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Browse the Documents Stacks: HH

Department of Housing and Urban Development (1965- )

HH 1.1:    Annual Report 1965-
HH 1.1/2:    Office of Inspector General: Report to the Congress
HH 1.1/3:    Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Bank: Annual Report
HH 1.1/4-2:    FY Budget Summary
HH 1.1/5:    Annual Audit Plan
HH 1.1/6:    The Secretary's Semiannual Report to the Congress
HH 1.1/8:    IPS @ HUD
HH 1.1/9:    The State of Fair Housing, Report to the Congress
HH 1.1/10:    Consolidated Annual Report for the Office of Community Planning and Development
HH 1.1/11:    Consolidated Financial Report FY
HH 1.1/13:    Report to Congress
HH 1.2:    General Publications
HH 1.2/2:    University-community partnerships
HH 1.3/3:    Urban Consortium Information Bulletins
HH 1.3/5:    Program Integrity Bulletin
HH 1.5:    Laws
HH 1.5/2:    Detailed Summary of Housing Amendments
HH 1.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
HH 1.6/3:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HH 1.6/3:En 8    Interim Guide for Environment Assessment
HH 1.6/6:    HUD Handbooks
HH 1.6/9:    HUD Minimum Property Standards
HH 1.6/11:    Planning for Planning Security
HH 1.9:    Technical Bulletins
HH 1.9/2:    Housing Research
HH 1.14:    Housing and Urban Development Trends 1968- (1948-1980)
HH 1.15/4:    HUD Newsletter 1969-1982
HH 1.23:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HH 1.23/2:    Housing and Planning References
HH 1.23/3:    Housing and Planning References, New Series
HH 1.23/6:    Solar Bibliography
HH 1.23/7:    HUD User Bibliography Series
HH 1.23/8:    Urban Research Monitor
HH 1.24:    Housing in the Economy
HH 1.26:    Urban Planning Assistance Program, Project Directory
HH 1.28:    HUD-MP-
HH 1.32:    Country Report Series
HH 1.36:    HUD Challenge 1969-
HH 1.37:    Governmental National Mortgage Associations Annual Report
HH 1.38:    Statistical Yearbook 1966-
HH 1.40/2:    HUD International Briefs 1971-
HH 1.41:    Biennial HUD Awards for Design Excellence]
HH 1.42:    Model Cities Management Series, Bulletins
HH 1.43/2:    Major Programs of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Fact Sheets 1979-
HH 1.44/2:    Houselines
HH 1.46/3:    Community Development Block Grant Program Annual Reports 1976-
HH 1.46/5:    Urban Development Action Grant Program
HH 1.46/6:    Consolidated Annual Report to Congress on Community Development Programs
HH 1.46/6-2:    Community Development Block Grant Program, Directory of Allocations for Fiscal Years
HH 1.50:    Directory of Multifamily Project Mortgage Insurance Programs by Project Status
HH 1.51:    Local Authorities Participating in Low-Rent Housing Programs 1971-
HH 1.54:    Experimental Housing Allowance Program, Annual Report 1973-
HH 1.55:    Final Environmental Impact Statement
HH 1.60:    Minority Business Enterprise in HUD Programs Annual Report
HH 1.63:    Public Housing Management Improvement Program: Technical Memorandums
HH 1.65:    Footnotes 1976-
HH 1.66:    Utilities Demonstration Series 1977-
HH 1.67:    Community Stabilization Case Studies 1977-
HH 1.69:    HUD Solar Status
HH 1.70:    Victimization, Fear of Crime and Altered Behavior
HH 1.72:    HUD Building Technology Reports
HH 1.73:    Evaluation of the Urban Homesteading Demonstration Program 1977-
HH 1.74:    Residential Solar Program Reports 1978-
HH 1.75:    President's National Urban Policy Report 1978-
HH 1.75/4:    Research Works
HH 1.75/2:    Cityscape- A Journal of Policy Development and Research
HH 1.75/3:    FieldWorks, Ideas for Housing and Community Development
HH 1.76:    Methods of Urban Impact Analysis 1979-
HH 1.77:    NSHCIC (National Solar Heating and Cooling Information Center) Bulletins
HH 1.78:    Annual Housing Survey Studies 1978-
HH 1.79:    Annual Report on the National Housing Goal 1970-
HH 1.79/2:    National Housing Production Report
HH 1.80:    Indian and Alaska Native Housing and Community Development Programs, Annual Report to Congress
HH 1.80/2:    Public and Indian Housing FY… Program Funding Plan
HH 1.80/3:    Dream Catcher
HH 1.82:    Financial Management Capacity Sharing Program
HH 1.84:    Recent Research Results
HH 1.85:    Interagency Urban Initiatives Anti-Crime Program, Report to Congress 1980-
HH 1.86:    Legal Opinions of the Office of General Counsel
HH 1.88:    Research and Technology Program, Fiscal Year
HH 1.89:    State and Urban Strategies
HH 1.92:    Telephone Directory
HH 1.96:    Management Design and Development Technical Bulletins
HH 1.97:    Affordable Housing Demonstration, Case Studies
HH 1.97/2:    Citizen Action for Affordable Housing, Case Studies
HH 1.98:    Posters
HH 1.99:    Survey of Mortgage Lending Activity
HH 1.99/2:    Survey of Mortgage Lending Activity
HH 1.99/2-3:    Survey of Mortgage Lending Activity
HH 1.99/3:    Secondary Market Prices and Yields and Interest Rates for Home Loans
HH 1.99/4:    Survey of Pension Fund Investment in Mortgage Instruments
HH 1.99/5:    UDAG Grants Total for Smaller Communities
HH 1.99/8:    New Private Mortgage Insurance Activity
HH 1.100:    Programs of HUD
HH 1.104:    Elderly News Updates
HH 1.105:    Congressional Justification for Estimates
HH 1.107:    Productivity Improvement Program
HH 1.108:    Community Development Programs: State Reports
HH 1.108/4:    Tax Incentive For Businesses in the Renewal Communities
HH 1.108/2:    Community Connections
HH 1.108/3:    EZ/EC News
HH 1.109:    OIG Communique
HH 1.113:    Home Front
HH 1.113/2:    The Resident Leader
HH 1.114:    Electronic Products
HH 1.114/3:    HOMEfires: Policy Newsletter of the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, Office of Affordable Housing Programs
HH 1.115:    The HUD Sales Connection
HH 1.116:    Forecast of Contract Opportunities, Fiscal Year
HH 1.117:    Labor Relations Letters
HH 1.120:    HUD Wellness Newsletter
HH 1.120/2:    U.S. Housing Market Conditions
HH 1.121:    Keynotes
HH 1.122:    The Lead Post
HH 1.123:    Counselor's Connection
HH 1.125:    Service Coordinators Chronicle
HH 1.126:    Income Limits and Sections 8 Fair Market Rents
HH 1.128:    HUD Housing Today
HH 1.129:    Club Notes
HH 1.131:    Comprehensive Market Analysis Reports
HH 14.2:    General Publications 

