Soda Ash and Sodium Sulfate in...
I 19.152:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Sulfur in...
I 19.153:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Tin in...
I 19.154:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Titanium in...
I 19.155:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Tungsten in...
I 19.156:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Vanadium in...
I 19.157:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Zinc in…
I 19.158:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Manganese in...
I 19.159:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Molybdenum in...
I 19.160:    Mineral Industry Surveys
I 19.161:    Mineral Industry Surveys
I 19.162:    Mineral Industry Surveys, Mineral Industry of (State), Minerals
I 19.165:    Minerals Yearbook
I 19.166:    Mineral Commodity Summaries
I 19.171:    Sound Waves
I 19.172:    U.S. Geological Survey Activities Related to American Indians and Alaska Natives
I 19.174:    General Information Product 

Biological Resources Discipline (1996- )

I 19.214/2:    Northern Prairie Publications Database 

Bureau of Indian Affairs (1947- )

I 20.1:    Indian Affairs, Progress Report from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs
I 20.1/2:    Annual Credit Report
I 20.1/4:    Annual Education Report
I 20.2:    General Publications
I 20.3/2:    Bulletins, Mimeographed Series
I 20.5:    Indian Commissioner's Board, Annual Reports
I 20.12/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
I 20.12:    Rules, Regulations, and Instructions
I 20.22:    Indians at Work
I 20.26:    Indian Education
I 20.27:    Addresses
I 20.30:    Sherman Pamphlets
I 20.33:    Indian Life Readers
I 20.38/2-2:    Tribal Leaders Directory
I 20.39:    Indian Leader
I 20.44:    Navajo Yearbook of Planning in Action
I 20.46:    Annual Education Report, Bureau of Indian Affairs
I 20.47:    Maps
I 20.48:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
I 20.51:    Indians of (States or Areas)
I 20.51/2:    Indians:
I 20.53:    Downdraft 1967-
I 20.55:    Indian Records -March 1973
I 20.56/2:    Draft Environmental Impact Statements
I 20.58:    Combined Tribal and Bureau Law Enforcement Services: Annual Report
I 20.61:    Annual Report of Indian Land
I 20.61/5:    Division of Energy and Mineral Resources Annual Report
I 20.61/2:    Annual Report of Indian Land and Income from Surface
I 20.61/3:    Indian Forest Management
I 20.61/4:    Mineral Frontiers on Indian Lands
I 20.62:    Posters and Maps
I 20.63:    Art and Indian Children of the Dakotas
I 20.65:    BIA Administrative Reports
I 20.66:    Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, Catalog
I 20.67:    Horizons, Indian Mineral Resource 

General Land Office (1849-1946)

I 21.1:    Annual Reports
I 21.2:    General Publications
I 21.4:    Circulars
I 21.5:    Land Decisions
I 21.6:    Digest of (Land) Decisions
I 21.7:    Land Laws
I 21.10:    Regulations, Rules, Instructions
I 21.11/3:    Tables and Formulas for Use of Surveyors and Engineers on Public Land Surveys
I 21.11/1:    Manual of Surveying Instructions
I 21.16:    Land Service Bulletin
I 21.17:    Information Bulletins 

Natural Resources Library (1849- )

I 22.9/2:    Bibliography 

Patent Office (1849-1925)

I 23.1/1:    Annual Reports to Congress
I 23.2:    General Publications
I 23.10:    Decisions of Commissioner of Patents
I 23.13:    Rules of Practice 

Bureau of Pensions (1849-1930)

I 24.2:    General Publications
I 24.8:    (Pension) Decisions 

Commissioner of Railroads (1880-1904)

I 25.1    Reports 

Entomological Commission (1877-1880)

I 26.1:    Annual Reports 

Bureau of Reclamation (1902- )

