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Browse the Documents Stacks: FS

Department of Health, Education and Welfare (1953- 1969)

FS 1.1:    Annual Reports
FS 1.2:    General Publications
FS 1.6/3:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 1.6/7:    Grants Administration Manual
FS 1.13/5:    Facts on Aging
FS 1.18:    Bibliograhies and Lists of Publications
FS 1.19:    Health, Education, and Welfare Trends
FS 1.22:    State Salary Ranges, Selected Classes in Employment Security, Public Welfare, Public Health, Mental Health, Vocational Rehabilitation, Civil Defense, Emergency Planning
FS 1.23/4:    Programs for the Handicapped
FS 1.23/5:    Mental Retardation Activities of the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
FS 1.23:    Proposed Mental Retardation Programs, Fiscal Year (date)
FS 1.26:    Education and Training, Annual Report of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare to the Congress on Training Activities Under the Manpower Development and Training Act 1962- 

Public Health Service (1939-1969)

FS 2.1:    Annual Reports
FS 2.2    General Publications
FS 2.2/7-3:    Research Grants
FS 2.3/2:    Information Bulletin
FS 2.3/3-2:    Technical Information Bulletins
FS 2.3:    Public Health Bulletins
FS 2.6/2:    PHS Rehabilitation Guide Series
FS 2.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
FS 2.7:    Public Health Reports
FS 2.8:    Supplements to Public Health Reports
FS 2.11/2:    Current Literature on Venereal Disease
FS 2.13:    Public Health Engineering Abstracts 1921-
FS 2.17:    Hospital Division Circulars
FS 2.20:    Educational Publications
FS 2.21:    Public Health Bibliography Series
FS 2.22:    General Publications
FS 2.22/4:    Reference Guides
FS 2.22/7:    Public Health Service Grants and Awards
FS 2.22/8:    Research and Training Grants and Awards of Public Health Service
FS 2.22/11:    Highlights of Heart Progress
FS 2.22/12:    Highlights of Progress in Research on Neurologic Disorders
FS 2.22/13:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 2.22/13-3:    Periodicals Currently Received in NIH Library
FS 2.22/13-4:    Crime and Delinquency Abstracts
FS 2.22/13-7:    Reports on Reproduction and Population Research
FS 2.22/13-8:    Scientific Directory and Annual Bibliography
FS 2.22/13-9:    NIH Quarterly Publications List 1969-
FS 2.22/14-2:    Progress Against Cancer, 1958-
FS 2.22/15:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 2.22/16:    Highlights of Progress in Mental Health Research
FS 2.22/16-2:    Research Project Summaries, National Institute of Mental Health
FS 2.22/17:    Highlights of Research Progess in Allergy and Infectious Diseases
FS 2.22/18:    National Cancer Institute Monographs
FS 2.22/20:    Highlights of Research Progress in General Medical Sciences
FS 2.22/22-2:    NIH Public Advisory Groups: Authority Structure, Functions
FS 2.22/25:    Research Highlights in Aging
FS 2.22/25-2:    Research Programs in Aging
FS 2.22/28:    Research Highlights, national Institutes of Health
FS 2.22/30:    Cancer Chemotherapy Reports
FS 2.22/31:    Mental Health Monographs
FS 2.22/33:    Resources for Medical Research, Reports
FS 2.22/34:    Heart Research News
FS 2.22/35:    Resources Analysis Memos
FS 2.22/38:    Data On Patients of Outpatient Psychiatric Clinics in the United States
FS 2.22/38-2:    Data on Staff and Man-Hours, Outpatient Psychiatric Clinics in the United States
FS 2.22/38-3:    Outpatient Psychiatric Clinics, Community Service Activities
FS 2.22/42:    National Institute of Mental Health Training Grant Program
FS 2.22/43:    Research Profiles
FS 2.22/45:    Proceedings of Annual Conference, Mental Health Career Development Program
FS 2.22/48:    Androgenic and Myogenic Endocrine Bioassay Data
FS 2.22/49:    Mental Health Directory of State and National Agencies Administering Public Mental Health and Related Programs
FS 2.22/50-3:    Occupational Health Notes
FS 2.22/50-4:    Mental Health Program Reports 1967-
FS 2.22/50-6:    Bulletion of Suicidology
FS 2.22/51:    Current Projects in Prevention, Control, and Treatment of Crime and Delinquency
FS 2.22/53-2:    Annual Compilation
FS 2.22/55:    NINBD (National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness) Monographs
FS 2.22/57:    Nutrition Surveys [by country]
FS 2.22/61:    Current Population Research Reports
FS 2.22/64:    Computer research and Technology Division: Technical Reports
FS 2.24/2:    List of Publications Issued by the Public Health Service