Federal Housing Administration (1947- )

HH 2.1:    Federal Housing Administration Annual Report
HH 2.2:    General Publications
HH 2.5:    Laws
HH 2.6/6:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HH 2.7:    Land Planning Bulletin
HH 2.23/2:    List of Technical Studies
HH 2.24:    FHA Trends, Characteristics of Home Mortgages Insured by FHA
HH 2.24/2:    State Trends
HH 2.24/3:    Area Trends
HH 2.24/4:    FHA Homes, Data for States on Characteristics of FHA Operations Under Sec. 203
HH 2.24/4-2:    Data for States and Selected Areas on Characteristics of FHA Operations Under Section 245
HH 2.24/5:    Summary of Mortgage Insurance Operations and Contract Authority
HH 2.24/7:    Characteristics of FHA Single-Family Mortgages
HH 2.26:    FHA Low Cost Housing Trends of 1-Family Homes Insured by FHA Under Sec.221(d)(2)
HH 2.27:    FHA Monthly Report of Operations: Project Morgage Insurance Programs
HH 2.29:    Housing/FHA News 

Housing Assistance Administration (1965-1969)

HH 3.1:    Annual Report
HH 3.2:    General Publications
HH 3.8:    Trends Toward Open Occupancy in Housing Programs of Public Housing Administration 

Federal Home Loan Bank Board (1947-1955)

HH 4.1:    Annual Reports 

Federal National Mortgage Association (1950-1968)

HH 6.1:    Semi-Annual Report
HH 6.2/2:    Background and History of the Federal National Mortgage Association 

Renewal Assistance Administration (1965-1969)

HH 7.6/2:    Technical Guides
HH 7.8:    Urban Renewal Project Characteristics 1954-
HH 7.8/2:    Urban Renewal Project Directory
HH 7.8/3:    Urban Planning Assistance Program Project Directory
HH 7.12:    Urban Renewal Notes
HH 7.14:    Relocation from Urban Renewal Project Areas 

Urban Management Assistance Administration (1969- 1974)

HH 8.2:    General Publications
HH 8.9:    Selected Abstracts of Planning Reports 1969- 

Community Development Office

HH 9.9:    Report of Urban Renewal Operations, Title 1, Housing Act of 1949 as Amended 

Federal Insurance Administration

HH 10.2:    General Publications
HH 10.8:    Handbooks, Manuals and Guides
HH 10.9:    Flood Insurance Studies (by State)
HH 10.10:    Community Assistance Series 

Federal Disaster Assistance Administration ( -1979)

HH 12.2:    General Publications
HH 12.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Multi-Family Housing Office

HH 13.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides
HH 13.16:    Neighborhood Networks News
HH 13.16/2:    Neighborhood Networks Newslines
HH 13.16/3:    Neighborhood Networks News Brief
HH 13.16/4:    Neighborhood Networks