I 27.1:    Annual Reports
I 27.1/2:    Summary Report of the Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation (and) Statistical Appendix
I 27.1/4:    Summary Statistics, Water, Land and Related Data
I 27.1/4-2:    Summary Statistics Project Data
I 27.1/4-3:    Summary Statistics, Finances and Physical Features
I 27.2:    General Publications
I 27.2/2:    The Closed Basin of Colorado's San Luis Valley: Bureau of Reclamation Archaeological Investigations, 1976-1986
I 27.2/7:    Animas-La Plata Project Newsletter
I 27.5:    Reclamation Era 1908-1983
I 27.8:    Specifications
I 27.10/2:    Publications for Sale
I 27.10/4:    Recent Library Editions
I 27.16:    Hydraulic and Excavation Tables
I 27.18:    Reclamation Safety News
I 27.19/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
I 27.21:    Conservation Bulletins
I 27.21/2:    Boulder Canyon Project, Annual Reports
I 27.25:    Our Rivers
I 27.26/2:    Central Valley Project, Annual Report
I 27.27:    Laws
I 27.27/2:    The Reclamation Reform Act of 1982, Annual Report to Congress
I 27.34:    Engineering Monographs
I 27.41:    Water Operation and Maintenance Bulletin
I 27.45:    Power O. and M. Bulletins
I 27.54:    Research Reports
I 27.55:    Federal Reclamation Projects, Water and Land Resource Accomplishments
I 27.55/2:    Bureau of Reclamation Projects
I 27.57:    Project Skywater, Annual Report 1967-
I 27.57/2:    Project Skywater Data Inventory SCPP Season
I 27.57/3:    Project Skywater, CRADP (Colorado River Augmentation Demonstration Program) DAT Inventory
I 27.60:    REC-ERC (Engineering and Research Center)
I 27.70:    Final Environmental Statements
I 27.70/2:    Data Environmental Statements
I 27.71:    Operation of the Colorado River Basin, Projected Operations, Annual Report
I 27.71/2:    Annual Report Colorado River Storage Project and Participating Projects for Fiscal Year
I 27.71/3:    Colorado River Basin Project, Annual Report
I 27.72:    General Research, GR-
I 27.73:    Historical State
I 27.74:    Status Report on Water and Power Resources Service Programs within (various States)
I 27.75:    ACER (Assistant Commissioner Engineering and Research) Technical Memorandum
I 27.77:    Telephone Directory
I 27.79:    R (Research and Laboratory Services Division)
I 27.80:    Groundwater Recharge Advisory
I 27.81:    Electronic Products
I 27.82:    Environmental Impact Statements
I 27.100:    How To Determine Your Status Under Reclamation Law
I 27.101:    Status of Irrigation Districts with Respect to Federal Reclamation Law 

Bureau of Mines (1910-1925, 1934- )