FS 2.24:    Bibliographies
FS 2.29:    Miscellaneous Publications
FS 2.30:    Addresses
FS 2.32:    VD Folders
FS 2.33:    Workers' Health Series
FS 2.36/2:    Public Health Service Film Catalog
FS 2.38:    Special VD Education Circulars
FS 2.42/3:    Reported Tuberculosis Data
FS 2.50/3:    Federal Employee Health Series
FS 2.50:    Health Information Series
FS 2.53/2:    Mental Health Statistics, Current Report Series, MHB
FS 2.53/2-2:    Mental Health Statistics
FS 2.53/3:    Mental Health Manpower, Current Statistical and Activities Reports
FS 2.53:    Mental Health Series
FS 2.56:    Studies on Household Sewage Disposal System
FS 2.59:    Patients in Mental Institutions
FS 2.60/2:    Communicable Disease Center Publications
FS 2.60/7:    Communicable Disease Center, Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 2.60/10:    Film Reference Guide for Medicine and Allied Sciences
FS 2.60/12-2:    National Communicable Disease Center Salmonella Surveillance, Annual Summary
FS 2.60/17:    National Communicable Disease Center Rubella Surveillance
FS 2.60/18:    National Communicable Disease Center Foodborne Outbreaks, Annual Summary
FS 2.60:    Communicable Disease Center, Activities
FS 2.61:    Cancer Morbidity Series
FS 2.62:    Public Health Technical Monographs
FS 2.63:    United States National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics, Annual Reports
FS 2.64/2:    Water Supply and Pollution Control
FS 2.64/7:    Water Pollution Control Research and Training Grants, List of Awards, Research Grants, Research Fellowships, Training Grants, Demonstration Grants
FS 2.64:    Water Pollution Publications
FS 2.65:    national Mental Health Program Pregress Reports
FS 2.69:    Tuberculosis Beds in Hospitals and Sanatoria, Index of Beds Available
FS 2.72/2:    Tuberculosis Chart Series
FS 2.74:    Hill-Burton Project Register
FS 2.74/2:    Hospital and Mental Facilities Construction Program Under Title 6 of Public Health Service Act, Semiannual Analysis of Projects Approved for Federal Aid
FS 2.74/3:    Hospital and Medical Facilities Series Under Hill-Burton Program
FS 2.74/4:    Hospital and Medical Facilities Series, Health Professions Education
FS 2.74/5:    Hospital and Medical Facilities Series, Facilities for the Mentally Retarded
FS 2.77/2:    Directory of State and Territorial Health Authorities
FS 2.77:    Directory of Local Health Units
FS 2.81:    Census of Nurses Employed for Public Health Work in United States, in Territories of Alaska and Hawaii, and in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
FS 2.83:    Proceedings, Annual Conference of the Surgeon General, Public Health Service, and Chief, Children's Bureau, with State and Territorial Health Officers
FS 2.84/2:    Public Health Service Water Pollution Surveillance System
FS 2.84/3:    Municipal Water Facilities. Inventory
FS 2.84:    Statistical Summary of Municipal Water Facilities
FS 2.85/2:    Vital and Health Statistics
FS 2.85/4:    Life Tables
FS 2.85/3:    Life Tables
FS 2.85:    health Statistics Form the U.S. National Health Survey
FS 2.86/4:    To the 1st Americans, Annual Report on the Indian Health Program
FS 2.86/7:    Division of Indian Health, Annual Discharge Summary
FS 2.86/3:    Dental Services for Indians, Annual Report, Fiscal Year
FS 2.88:    Dictionaries, Glossaries, etc.
FS 2.89/2:    Dental Internship in U.S. Public Health Service Hospital
FS 2.89/3:    Pharmacy Residences in Public Health Service Hospitals
FS 2.92:    Robert A. Taft Sanitary Engineering Center: Technical Reports
FS 2.93/3:    National Air Pollution Control Administration Publication, AP (series)
FS 2.93/3-2:    National Air Pollution Control Administration Publications, APTD (series)
FS 2.93/5:    Reports for Consultation on Air Quality Control Regions
FS 2.93/6:    APTIC (Air Pollution Technical Information Center) Bulletin
FS 2.93:    Digest of State Air Pollution Laws
FS 2.95:    F-3 Hill-Burton Program, Progress Report
FS 2.98:    National Conference on Air Pollution, Publications, Addresses, Etc.
FS 2.99:    Health Economics Series
FS 2.109:    Vital Statistics, Special Reports
FS 2.111:    The Registar
FS 2.112:    Vital Statistics of the United States 1937-
FS 2.123:    Health Resources Statistics 1965-
FS 2.208/2:    Index Medicus 1960-
FS 2.209/4:    Bibliography of the History of Medicine
FS 2.216/2:    Cumulative Listing
FS 2.216/3:    Annual Cumulation
FS 2.309:    Health Consequences of Smoking, A Public Health Service Review 

