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Browse the Documents Stacks: FW

Federal Works Agency (1939-1949)

FW 1.1:    Annual Reports
FW 1.5:    Laws 

Public Roads Administration (1939-1949)

FW 2.1:    Annual Reports
FW 2.2:    General Publications
FW 2.5:    Laws
FW 2.6:    Regulations, Rules, Instructions
FW 2.18:    President's Highway Safety Conference Publications 

Housing Authority (1939-1942)

FW 3.1:    Annual Reports
FW 3.7:    Public Housing 

Work Projects Administration (1939-1943)

FW 4.1:    Annual Reports
FW 4.2:    General Publications
FW 4.7:    National Research Project, Reports
FW 4.21:    Technical Series: Recreation Circulars
FW 4.23:    Technical Series: Research and Records Projects Bibliographies
FW 4.36:    Marketing Laws Survey 

Public Works Administration (1939-1943)

FW 5.2:    General Publications