I 28.1:    Annual Report 1911-
I 28.2:    General Publications
I 28.3:    Bulletins 1910-
I 28.3/c:    Preprints from Mineral Facts and Problems
I 28.5:    Lists of Publications SP 1960-
I 28.5/2:    New Publications
I 28.5/3:    List of Publications of Bureau of Mines
I 28.5/3-2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
I 28.7:    Technical Papers 1911-1949
I 28.9:    Mine Inspector for Territory of Alaska
I 28.10/2:    Coal Mine Fatalities
I 28.16/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
I 28.16/3:    Bureau of Mines Handbooks
I 28.16:    Rules, Regulations, Instructions
I 28.18/5:    World Crude Oil Production Annual
I 28.18/2:    Petroleum Statement
I 28.18/3:    Petroleum Products Survey PPS- 1957-
I 28.22:    Recent Articles on Petroleum and Allied Substances
I 28.23:    Reports of Investigations 1919-
I 28.26/2:    Safety Competition, National Sand and Gravel
I 28.26/6:    Technical Progress Reports 1968-
I 28.27:    Information Circulars 1925-
I 28.27/2:    Analyses of Natural Gases
I 28.28/2:    Lime
I 28.28/3:    Lime in (year)
I 28.28/4:    Lime Plants in the United States
I 28.29:    Cement
I 28.29/2:    Cement in (year)
I 28.29/3:    Directory of Cement Producers in (year)
I 28.30/4:    Coke and Coal Chemicals in (year)
I 28.30:    Coke and Coal Chemical
I 28.32/2:    Gypsum in (year)
I 28.32:    Gypsum
I 28.33/2:    Bituminous Coal and Lignite Distribution
I 28.37:    Minerals Yearbook 1932-
I 28.37/2:    Mineral Perspectives MP-
I 28.37/3:    Mineral Commodity Profiles MCP-
I 28.37/4:    State Mineral Profiles SMP
I 28.37/6:    Statistical Compendium
I 28.37/7:    U.S. Bureau of Mines, Minerals and Materials Information
I 28.37/a:    Minerals Yearbook
I 28.38:    Economic Papers
I 28.39:    Mineral Trade Notes
I 28.40:    Monographs
I 28.41:    Petroleum Forecast
I 28.42:    International Coal Trade
I 28.43/3:    International Petroleum Annual 1965-
I 28.45/2:    Crude-Oil and Refined-Products Pipeline Mileage in the United States
I 28.45/3:    District V Petroleum Statement
I 28.45/4:    Fuel Oils by Sulfur Content 1972-
I 28.47:    Natural Gas Liquids
I 28.53/4:    Iron and Steel in (year)
I 28.53/5:    Iron and Steel Slag
I 28.53:    Iron and Steel Scrap
I 28.54:    Manganese
I 28.54/2:    Manganese in (year)
I 28.55:    Mercury
I 28.55/2:    Mercury in (year)
I 28.59/2:    Copper in the United States
I 28.59/3:    Copper in (year)
I 28.61/2:    Gold and Silver 1968-
I 28.63/2:    Sulfur
I 28.63/3:    Sulfur in (year), Advance Summary
I 28.66/2:    Iron Ore in (year)
I 28.69:    Zinc Industry
I 28.70/2:    Fluospar
I 28.73/2:    Tungsten
I 28.75/2:    Silicon in (year)
I 28.77:    Platinum-Group Metals in...
I 28.84/2:    Chromium in (year)
I 28.85:    Aluminum
I 28.87:    Lead Industry in...
I 28.95/2:    Antimony in (year)
I 28.98/6:    Natural Gas Production and Consumption
I 28.102:    Cadmium
I 28.102/2:    Cadmium in (year)
I 28.103/2:    Bismuth in (year)
I 28.104/2:    Selenium and Tellurium in (year)
I 28.107:    Peat Producers in United States
I 28.107/2:    Peat
I 28.111:    Feldspar in (year)
I 28.111/2:    Feldspar
I 28.112:    Apparent Consumption of Industrial Explosives and Blasting Agents in the United States
I 28.115:    Bureau of Mines Research, Summary of Significant Results in Mineral Technology and Economics 1971-
I 28.117:    Directory of Principal U.S. Gemstone Producers
I 28.118/3:    Directory of Principal Dimension Stone Producers in the United States
I 28.118/3-2:    Dimension Stone in (year)
I 28.119:    Phosphate Rock in (year)
I 28.119/2:    Phosphate Crop Year
I 28.119/3:    Marketable Phosphate Rock
I 28.119/4:    Directory of Companies Producing Phosphate Rock in the United States
I 28.120/2:    Potash in Crop Year
I 28.120/3:    Potash in (year)
I 28.122:    Pumice and Pumicite in (year)
I 28.123:    Asbestos in (year)
I 28.125:    Boron in (year)
I 28.127:    Diatomite in (year)
I 28.128:    Natural Graphite in (year)
I 28.128/2:    Graphie in (year)
I 28.129:    Iodine in (year)
I 28.131:    Kyanite and Related Minerals in (year)
I 28.132:    Nitrogen in (year)
I 28.133:    Perlite in (year)
I 28.134:    Salt in (year)
I 28.134/2:    Directory of Companies Producing Salt in the United States
I 28.135:    Sodium Compounds in (year)
I 28.135/2:    Soda Ash and Sodium Sulfate: U.S. Production, Trade and Consumption
I 28.136:    Talc
I 28.137:    Vermiculite in (year)
I 28.140:    Clays in (year)
I 28.143:    Lithium in (year)
I 28.145:    Rhenium in (year)
I 28.146:    Sand and Gravel in (year)
I 28.146/2:    Sand and Gravel (Construction)
I 28.146/3:    Sand and Gravel (Industrial)
I 28.148:    Mineral Commodities Summaries
I 28.149:    Mineral and Materials, A Bimonthly Survey
I 28.149/2:    Minerals Today
I 28.151:    Special Publications
I 28.151/2:    Technical highlights Mining Research
I 28.152:    Technology News from the Bureau of Mines
I 28.153:    Mining Research Review
I 28.154:    Mining Research Contract Review
I 28.155:    Open File Reports
I 28.156:    Mineral Issues, An Analytical Series
I 28.156/2:    Mineral Issues
I 28.156/3:    Mineral in (year)
I 28.161:    Garnet in (year)
I 28.163:    Iron Oxide Pigments in (year)
I 28.164:    Quartz Crystals in (year)
I 28.166:    Strontium in (year)
I 28.167:    Helium Resources of the U.S.
I 28.168:    Tellurium in (year)
I 28.169:    Ferrous Metals Supply/Demand Data
I 28.169/2:    Industrial Minerals Supply/Demand Data
I 28.169/3:    Nonferrous Metals Supply, Demand Data
I 28.170:    Federal Women's Program Newsletter
I 28.173:    Metal Industry Indicators
I 28.174:    Froth Flotation in the United States 

National Park Service (1916- )