National Office of Vital Statistics (1946-1969)

FS 2.101:    Annual Reports
FS 2.102:    General Publications
FS 2.107:    Mortality Index
FS 2.110:    Vital Statistics Bulletin
FS 2.120:    National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics; Annual Report
FS 2.121:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 2.122:    Public Health Conference on Records and Statistics; Proceedings 

National Library of Medicine (1956-1969)

FS 2.201:    Annual Report
FS 2.202:    General Publications
FS 2.209/2:    Monthly Bibliography of Medical Review
FS 2.209/3:    Bibliography of Medical Translations
FS 2.209:    Bibliographies
FS 2.211/3:    Selected List of Audiovisuals
FS 2.214:    Scientific Translation Program Publications
FS 2.217:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 2.230:    Improving English skills of culturally different youth in large cities
FS 2.250:    Reporter
FS 2.252:    Financial statistics of institutions of higher education
FS 2.300/2:    Environmental Health Factors, Nursing Homes
FS 2.300/5:    Analytical Reference Service Studies
FS 2.300:    Environmental Health Series
FS 2.302:    Health Mobilization Series
FS 2.303:    Activities Report
FS 2.304:    Fluoridation Census
FS 2.320:    Emergency Health Services Digest
FS 2.321:    Health Services and Mental Health Administration Public Advisory Committeees: Authority, Structure, Functions 

Social Security Administration (1946-1969)

FS 3.1:    Annual Reports
FS 3.2:    General Publications
FS 3.3/2:    Social Security Yearbook
FS 3.3/3:    Social Security Bulletin, Annual Statistical Supplement
FS 3.3/a2:    Public Assistance
FS 3.4:    Information Service Circulars. ISC
FS 3.5:    Laws
FS 3.6/3:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 3.6/4:    Health Insurance for the Aged, HIM-
FS 3.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
FS 3.9:    Bureau Reports
FS 3.10:    Addresses
FS 3.11:    Bureau Memorandum
FS 3.12:    Research Memorandum
FS 3.13:    Public Assistance Reports
FS 3.14:    Bureau of Circulars
FS 3.20:    Illustrations From State Public Assistance Agencies, Current Practices in Staff Training
FS 3.23:    Case Records in Public Assistance
FS 3.28/4:    Health Insurance Statistics
FS 3.28/5:    Health insurance statistics. HI
FS 3.28/6:    Monthly Benefit Statistics
FS 3.28/6-3:    Monthly Benefit Statistics
FS 3.33:    International Technical Cooperation Series
FS 3.35    OASI-
FS 3.38:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 3.40:    Handbook of Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Statistics
FS 3.41:    Advisory Council on Social Security, Report
FS 3.44/2:    Social Security Rulings, Cumulative Bulletins
FS 3.45:    Reasons for Opening and Closing Public Assistance Cases
FS 3.49:    Research Reports
FS 3.52/2:    Technical Information Bulletins, TIB-
FS 3.52:    Social Security Information, SSI-
FS 3.62:    Population Characteristics and Participation in the Poliomyelitis Vaccination Program
FS 3.74/3:    Hill-Burton publications : an annotated bibliography 

Bureau of Employment Security (1939-1949)

FS 3.102:    General Publications
FS 3.105:    Laws
FS 3.106:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
FS 3.107:    Employment Service News
FS 3.108:    Unemployment Compensation Interpretation Service, Benefit Series
FS 3.110:    Employment Security Memorandum
FS 3.124:    Job Family Series
FS 3.113/2:    Labor Market 

Children's Bureau (1946-1963)