I 29.1:    Annual Reports
I 29.1/2:    Office of the Cheif Scientist: Annual Report
I 29.1/3:    National Park Service Annual Science Report
I 29.1/4:    Natural Resource Year in Review
I 29.2:    General Publications
I 29.3/3:    Ecological Services Bulletins
I 29.3/4:    Park Science, Research Management Bulletin
I 29.3/4-2:    Park Science [CD-ROM]
I 29.5:    National Park Conferences
I 29.6:    Descriptive Booklets and Folders on the Individual National Parks, Monuments, Etc.
I 29.6/2:    National Seashore
I 29.6/3:    National Lakeshores
I 29.6/4:    National Rivers 1969-
I 29.6/5:    National Scenic Trails Information Circulars
I 29.6/6:    National Historic Sites Information Circulars
I 29.6/7:    Outdoors in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
I 29.8:    Maps
I 29.9/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
I 29.9/5:    National Park Service Handbooks
I 29.13:    Fauna Series 1933-
I 29.14:    Occasional Papers 1933-
I 29.14/2:    Occasional Reports
I 29.14/3:    Occasional Papers: Interagency Archaeological Series, Denver
I 29.16:    Historical Series, Independent Radio Stations 1935
I 29.21:    National Monuments and National Military Parks: Information Circulars
I 29.26:    Tree Preservation Bulletins 1935-
I 29.39:    National Recreation Area
I 29.44:    Yearbook, Park and Recreation Progress
I 29.45:    Popular Study Series: Histories 1941-
I 29.46:    Laws
I 29.50:    Source Book Series 1941-
I 29.52:    Interpretive Series 1942-1949
I 29.58/2:    National Park Service History Series
I 29.58/3:    Historic Resource Studies
I 29.58/4:    Special Resource Study
I 29.59:    Publications in Archeology 1951-
I 29.59/2:    Archeological Completion Report Series
I 29.59/3:    Annual Report on the Archeological Programs of the Western Region
I 29.59/4:    Archeological and Historical Data Recovery Program
I 29.59/5:    Federal Archeology Report
I 29.59/5-2:    Common Ground: Archeology and Ethnography in the Public Interest
I 29.59/6:    Archeological Assistance Program, Technical Brief
I 29.59/7:    Listing of Education in Archeological Programs (LEAP)
I 29.59/8:    Archeological Assistance Study
I 29.62:    Natural History Handbook Series 1954-
I 29.62/2:    Natural History Theme Studies
I 29.65:    Activities in the National Capital Region
I 29.66:    National Parks and Landmarks
I 29.68:    State Park Statistics
I 29.71:    National Parks: Camping Guide 1965-
I 29.72:    Park Practice Grist
I 29.72/2:    Design
I 29.74:    Historic American Buildings Survey
I 29.74/2:    Historic American Buildings Survey, Historic American Engineering Record Division, Annual Report
I 29.74/3:    HABS/HAER Review
I 29.76:    National Register of Historic Places 1959-
I 29.76/2:    Advisory List to the National Register of Historic Places
I 29.76/3:    National Register of Historic Places Bulletins
I 29.76/4:    National Register Information System
I 29.78:    Urban Ecology Series 1971-
I 29.79/3:    General Management Plan (and/or) Development Concept Plan
I 29.79/5:    Environmental Assessment
I 29.79/6:    Environmental Impact Statement
I 29.80:    Scientific Monograph Series 1973-
I 29.82:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
I 29.84:    Preservation Briefs 1975-
I 29.84/2:    Historic American Engineering Record Catalog 1976
I 29.84/3:    Preservation Tech Notes
I 29.84/3-2:    Preservation Tech Notes, Historic Interior Spaces
I 29.84/3-3:    Preservation Tech Notes, Museum Collection Storage
I 29.84/3-4:    Preservation Tech Notes, Windows
I 29.84/3-5:    Preservation Tech Notes, Temporary Protection
I 29.84/3-6:    Preservation Tech Notes, Exterior Woodwork
I 29.84/3-7:    Preservation Tech Notes, Masonry
I 29.84/3-8:    Preservation Tech Notes, Metals
I 29.84/3-9:    Preservation Tech Notes, Mechanical Systems
I 29.84/3-11:    Preservation Tech Notes Site
I 29.84/3-12:    President's Park Notes, Statutes (series)
I 29.86:    Cultural Resource Management Studies
I 29.86/2:    Cultural Resources Management Bulletin
I 29.86/3:    Cultural Resources Reports
I 29.86/4:    Cultural Landscape Publication
I 29.88:    Historic Structure Reports
I 29.88/2-2:    Historic Furnishings Report
I 29.88/3:    National Historic Trails
I 29.88/5:    Special History Studies
I 29.88/6:    National Historic Park
I 29.89:    Natural Resources Reports
I 29.90:    Reports of the Chaco Center 1977-
I 29.91:    Transactions and Proceedings Series
I 29.92:    Publications in Anthropology
I 29.94:    Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Investigations, Annual Report of the Interagency Study Team
I 29.94/2:    Bear Biology Association: Conference Series
I 29.94/3:    Bear Biology Association: Monograph Series
I 29.95:    Report / South Florida Research Center
I 29.96:    Courier, The Newsmagazine of the National Park Service
I 29.96/3:    Gateway National Recreation Area Program Guide
I 29.97:    National Preserves
I 29.100:    Conserve-o-gram
I 29.102:    Preservation Planning Series, State Program Overviews
I 29.103:    National Park System and Related Areas, Index
I 29.104:    Preservation Case Studies
I 29.104/2:    Preservation Planning Series
I 29.104/3:    Local Preservation
I 29.106:    Management Series
I 29.107:    Land and Water Conservation Fund Grants Manual
I 29.107/2:    Land and Water Conservation Fund, Grants-in-Aid Program, Annual Report
I 29.108:    Federal Recreation Fee Report
I 29.109:    Technical Reports
I 29.110:    Park Areas and Employment Opportunities for Summer
I 29.111:    Land Protection Plan
I 29.112:    Archeological Collection Management Project (ACMP)
I 29.114:    National Park Statistical Abstract
I 29.115:    Forms
I 29.116:    Southwest Cultural Resources Center: Professional Papers
I 29.117:    U.S. Constitution, A National Historic Landmark Theme Study
I 29.117/2:    Damaged and Threatened National Historic Landmarks
I 29.117/3:    Landmarks at Risk
I 29.117/4:    Damaged and Threatened National Natural Landmarks
I 29.118:    Federal Surplus Federal Real Property Public Benefit Discount Program, Parks and Recreation, Report to Congress
I 29.119:    Highlights of Natural Resources Management
I 29.120:    Catalog of National Historic Landmarks
I 29.121:    Buffalo National River Currents
I 29.122:    National Heritage Corridor Journal
I 29.124:    Annual Report of the Rivers and Trails Conservation Programs
I 29.125:    State of the Rocky Mountain Region
I 29.126:    Directories
I 29.127:    Clearinghouse Classifieds
I 29.128:    Timucuan Today and Tomorrow, A Newsletter from the National Park Service
I 29.129:    Interpretation
I 29.130:    Report on America's National Scenic, National Historic, and National Recreation Trails
I 29.131:    New Orleans Jazz Study Newsletter
I 29.132:    NPS Strategic Planning, National Park Scan
I 29.133:    Three Rivers Review
I 29.134:    Battlefield Update
I 29.136:    NCPTT Notes
I 29.138/2:    Yellowstone Center for Resources 