FS 3.202:    General Publications
FS 3.207:    The Child
FS 3.208:    Preliminary Monthly Statistical Report on EMIC Program
FS 3.209:    Publications
FS 3.210:    Folders
FS 3.213/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 3.213:    Publications of Children's Bureau
FS 3.214:    Statistical Series
FS 3.215:    Child Welfare Reports
FS 3.220:    Research Relating to Children, Inventory of Studies in Progress
FS 3.222:    Juvenile Delinquency, Facts, Facets
FS 3.223:    Work With Children Coming Before the Courts
FS 3.224:    Headliner Series
FS 3.225:    Addresses 

Bureau of Federal Credit Unions (1948-1969)

FS 3.301:    Report of Operations
FS 3.302:    General Publications
FS 3.306/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 3.306:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
FS 3.310:    Credit Union Statistics 

Civilian Conservation Corps (1939-1943)

FS 4.1:    Annual Reports
FS 4.2:    General Publications
FS 4.6/2:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
FS 4.7:    Forestry Publications 

Office of Education (1939-1969)

FS 5.1/2:    Annual Report of Commissioner Concerning Administration of Public Laws 874 and 851 (81st Congress)
FS 5.1:    Annual Reports
FS 5.2:    General Publications
FS 5.3:    Bulletins
FS 5.4:    Circulars
FS 5.6/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 5.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
FS 5.8:    Addresses
FS 5.9:    Publications
FS 5.10:    Publications
FS 5.11:    Miscellaneous Series
FS 5.17:    Pamphlets
FS 5.18:    Leaflets
FS 5.22:    Educational and National Defense Series Pamphlets
FS 5.23:    Biennial Survey of Education in United States
FS 5.25:    Educational Directory
FS 5.26:    Education for Victory
FS 5.29:    Victory Corps Series Pamphlets
FS 5.30:    Bulletins
FS 5.32:    School Children and the War Series, Leaflets
FS 5.33:    Adjustment of College Curriculum to Wartime Conditions and Needs, Reports
FS 5.34:    Nutrition Education Series Pamphlets
FS 5.37:    Higher Education
FS 5.38:    Family Contributions to War and Post-War Morale
FS 5.39:    Statistical Circulars
FS 5.41:    Special Series
FS 5.43:    Selected References
FS 5.44:    Education Briefs
FS 5.46:    Progress Report of School Facilities Survey
FS 5.47:    Scientific Manpower Series
FS 5.51:    Special Publications
FS 5.52:    Teaching Aids for Developing International Understanding
FS 5.57/2:    Information on Education Around the World
FS 5.62:    Progress of Public Education in United States of America
FS 5.64:    Teacher Exchange Opportunities Under International Educational Exchange Program
FS 5.73/2:    State Compilations
FS 5.73:    Public School Finance Program
FS 5.76:    Manpower Development and Training, Projects Approved
FS 5.79:    Annual Report of Compensatory Education Programs Under Title 1, Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965
FS 5.80:    Status of Compliance, Public School Districts, 17 Southern and Border States, Reports
FS 5.81:    Higher Education Reports
FS 5.82:    Report on Cooperative Research to Improve the Nation's Schools
FS 5.83/2:    Composite List of Eligible Institutions, National Vocation Student Loan Insurance Act of 1965
FS 5.83:    Composite List of Eligible Institutions for Guaranteed Loans for College Students, Higher Education Act of 1965
FS 5.86:    Better Education for Handicapped Children, Annual Report
FS 5.210:    Miscellaneous Publications: General, OE 10,000-10,999
FS 5.210:10024-    Digest of Educational Statistics 1962-
FS 5.214:    Miscellaneous Publications: International Education
FS 5.215:    Miscellaneous Publications: Library Services OE 15,000-15,999
FS 5.220:    Elementary & Secondary Education: Misc., General Statistics, OE 20,000-20,999
FS 5.250:    Higher Educations: Miscellaneous, General Statistics, OE 50,000-50,999
FS 5.250:50023    Financial Statistics of Institutions of Higher Education
FS 5.254:    Miscellaneous Publications: Admission, Enrollment, Retention, Degrees, Graduates, OE 54,000-54,999 

Federal Radio Education Committee (1939-1950)

FS 5.102:    General Publications
FS 5.107:    Service Bulletins 

Vocational Division (1939-1945)