Board of Geographic Names (1934- )

I 33.2:    General Publications
I 33.3/2:    Foreign Names Information Bulletin
I 33.5:    Decisions
I 33.5/2:    Decisions on Geographic Names in the United States
I 33.8:    Gazeteers 1955- 

Office of Territories (1950-1971)

I 35.10/1:    Annual Reports
I 35.10/2:    General Publications
I 35.11/1:    Annual Reports
I 35.12/1:    Annual Reports of the Governor
I 35.13/1:    Governor of the Virgin Islands
I 35.15/1:    Annual Reports, Governor of Guam
I 35.16/1:    Annual Reports 1952-
I 35.16/8:    Report of Trust Territory of Pacific Islands Transmitted to United Nations
I 35.17/1:    Annual Report of Governor to Secretary of Interior 1951- 

Housing Authority (1937-1939)

I 40.10:    Bulletins on Policy and Procedure 

Bonneville Power Administration (1937-1977)

I 44.1:    Annual Reports
I 44.2:    General Publications 

Bureau of Biological Survey (1939-1949)

I 47.11:    Wildlife Circulars 

Solicitor (1941- )

I 48.6:    Laws 

Fish and Wildlife Service (1940- )

I 49.1:    Annual Reports
I 49.1/5:    Cooperative Fishery Units Annual Report
I 49.1/6:    Sport Fishery and Wildlife Research 1972-
I 49.1/7:    Annual Report, Division of Law Enforcement
I 49.1/8:    Biennial Report to the President of the United States
I 49.2:    General Publications
I 49.2:B 52    Biological Services Program
I 49.4:    Circulars
I 49.6/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
I 49.6/5:    Coast Ecological Inventory
I 49.6/7:    National Wetlands Inventory (maps) by State
I 49.7/2:    Information, Region 6
I 49.9:    Maps and Charts
I 49.13/4:    Wildlife Leaflets 1981-
I 49.13/5:    Fish and Wildlife Leaflets 1984-
I 49.14:    Posters
I 49.15/3:    Wildlife 1949-
I 49.17:    Wildlife Review 1935-
I 49.18:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
I 49.18/8:    Fish and Wildlife Reference Service Newsletter
I 49.18/9:    Publications Available from Northern Prairie Science Center
I 49.24:    Hunting Regulations 1941-1975
I 49.24/2:    Summary of Federal Hunting Regulations for (year) 1976-
I 49.24/3:    Atlantic Flyway
I 49.24/4:    Central Flyway
I 49.24/5:    Pacific Flyway
I 49.24/6:    Mississippi Flyway
I 49.26:    Research Report 1941-
I 49.27:    Fishery Bulletins
I 49.28/3:    Fish Disease Leaflets FDL-
I 49.29/3:    Federal Aid in Fish and Wildlife Restoration
I 49.29/4:    Statistical Summary for Fish and Wildlife Restoration
I 49.30:    North American Fauna
I 49.32:    Statistical Digests 1942-
I 49.35:    Progressive Fish Culturist 1934-
I 49.36:    Conservation in Action
I 49.40/2:    Fisheries Review 1955-
I 49.44/2:    National Wildlife Refuges
I 49.44/3:    National Wildlife Refuges Planning Update
I 49.47/4:    Wildlife Research Reports 1972-
I 49.66:    Resource Publications 1965-
I 49.66/2:    New Publications
I 49.67:    Resource Status Reports
I 49.68:    Technical Papers 1966-
I 49.69:    Fish Distribution Reports 1967-
I 49.70:    Investigations in Fish Control 1964-
I 49.71/2:    Posters
I 49.77:    Endangered Species Technical Bulletin 1976-
I 49.77/3:    Report to Congress, Endangered and Threatened Species Recovery Program
I 49.77/4:    Recovery Program for the Endangered Fishes of the Upper Colorado
I 49.77/5:    Recovery Plans
I 49.78:    Topical Briefs: Fish and Wildlife Resources and Electric Power Generation
I 49.79:    Fish Health News 1972-
I 49.79/2:    Fish Health Bulletin
I 49.83:    Instream Flow Information Papers
I 49.83/2:    Instream Flow Strategies
I 49.84:    Administration of the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, Report of the Secretary of the Interior
I 49.85:    Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, Annual Report 1977-
I 49.86:    National Fish Hatchery Leaflets
I 49.87:    Fishery Resources, Fiscal Year
I 49.87/2:    Fishery and Aquatic Management Program, Yellowstone National Park
I 49.88:    Fish and Wildlife News
I 49.89:    Biological Services Program, FWS/OBS
I 49.89/2:    Biological Reports
I 49.90:    Ferret Reports
I 49.91:    Important Fish and Wildlife Habitats of (various States)
I 49.92:    Fisheries and Wildlife Research
I 49.93:    Duck Stamp Data
I 49.94:    Current Federal Research Reports, Fish
I 49.94/2:    Current Federal Aid Research Report, Wildlife
I 49.97:    Habitat Suitability Index Models
I 49.97/2:    Habitat Suitability Information
I 49.98:    National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, U.S. Summary
I 49.98/2:    State Reports
I 49.98/3:    Analysis of the 1985 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation Reports
I 49.98/4:    National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation
I 49.99:    Fish and Wildlife Research
I 49.100:    Fish and Wildlife Technical Reports 1984-
I 49.100/2:    Waterfowl Status Report
I 49.100/3:    Waterfowl, Population Status
I 49.100/4:    Waterfowl 2000
I 49.101:    Animal Damage Control ADC-
I 49.102:    Annual Report of Lands Under Control of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
I 49.103:    Emergency Striped Bass Research Study
I 49.104:    Directories
I 49.105:    Fisheries Academy, Course Catalog
I 49.106:    Preliminary Estimates of Waterfowl Harvest and Hunter Activity in the United States during the Hunting Season
I 49.106/2:    Trends in Duck Breeding Populations 1955-
I 49.106/4:    Sandhill Crane Harvest and Hunter Activity in the Central Flyway during the Hunting Season
I 49.106/5:    Mourning Dove, Breeding Population Status
I 49.106/6:    American Woodcock Harvest and Breeding Population Status
I 49.106/7:    Catalog of Training
I 49.106/7-2:    Notes, National Conservation Training Center
I 49.107:    Klamath River Fisheries Assessment Program
I 49.108:    Electronic Products
I 49.109:    Long Term Resource Monitoring Program, Program Report
I 49.109/2:    Long Term Resource Monitoring Program, Reprint
I 49.109/3:    Long Term Resource Monitoring Program, Special Report
I 49.109/4:    Long Term Resource Monitoring Program, Technical Report
I 49.110:    Galveston Bay Fact Sheet Series
I 49.111:    Cultural Resource Series
I 49.113:    General Publications 

War Relocation Authority (1944-1946)

I 52.2:    General Publications 

Bureau of Land Management (1946- )

I 53.1:    Bureau of Land Management Annual Report
I 53.1/2:    Public Land Statistics 1962-
I 53.2:    General Publications
I 53.3/2:    Technical Bulletins 1968-
I 53.5:    Laws
I 53.6:    Rules, Regulations, and Instructions
I 53.7:    Public Lands of United States
I 53.7/2:    Manuals and Handbooks
I 53.8:    Ephemeris of the Sun, Polaris and Other Selected Stars, with Companion Data and Tables for the Year
I 53.9:    Information Bulletins 1958-
I 53.11:    Maps and Map Folders
I 53.11/2:    Charts
I 53.11/3:    Audiovisual Materials
I 53.11/3-2:    Posters
I 53.11/4:    Bureau of Land Management 1:100,000-Scale Maps
I 53.11/5:    Surface Management Quadrangles
I 53.11/6:    Minerals Management Quad
I 53.12:    Our Public Lands 1951-
I 53.12/2:    Managing the Nation's Public Lands
I 53.15:    Digest of Grazing Decisions
I 53.17:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
I 53.17/2:    BLM Westfornet Monthly Alert
I 53.19:    Draft Environmental Statements
I 53.19/2:    Final Environmental Impact Statements
I 53.19/3:    Environmental Analysis Records
I 53.20:    Technical Notes
I 53.22:    Cultural Resources Series (Colorado)
I 53.22/2:    Cultural Resource Series (Utah)
I 53.22/3:    Cultural Resource Series (Nevada)
I 53.22/4:    Cultural Resources Publications
I 53.22/5:    Cultural Resource Series (Montana) 1985-
I 53.22/6:    Cultural Resource Series (Eastern States Office)
I 53.22/7:    Cultural Resource Series (Wyoming)
I 53.22/8:    Cultural Resource Series (Arizona)
I 53.22/9:    Cultural Resources Series (New Mexico)
I 53.22/10:    Cultural Resources Series (Oregon)
I 53.22/11:    Cultural Resources Information Series
I 53.23:    Wyoming Land Use Decisions
I 53.23/2:    Land Use Decisions and Rangeland Program Summary
I 53.23/3:    Herd Management Area Plan
I 53.24:    Resource Inventory Notes
I 53.26:    IS (series)
I 53.27:    Biological Sciences Series 1979-
I 53.29:    POCS (Pacific Outer Continental Shelf) Reference Papers
I 53.29/2:    POCS Technical Papers
I 53.30:    Technical Papers
I 53.32/2:    Land Sale
I 53.33:    Wilderness Report
I 53.34:    Wyoming BLM Wildlife Technical Bulletins
I 53.35:    Technical Reference
I 53.39:    Snake River Birds of Prey Research Project, Annual Report
I 53.40:    Saval Ranch Research and Evaluation Project, Progress Report
I 53.41:    Alaska People
I 53.43:    BLM Facts and Figures for Utah
I 53.43/2:    BLM Facts, Oregon and Washington
I 53.43/3:    BLM in Wyoming
I 53.43/4:    Nevada Progress Report
I 53.43/5:    BLM in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas
I 53.45:    Washington Office Telephone Directory
I 53.45/2:    Bureau of Land Management Office Directory
I 53.47:    Plan of Work for Cooperative Hydrology Investigations
I 53.48:    Recreation Futures for Colorado
I 53.49:    BLM-Alaska Technical Reports
I 53.50:    Resources Management Plan Annual Update
I 53.51:    HRW (series)
I 53.52:    Recreation Information Series
I 53.53:    Competitive Oil and Gas Lease
I 53.54/2:    Arizona Desert Digest
I 53.55:    Challenge Cost Share Report
I 53.56:    State of the Public Range in Wyoming
I 53.57:    General Land Office, Automated Records Project, Pre-1908 Homestead & Cash Entry Patents
I 53.59:    Environmental Impact Statement
I 53.59/2:    Management Plan & Environmental Assessment 