FS 5.122:    General Publications
FS 5.123:    Bulletins
FS 5.126:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
FS 5.128:    Monographs
FS 5.129:    Leaflets
FS 5.130:    Defense Training Leaflets
FS 5.131:    Digest of Annual Reports of State Boards for Vocational Education to Office of Education, Vocational Division
FS 5.200:    Stronger Schools Through Guidance, Counseling, Testing, State Leadership, Instructional Resources, Equipment
FS 5.211:    Miscellaneous Publications: Publications about OE and HEW, OE
FS 5.212:    Miscellaneous Publications: Research, OE
FS 5.213:    Miscellaneous Publications: Adult Education, OE
FS 5.217:    Arts, crafts, and customs of our neighbor republics: a bibliography
FS 5.221:    Miscellaneous Publications: Buildings, Equipment, OE
FS 5.222:    Miscellaneous Publications: Finances, Receipts, Expenditures, OE
FS 5.223:    Miscellaneous Publications: Administration, Faculties, Salaries, OE
FS 5.224:    Miscellaneous Publications: Enrollment, retention, Graduates, OE
FS 5.225:    Miscellaneous Publications: Guidance, Testing, Counseling, OE
FS 5.226:    Miscellaneous Publications: Careers, OE
FS 5.227:    Miscellaneous Publications: Foreign Languages, OE
FS 5.228:    Miscellaneous Publications: Health, Physical Education, Recreation, OE
FS 5.229:    Miscellaneous Publications: Mathematics, Science, OE
FS 5.230:    Miscellaneous Publications: Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Speaking, OE
FS 5.231:    Miscellaneous Publications: Social Studies, OE
FS 5.232:    Miscellaneous Publications: Curriculums, Subjects, Activities (elementary only), OE
FS 5.233:    Miscellaneous Publications: Curriculums, Subjects, Activities (Secondary and Elementary- sec.)
FS 5.234:    Miscellaneous Publications: Audiovisual, OE
FS 5.235:    Miscellaneous Publications: Elementary and Secondary Education: Special Education, Exceptional Children, OE
FS 5.236:    Miscellaneous Publications: Rural Schools, Rural Education, OE
FS 5.237:    Miscellaneous Publications: Education of the Disadvantaged, OE
FS 5.238:    Miscellaneous Publications: Equal Educational Opportunities, OE
FS 5.251:    Miscellaneous Publications: Buildings, Equipment, OE
FS 5.252:    Miscellaneous Publications: Finances, Receipts, Expenditures, OE
FS 5.253:    Miscellaneous Publications: Administration, Faculties, Salaries, OE
FS 5.255:    Miscellaneous Publications: Student Financial Assistance, OE
FS 5.256:    Miscellaneous Publications: Courses of Study, Subjects, OE
FS 5.257:    Miscellaneous Publications: Junior Colleges, Community Colleges, Post High School Courses, OE
FS 5.258:    Miscellaneous Publications: Teacher Education, OE
FS 5.274/3:    Hospital personnel; report of a personnel research project
FS 5.280:    Vocational Education. Miscellaneous, OE
FS 5.281:    Miscellaneous Publications: Agricultural Education, OE
FS 5.282:    Miscellaneous Publications: Distributive Education, OE
FS 5.283:    Miscellaneous Publications: Home Economics Education, OE
FS 5.284:    Miscellaneous Publications: Trade & Industrial Education, OE
FS 5.285:    Miscellaneous Publications: Practical Nurse Education, OE
FS 5.286:    Miscellaneous Publications: Business Education, OE
FS 5.287:    Miscellaneous Publications: Manpower Development and Training, OE 

National Youth Administration (1939-1942)

FS 6.2:    General Publications
FS 6.11:    Modern World at Work 

Food and Drug Administration (1940-1946)

FS 7.4:    Food and Drug Circulars
FS 7.15:    Miscellaneous Publications 

Office of Community War Services (1943-1946)

FS 9.2:    General Publications
FS 9.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions 

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (1943-1946)

FS 10.1:    Annual Reports
FS 10.2:    General Publications
FS 10.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
FS 10.7:    Vocational Rehabilitation Series, Bulletins 

St. Elizabeth's Hospital (1940-1967)

FS 11.1:    Annual Reports 

Committee on Physical Fitness (1943-1945)

FS 12.2:    General Publications 

Food and Drug Administration (1946-1969)