Defense Electric Power Aministration (1951-1953)

I 56.2:    General Publications
I 56.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Office of Coal Research (1960-1974)

I 63.1:    Annual Report 

Office of Oil and Gas (1946-1974)

I 64.2:    General Publications
I 64.10:    Technical Reports 

Bureau of Outdoor Recreation (1963-1978)

I 66.2:    General Publications
I 66.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
I 66.8/2:    Outdoor Recreation Grants-in-Aid Manual 1965-
I 66.15:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
I 66.17:    Outdoor Recreation Action 1966-
I 66.18:    Outdoor Recreation Research 1966-
I 66.22:    Technical Assistance Bulletins
I 66.24:    National Urban Recreation Study 

Federal Water Quality Administration (1970)

I 67.1/2:    Water Pollution Control, Federal Costs, Report to Congress 1969-
I 67.2:    General Publications
I 67.13:    Water Pollution Control Research and Training Grants
I 67.13/2:    Water Pollution Control Research and Training Grants, Index
I 67.22:    Statistical Summary...Inventory, Municipal Waste Facilities 

Alaska Power Administration (1967-1977)

I 68.1:    Annual Report 

Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration (1973- 1978)

I 69.2:    General Publications
I 69.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
I 69.9:    Mesa Information Report IR-
I 69.11:    Mesa, The Magazine of Mining Health and Safety 1975- 

Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service (1978- 1981)

I 70.2:    General Publications
I 70.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
I 70.9:    Historic American Engineering Records Publications
I 70.10:    Historic Structure Reports
I 70.11:    Cultural Resource Management Studies
I 70.11/2:    Cultural Resource Management Series
I 70.11/3:    Management Series
I 70.12:    Preservation Briefs 1975-
I 70.12/2:    Preservation Case Studies
I 70.12/3:    Preservation Planning Series
I 70.13:    Maps
I 70.15:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
I 70.15/2:    Technical Preservation Services Reading Lists
I 70.17:    National Register of Historic Places 1959-
I 70.18:    Federal Recreation Fee Program, Including Federal Recreation Visitation Data, A Report to Congress
I 70.19:    Cultural Properties Programs, Year-End Report 1978-
I 70.20:    Nationwide Outdoor Recreation Plan
I 70.22/2:    Grist
I 70.22/3:    Design
I 70.23:    Technical Notes
I 70.24:    IAS Investigation Reports
I 70.25:    Notifications, HCRS Information Exchange 

Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (1977- )

I 71.1:    Annual Report
I 71.2:    General Publications
I 71.4:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
I 71.5:    Laws
I 71.15:    Technicap Training Courses, Technical Training Program 

Minerals Management Service (1982- )

I 72.2:    General Publications
I 72.3/2:    RMP Bulletin
I 72.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
I 72.9:    Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Information Program, Summary Reports
I 72.9/2:    Atlantic Index
I 72.9/3-2:    Alaska Summary Report
I 72.9/6:    Alaska Summary/Index
I 72.9/7:    Pacific Summary/Index
I 72.10:    Federal Offshore Statistics, Leasing, Exploration, Production, Revenue
I 72.12:    OCS (Outer Continental Shelf) Monographs
I 72.12/2:    OCS Studies
I 72.12/3:    OCS Reports
I 72.12/3-2:    Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing and Production Program Annual Report
I 72.12/3-3:    Outer Continental Shelf Statistical Summary
I 72.12/3-4:    Pacific Outer Continental Shelf Studies Program (OCS) Statistical Reports
I 72.12/4:    OCS Map Series
I 72.12/5:    Regional Studies Plan, Fiscal Year, Atlantic OCS Region
I 72.12/6:    POCS Events
I 72.12/7:    Estimated Oil and Gas Reserves
I 72.12/8:    Draft Environmental Studies Plan
I 72.12/9:    OCS Statistical Series
I 72.12/10:    OCS Information Report
I 72.12/11:    OCS EIS/EA (Environmental Assessment)
I 72.12/12:    OCS Activities Report
I 72.13:    Mineral Revenues, The Report on Receipts from Federal and Indian Leases
I 72.14/2:    Offshore Scientific and Technical Publications
I 72.16:    Posters
I 72.17:    MMS Today
I 72.18:    Offshore Stats
I 72.19:    Electronic Products 

National Biological Service

I 73.2:    General Publications