FS 13.11:    The use and misuse of drugs
FS 13.101:    Annual Reports
FS 13.102:    General Publications
FS 13.106:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
FS 13.110:    Service and Regulatory Announcements, Caustic Poison
FS 13.111:    FDA Publications
FS 13.117:    Leaflets
FS 13.118:    Report on Enforcement and Compliance
FS 13.119:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 13.130:    Fact Sheets 

Vocational Rehabilitation Administration (1962- 1967)

FS 13.201:    Annual Reports
FS 13.202:    General Publications
FS 13.204:    VR-ISC (Information Service Circular) (series)
FS 13.207:    Rehabilitation Service Series
FS 13.209:    Rehabilitation Standards Memorandum
FS 13.217/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 13.218:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 

Bureau of Employees' Compensation (1946-1950)

FS 13.302:    General Publications 

Welfare Administration (1963-1967)

FS 14.2:    General Publications
FS 14.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 14.9/3:    Facts on Aging
FS 14.11:    Addresses
FS 14.13:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 14.14:    Welfare Research Reports
FS 14.17:    Parole Series 

Children's Bureau (1963-1967)

FS 14.102:    General Publications
FS 14.108:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 14.110:    Addresses
FS 14.111:    Publications (numbered)
FS 14.112:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 14.113:    Statistical Series
FS 14.114:    Research Relating to Children
FS 14.115:    Juvenile Delinquency: Facts and Facets
FS 14.118:    Folders
FS 14.119:    facts About Children
FS 14.213:    Public Assistance Reports 

Bureau of Family Services (1962-1967)

FS 14.202:    General Publications
FS 14.208/3:    Mental Health in Public Assistance
FS 14.208/4:    Staff Development Series
FS 14.208:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 14.211:    State Maximums and Other Methods of Limiting Monthly Payments of Recipients of Special Types of Public Assistance, Annual Release
FS 14.212:    Public Assistance, Annual Statistical Data, Calendar Year
FS 14.213/2:    Public Assistance Information, PAI (series)
FS 14.214:    Reasons for Opening and Closing Public Assistance Cases
FS 14.217:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 

Administration on Aging (1965-1967)

FS 15.1:    Annual Reports
FS 15.2:    General Publications
FS 15.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 15.9:    Addresses
FS 15.11:    patterns for Progress in Aging
FS 15.12/2:    Selected References on Aging 

Federal Water Pollution Control Administration (1965- 1966)

FS 16.2:    General Publications
FS 16.9:    Building for Clean Water, Report on Federal Incentive Grants for Municipal Waste Treatment 

Social and Rehabilitation Service (1967-1969)

FS 17.2:    General Publications
FS 17.8/2:    Manuals for Volunteer Probation Programs
FS 17.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 17.13:    Public Assistance, Annual Statistical Data
FS 17.14:    Addresses
FS 17.15:    Social and Rehabilitation Service Research and Demonstration Projects
FS 17.17:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 17.19:    Public Assistance Reports 

Rehabilitation Services Administration (1967-1969)

FS 17.102:    General Publications
FS 17.108:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 17.110/3:    Rehabilitation Services Series 

Children's Bureau (1967-1969)

FS 17.202:    General Publications
FS 17.208:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 17.210:    Publications
FS 17.211:    Research Relating to Children 1950-
FS 17.211/2:    Research Relating to Mentally Retarded Children
FS 17.212:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS 17.213:    Statistical Series 1947-
FS 17.214:    Research Reports
FS 17.215:    Folders
FS 17.216:    Headliner Series
FS 17.217:    Addresses 

Administration on Aging (1967-1969)

FS 17.301:    Annual Reports
FS 17.302:    General Publications
FS 17.308:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 17.310/2:    Federal Financial Assistance for Projects in Aging
FS 17.310:    Designs for Action for Older American
FS 17.312:    Addresses 

Assistance Payments Administration (1967-1969)

FS 17.408:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FS 17.410:    Trend report, Graphic Presentation of Public Assistance and Related Data
FS 17.411:    Reasons for Opening and Closing Public Assistance Cases 

Medical Services Administration (1967-1969)

FS 17.502:    General Publications 

National Center for Social Statistics (1968-1969)

FS 17.609:    Child Care Arrangements of A.F.D.C. Recipients Under the Work Incentive Program
FS 17.613:    Reasons for Opening and Closing Public Assistance Cases, NCSS Report A-5
FS 17.616:    Medicaid Assistance Financed under Assistance Titles of the Social Security Act
FS 17.638:    Child Welfare Statistics, NCSS Report CW-1